IT Management

Forrester: Worst May Be Over for IT Market

IT purchasing has been so bad recently that things have got to be looking up.

Readers Down on Microsoft Downgrades

Moving to an older version of Microsoft software can be tricky, some readers say.

IT Gone Good

Increasing numbers of IT professionals are using their well-honed skills to benefit those in need.

Internet Explorer 8 Coming Next Month Via WSUS

Microsoft is planning to deliver Internet Explorer 8 via Windows Server Update Services, starting on Aug. 25.

7 Disaster-Dodging Dictums

Following these seven tips can help you prepare for a disaster -- or prevent one from becoming even worse.

Report: Disaster Recovery Improving, but Downtime Still Hurts

A Symantec survey reveals the "rising [disaster recovery] pressures on organizations caused by soaring downtime costs and more stringent IT service-level requirements to mitigate risk to the business."

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta 2 Released

Microsoft last week announced the availability of beta 2 of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010.

Microsoft and DOD Defining Windows 7 Security

Microsoft is working with the government to establish secure system settings that are expected to become the Federal Desktop Core Configuration for Windows 7.

Survey: IT Salaries Getting Pinched in 2009

The general economic downturn is leaving its mark on IT salaries, according to an independent study released on Monday.

Hotfixes Issued for SharePoint SP2 Glitch

Microsoft on Thursday announced that hotfixes are now available to patch a SharePoint 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) glitch that surfaced last month.

Microsoft Teams with CNCS in IT Education Effort

In an effort to give students a portal to real-world volunteer service, the federally operated Corporation for National and Community Service has announced a partnership with Microsoft to establish a virtual helpdesk.

Microsoft Making Waves With Consumer Security Beta

The beta trial for Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) 1.0 is now closed after 75,000 testers downloaded it following Tuesday's debut.

Dynamics Service-Pack Support Extended to 2 Years

Microsoft has extended service-pack support for its Dynamics products from 12 months to 24 months, the company announced on Tuesday.

Microsoft Releases Planning Toolkit Beta

Microsoft last week rolled out a beta of its new planning tool, which is designed to help its partners and customers migrate to products within the Microsoft stack.

Microsoft: Some IT Orgs Spending Strategically in Bad Economy

The downturn in the economy is affecting the role and spending strategies of IT organizations, according to a Harris Interactive survey commissioned by Microsoft.

Microsoft's 'Geneva' Convention

Plus: DirectShow bug not fixed yet; MasterCard makes PCI auditing even more difficult; accidently hacking Twitter via shortened URLs.

Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Beta Released

Microsoft last week released a public beta of Configuration Manager Service Pack 2.

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Available June 23

Microsoft on Tuesday will roll out a public test version of its free consumer security application, which was previously known by its code name, "Morro."

UPDATE: Microsoft Finds Bug in Google's Sync for Outlook

Microsoft found a problem with Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, a new data synchronization plug-in launched by Google last week.

IT Underestimates Risk from 'Zombie Accounts'

A report shows many organizations have limited or no knowledge of the systems to which their active and terminated employees actually have access.

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