Google, Microsoft, IBM, VeriSign and Yahoo Join OpenID Board

In a move that could help deliver single sign-on to the masses, Google, Microsoft, IBM, VeriSign and Yahoo have joined a consortium that backs a common federated identity specification.

Sybase Has 'Record' Year

Once left for dead, Sybase Inc. has shored up its key tools and mobile businesses, while it remains a factor in a database market dominated by Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

Macs Vulnerable to Malware? Say It Ain't So!

IT security firm Sophos this week let the cat out of the bag, spilled the beans, and otherwise debunked the widely treasured myth that Macs are invulnerable to malware in its Security Threat Report 2008; released Tuesday.

Cisco Security Agent Bonked By BOV

Plus: SonicWALL exposes VPN; Microsoft kills 'kill switch'; ESPN sports bad code; more.

Analysts: 'Inside Job' Among Top IT Security Concerns for '08

Browser-based attacks, bot vector incursions, targeted phishing, mobile hacking and insider espionage rank as top five security menaces for 2008.

Microsoft Begins Releasing Source Code for .NET Framework Libraries

Microsoft today followed up on its earlier promise to start releasing the .NET framework library source code for .NET 3.5.

Office 2008 for Mac Arriving Today

At the Macworld Conference & Expo, Microsoft today is releasing Office 2008 for Mac, the latest version of the company's ubiquitous office productivity suite.

10 Apples To Tempt Microsoft

Here's hoping that Microsoft doesn't fall for the bait.

Netherlands Adopts Open-Source Software

The Dutch government has set a soft deadline of April 2008 for its agencies to start using open-source software -- freely distributed programs that anyone can modify -- the Netherlands Economic Affairs Ministry said Thursday.

Opera Levies Antitrust Suit vs. Microsoft

Browser maker Opera Software has cried foul, charging Microsoft with antitrust behavior in a complaint to the European Commission.

Sun Releases Virtualization Management Tool Under GPLv3

Sun Microsystems today announced the availability of the first component of its new virtualization platform, and laid out a roadmap for opening the platform's source code. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based systems company bills its xVM Ops Center virtualization management tool as a "highly scalable datacenter automation tool for complete management of heterogeneous global IT environments."

U.S. Government Joins Microsoft Against States

The 2002 consent decree that partially governs Microsoft's actions about its monopolistic business practices was originally supposed to expire today. But Redmond is currently locked in a battle with a coalition of states that want to see federal oversight extended for another half-decade.

ODF Split Shakes Up Document Battle

The ongoing file format battle between proponents of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) and Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) took a surprising turn lthis week, when a key ODF proponent announced that it intended to abandon the ISO-approved specification.

Latest Microsoft Patent Protection Deal: Turbolinux

Microsoft has signed its first patent protection deal with a Linux vendor based in Asia.

Microsoft Adds Mobile Device Management to Lineup

Microsoft added a new server to its lineup today, this one aimed at the growing mobile technology market.

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