Scareware Ring Allegedly Racked Up $74 Million

The FBI this week announced the arrest of two people suspected of being involved in a "scareware" scheme that extorted $74 million from about one million computer users over the last three years.

Google: Bypass IE and Admins With Chrome Frame

Google on Monday announced the availability of a test version of its Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer that installs without requiring administrative privileges.

Brand-Name Domains Cleared by ICANN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced what President Rod Beckstrom called "one of the biggest changes ever to the Domain Name System" at the opening of its 41st annual meeting, being held in Singapore.

UPDATE: Microsoft's Skype Purchase Approved by U.S. Regulators

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission indicated on Friday that Microsoft received U.S. governmental approval to buy Skype, estimated at $8.5 billion.

Report: Windows 7 Use on the Rise, IE on the Decline

The use of Windows 7 at companies has more than doubled over the past year, but that hasn't meant correspondingly good news for Microsoft's sliding Internet Explorer browser market share, according to a study published this month by Forrester Research.

Microsoft Reports 'Success' on World IPv6 Day

Microsoft today pronounced World IPv6 Day to be a "success," reporting no incidents after enabling IPv6 access on some of its Web sites.

U.S. Senate Web Site Hacked

The hacker group Lulz Security has claimed responsibility for breaking into the U.S. Senate's Web site over the weekend.

32 Hackers Reportedly Associated with Anonymous Arrested in Turkey

According to Turkey's government news organization, Anadolu Agency, the Turkish authorities had arrested 32 Anonymous members in 12 cities in connection with attacks on government Web sites, Computerworld reported.

June Gloom: Microsoft Releases 16 Bulletins for Patch Tuesday

What some security pros are calling the beginning of a long hot summer for Windows security jumped off in earnest with the June patch that features 16 bulletins -- nine "critical" and seven deemed "important."

Lessons Learned From World IPv6 Day

Wednesday's World IPv6 Day came and went with only a handful of reported problems. Observers say this is a good sign that the Internet is capable of handling the new protocols.

Fujitsu To Launch Windows Azure Service in August

Fujitsu expects to begin offering commercial cloud services in August from its datacenter in Japan that uses Microsoft's Windows Azure platform.

Hackers Targeting E-Mail, Mobile Devices

Spearphishing and malware attacks via mobile systems, particularly targeting the Android platform, are on the rise, according to a report from software security firm McAfee.

Windows Users Readying for World IPv6 Day

The world will move to Internet Protocol version 6 for one day on Wednesday, June 8, but just a small percentage of Internet users might be adversely affected.

Google Points to China Again in Gmail Hack

According to Google, Jinan, China-based hackers accessed hundreds of users, including U.S. government officials, military personnel, journalists, Chinese political activists and officials of several Asian countries, most of them in South Korea.

Report: IE 9 Hits 12 Percent Usage on Windows 7 Machines

According to NetMarketShare, a Web tracking and analytics service provided by Net Applications, Microsoft's latest version of Internet Explorer finished off May with 12.0 percent of the worldwide browser market.

HTML 5 Spec Advances to 'Last Call' Status

The W3C announced on Wednesday that the HTML 5 Working Draft has reached its Last Call milestone.

'Cookiejacking' Risk Found in Internet Explorer

According to Rosario Valotta, an Italian security researcher, a security breach of Internet Explorer could occur if a hacker hijacks session cookies from users' visits to a Web site.

Google Releases Security Update for Chrome

Google today has released Chrome version 11.0.696.71 which fixes four vulnerabilities in its browser.

Free App Turns Windows Into a Wireless Router

Free software is now available that enables Internet connections to be shared using Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.

Final Judgment Scrutiny Ends for Microsoft

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) on Wednesday announced that a final legal judgment against Microsoft, rendered in 2002 over antitrust concerns, expired on May 12.

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