Gartner: PC Sales Down, Security Software Sees Growth

According to market research firm Gartner's newly revised forecast, growth of PC shipments will dip down into the single digits this year due to shifts in consumer spending.

Windows 8: Analysts on UI, HTML 5 Controversy, x86 vs. ARM, More

Analysts took time to comment on "Windows 8," Microsoft's newest operating system under development.

Windows Thin PC Hits RTM Milestone

Microsoft announced today that its Windows Thin PC solution has reached its release-to-manufacturing milestone, with general availability expected on July 1.

Microsoft Shows 'Windows 8' to the World

Microsoft showed off its newest operating system, still code-named "Windows 8," at the D9 Conference on Wednesday evening.

IT Loves the iPad: Apple's iPad in the Windows Enterprise

The iPad was designed for and sold to consumers. But savvy IT pros and more than a handful of third parties are making the device a true enterprise force.

Microsoft's Hardware Partners Get Upbeat Talk at Computex

Microsoft kicked off the keynote presentation at Computex in Taipei today, offering its hardware partners some reasons why they should stick around.

Server Interruptus: Why Hardware Vendors Need SLAs

The time has come for hardware vendors to offer service level agreements.

Android Wins, Microsoft Loses, Apple Flat in Latest Mobile Sales Figures

In the Q1 2011 sales figures for mobile devices, released by Gartner today, shows that Android-based devices have taken the lead with 36 percent of the market thanks to the more than 36 million units sold.

Intel Reveals New Details on 'Windows 8' x86 and ARM Versions

Microsoft hasn't yet said much about its tablet and mobile device strategy in the Windows 8 timeframe, but some details appear to have come out thanks to Intel.

Windows Azure Cloud and Devices In the Spotlight at Tech-Ed

During Microsoft's keynote at Tech-Ed North America conference on Monday, the company focused on the cloud and opened the door for vendors to showcase devices designed to manage applications and services in a hybrid environment.

Top 4 Mistakes Sony Made with Its Network Outage

Sony is showing competing technology companies how not to handle an outage.

Google Chromebooks Coming June 15

Google today announced "Chromebooks," the new name for forthcoming notebook devices that will run its Chrome OS operating system.

Microsoft and the 'Consumerization of IT'

Microsoft was one of the first tech vendors to truly jump on the 'CoIT' bandwagon, on that says consumer-focused technologies are where the action is. Here's what to expect next from Redmond.

IDC: 13 Percent of PCs To Run ARM Chips by 2015

IDC on Thursday announced worldwide PC microprocessor shipment data, with upbeat implications for the PC market this year.

How-To: Performance Tuning Tips for a Windows Virtualized Environment

Virtualization has brought the lost art of performance tuning back into the datacenter. Here's how to tune your VMs and hypervisor, and optimize CPU resources and memory to get the most out of your virtual servers.

Intel Dusts Off Moore's Law With New 22-nm Chip Design

Intel unveiled microprocessor chip improvements on Wednesday, claiming that a new architecture will lead to faster chips with reduced power use.

WinMagic SecureDoc Review: Lock Down Your Laptops

WinMagic SecureDoc encryption software gets the better of hackers.

The 'Tablets Will Kill PCs' Myth

Will smartphones and tablets replace PCs and laptops? Or are they more companion technology?

UPDATE: Hyper-V Needs SP1 for New Intel vPro Chips

Strictly speaking, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 can't perform server virtualization using Intel's new second-generation Core vPro processors.

Intel To Release Oak Trail Processors for Tablets

Specially designed for tablet and netbook PCs, Intel's upcoming processor, updated from a previous version of its Atom chip, claims to be 60 percent smaller than previous models.

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