Microsoft Adds Stop-Gap Tool, but Still Plans To End Exchange Online Basic Authentication

Microsoft on Wednesday announced another update on its plans to end the use of Basic Authentication with the Exchange Online e-mail messaging service.

Pundits Describe Leaked 'Windows 11' Operating System

"Windows 11" is the apparent name of a new client operating system from Microsoft that was leaked ahead of a June 24 Microsoft announcement.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Gets Jailbreak Protections and More

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint got several improvements at the "general availability" commercial-release stage, according to a Monday announcement by Microsoft.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Gets VPN Tunnel Support for Android Devices

Microsoft announced a couple of "general availability" milestones on Monday for organizations using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to protect Android devices.

Exchange Server June Update Getting Delayed To Bolster Security

Microsoft on Friday announced a coming delay in delivering this month's Exchange Server cumulative update (CU), which is being done to improve the security of those e-mail messaging products.

Microsoft Tells How To Use PowerShell and Windows Update for Business Deployment Services To Control Windows 10 Updates

Microsoft this week described how to use PowerShell to better manage Windows 10 updates when using the Windows Update for Business' new Deployment Service addition.

Microsoft 365 Enhancements Include Free Visio App, Outlook Voice Scheduling and OneDrive for macOS Perks

Microsoft announced a bunch of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 enhancements, ranging from a free Visio Web app to Outlook Mobile voice-scheduling capabilities on iOS devices.

Microsoft Previews Azure Firewall Threat Tracking in Azure Sentinel

Microsoft this week announced a preview of Azure Firewall integration in its Azure Sentinel security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

Microsoft Goes Public on Having an Emergency Security Compromise Team

Microsoft on Wednesday disclosed that it has a "Compromise Recovery Security Practice" (CRSP) team that helps organizations deal with major post-breach software security incidents, such as ransomware attacks.

Microsoft Rebrands VDI Service as Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft on Monday announced its "Azure Virtual Desktop" (AVD) service, which is the new name for its existing Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service.

Microsoft June Security Patch Bundle Addresses 49 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft released patches for 49 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) in its products in June, according to security researcher counts.

STG Frees Mandiant with $1.2B Agreement To Acquire FireEye Security Products

The Symphony Technology Group (STG) and security solutions company FireEye announced the sale this week of FireEye's security products to STG for $1.2 billion.

Nintex Buys AssureSign To Add Electronic Signature Capabilities

Nintex on Wednesday announced the acquisition of AssureSign, a provider of digital signature and transaction management solutions.

Azure Defender Getting Linux Server Protection Capability

Azure Defender will be able to protect Linux servers via a capability at the preview stage arriving on June 14, Microsoft announced on Thursday.


Microsoft Buys ReFirm Labs To Bolster Azure Defender for IoT

Microsoft announced the acquisition of ReFirm Labs, a provider of security solutions for organizations using Internet of Things (IoT) and network edge devices.

Microsoft To Say What's New for Windows in June 24 Exec Talk

Microsoft is planning to describe the next direction it'll be taking with its Windows operating system in a June 24 "What's New for Windows" online presentation.

Automatic HTTPS Preview for Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available

Microsoft on Tuesday announced an Automatic HTTPS preview feature for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Points to Nobelium in USAID Spearphishing Attacks

Microsoft announced on Thursday that about 3,000 e-mail accounts were recently targeted by the Nobelium espionage group, with attacks spiking on May 25.

Blue Tunnel Picture

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Perks for Developers

Microsoft announced a few Windows 10 advancements for developers during Build, including the Project Reunion 0.8 preview and Windows Subsystem for Linux enhancements.

Microsoft Previews Contextual Settings for Azure Active Directory Conditional Access

Microsoft this week announced a public preview release of an Azure Active Directory Conditional Access capability that lets organization trigger policies for end users based on a situation or context.