Fallout from Microsoft's 'Midnight Blizzard' Saga Hits Feds

When the Russian attack group Midnight Blizzard successfully breached Microsoft corporate e-mail accounts late last year, it apparently managed to steal U.S. government agency e-mails, too.

PowerShell Script Used in Phishing Attack May Be AI-Generated

A PowerShell script being used in a novel malware campaign may have been created by AI, according to security researchers at Proofpoint.

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Microsoft Claims Breakthrough in Quantum Computing Reliability

A new paper details Microsoft's recent progress in quantum computing -- specifically, its development of a system that is both significantly less prone to errors and better at correcting them.

Microsoft Drops 147 Fixes for April Patch Tuesday

In what is the largest security patch of the year, Microsoft has released 147 CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for April.

Microsoft Expands Global AI Footprint

Looking to further the global reach of its aggressive AI push, Microsoft made a couple of announcements this week focused on overseas initiatives and investments.

Microsoft Reveals Pricing for Windows 10 Extended Security Updates

Microsoft this week announced that those looking for extended support for Windows 10 after its end of life date of Oct. 14, 2025 will pay $61 per device for the first year, for some enterprise customers.

Microsoft Accused of 'Cascade of Errors' in 2023 Chinese Outlook Attack

A federal review board concluded that lax security practices by Microsoft contributed to the Outlook hack by a Chinese hacker group last year in a comprehensive 34-page report.

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Microsoft Fabric Gets More Secure, More Open and More AI

The inaugural Microsoft Fabric Community Conference took place last week in Las Vegas, Nev., giving attendees insights into the inner workings of Microsoft's data and AI plans -- what's in the works, what's now available, and what's still to come.

Microsoft and OpenAI Working on 'Stargate' AI Datacenter

Microsoft and Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT, reportedly are continuing their strong partnership push in the AI space with the development of a supercomputer datacenter worth over $100 billion.

Microsoft Unbundles Teams from Office To Address Antitrust Worries

Microsoft is unbundling Microsoft Teams from the larger Office 365 and Microsoft 365 productivity suites for all business customers, expanding on a licensing change it implemented last fall in certain European markets.

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Microsoft Copilot for Security Becomes Generally Available

As previously reported, Microsoft Copilot for Security reached general availability on Monday.

Azure AI Gets Security, Anti-Hallucination Features

Microsoft this week gave a nod to Azure developers looking for more scalable ways to build accurate and secure generative AI applications on its cloud.

Copilot Enhancements Coming Soon to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is improving how users interact directly with Copilot in Microsoft Teams with a handful of new and optimized features.

Microsoft Names Pavan Davuluri as New Windows and Surface Chief

Microsoft has named company veteran Pavan Davuluri to lead the new Windows and Surface team.

Microsoft Unveils New Hardware and Copilot Enhancements for the Enterprise

Microsoft continues to expand the scope of its AI platform with a new line of hardware and Copilot updates, built with AI at the center.

Microsoft and Nvidia Announce Deeper Azure AI Partnership

Microsoft and Nvidia's collaboration in the AI chip space was on full display during this week's Nvidia GTC conference, as the two announced a handful of new initiatives on the show floor.

Microsoft Hires Google DeepMind Founder To Head New AI Division

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google-owned DeepMind, will be heading Microsoft AI, the company's newest consumer-focused division.

Microsoft Announces Office LTSC 2024 Preview

Microsoft on Friday announced that Office LTSC 2024 will be getting a preview in April.

One Microsoft Teams App To Support Both Work and Personal Accounts

Microsoft on Thursday announced it is unifying its multiple Teams apps on Windows 11 into one.

Microsoft To Commercially Release Copilot for Security on April 1

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that the Microsoft Copilot for Security artificial intelligence-enhanced security tool will reach the "general availability" commercial-release stage on April 1.

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