Microsoft: Google Was 'Wake-Up Call'

Ray Ozzie says Microsoft will answer with plans that more than mimic its rivals successes.

Apple TV Launch Delayed Until March

Apple Inc. has delayed until March the launch of its gadget for streaming video and other content from computers to TVs, but the company would not explain why. The company had said in January the $299 Apple TV set-top box would be available this month.

Vista Virtualized on Mac? Microsoft Says No to Some

The Redmond giant says security issues are of concern with Vista Basic and Home Premium users, but Business and Ultimate licensees can run virtualized safely.

Cuba Embraces Open Source Software

Cuba's communist government is trying to shake off the yoke of at least one capitalist empire -- Microsoft Corp. -- by joining with socialist Venezuela in converting its computers to open-source software.

Google Shuts Hole in Desktop Product

A potentially devastating hole in Google Inc.'s prevalent desktop search product could have exposed personal files on users' computers to data thieves.

Dust Swirls Over Office Open XML Complaints

Mom, they're arguing again.

Novell and Microsoft Deal -- Making Progress

Novell and Microsoft on Monday presented an update on the two firms' progress in their November deal to make nice and work more closely together.

Apple: Record Labels Should Drop DRM

Apple Inc. indicated it would open its iTunes store to other portable players besides its ubiquitous iPod if the world's major record labels abandoned the anti-piracy technology that serves as the industry's security blanket.

Jobs Hits DRM Nail Right on the Head

Given the alternatives, the smart move would be to kiss DRM goodbye.

Sun To Ship ODF Translator for Office 2003

Sun Microsystems Wednesday took the wraps off of its OpenDocument Format, or ODF, add-in for saving Microsoft Office 2003 documents in the emerging open standard's file format.

Microsoft Ships CTP of WPF/E

On February 2, Microsoft released the February CTP of Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E), a cross-platform browser plug-in that allows clients to display and play back rich media, 3D and vector graphics, animation, audio and video.

ODF Add-in For Word 2007 Available

Open source group is shipping version 1.0 of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) add-in for Microsoft Word 2007, the organization said in a statement.

Microsoft Ships Photosynth Plug-in for Firefox

Microsoft is shipping a Firefox plug-in version of its Photosynth 3D photo processing software technology preview.

Sun Returns to Black After Years of Red

Wall Street has welcomed Sun Microsystems Inc. back in the black, but investors are questioning whether the notoriously boom-and-bust company can remain profitable for the long term.

Sun, Intel to Partner on Server Chips

Sun Microsystems Inc. will begin building a line of servers that run on chips from Intel Corp. and will receive Intel's endorsement of Sun's Solaris operating system, executives from both companies said Monday.

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