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The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: My Whistler Whish List

Because Whistler is Microsoft's response to customer feedback on Windows 2000, here's my lists of wants.

Active Directory Answers: How to Defrag NTDS.DIT

An offline defragmentation is the only way to shrink an NTDIS.DIT file and reclaim space. Here's how to do it the right way.

First Look: Visual Studio.NET Revealed

Peel away the hype and what you get is a powerful development suite for building Web-based applications.

Active Directory Answers: Active Directory Back from the Dead

When somebody in your organization blows away some part of the AD database, you can resurrect its contents using the little-understood process, Authoritative Restore. Here’s how it works.

From the Trenches: A Maddening Web Server Move

Everything pointed to Network Address Translation as the culprit, but it was up to this internetworking pro to find out why.

Active Directory Answers: Active Directory Updating

Knowing how AD replication works in Windows 2000 can help you tune it for optimal system performance.

Active Directory Answers: I Know This Much Is True

This Windows 2000 instructor says you need to understand five things about Active Directory/ Windows NT 4.0 interoperability before tackling your first deployment.

Systems Engineering: Property Version Numbers vs. Update Sequence Numbers

How do these two seemingly simple attributes help with replication? It's a sequential thing.

Resizing BackOffice Server

Microsoft is repositioning its flagship server suite, BackOffice Server 2000. Should you be concerned that it's being broken up? <b>Contributing Editor Harry Brelsford</b> offers his view.

Windows 2000 on the Mainframe

Datacenter Server isn’t just about the software. Its adoption also encompasses hardware and partnerships, mindset and expectations. Here’s what you can look forward to when you enter the glass house.

Baby BackOffice: Small Business Server 2000

For smaller businesses, BackOffice-based Small Business Server may be the answer.

2001 Salary Survey: True Value

Uncertainty and confusion define the current state of business, signaling a slow-down in high-tech hiring—and in the compensation of IT professionals. In this year's salary survey, we examine the outlook for salaries as well as the future prospects of certified professionals.

Take It Easy... Let Windows 2000 IntelliMirror Do the Work

We know you're skeptical about how much time you'll truly save moving your organization to Windows 2000. But some of these management tools really can help you get home on time for a change.

SQL Server 2000: All Charged Up!

Microsoft's made its relational database management system fully Web-enabled, scalable, reliable, and faster for development. What justifies putting it into a qualifying heat in your organization?

Network Detailing

CompTIA’s product-neutral Network+ exam tests your skills outside the Microsoft mold. Here’s your guide to preparation.

MCDBA: Going for the Checkered Flag

How does the release of SQL Server 2000 affect your Windows 2000 certification upgrade efforts?

Systems Engineering: A Job for SMS

Is SMS still necessary if you’re running Windows 2000? The fact is, each has its role when it comes to helping you take care of your network.

The Mole: Digging into Defrag

In this column, Mole burrows into the dark mysteries of Defragmenter.

Tales from the Trenches: Growing Pains

The next time your company plans a move, you just might want to consider a change in careers.

Tales from the Trenches: Exhausting Exchange

The “easy” part of installing new software isn’t always what it should be.

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