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Mission Interoperate: Windows 2000 and Unix

Administering two platforms is tough. Microsoft Services for Unix 2.0 provides a practical set of tools for making sure Windows and Unix users get along—and that your job gets easier.

Oracle and Microsoft Working Together a la COM+

Here's how one company's consultants used COM+ and MTS to scale its Oracle database to be available via the Web.

Mix It Up with NetWare

Naturally, Microsoft wants to woo your company away from its reliance on NDS. Windows Services for NetWare is crucial to that goal. Here’s how it works.

Return to Sender

When moving subnets from Unix JOIN to Win2K DHCP, this admin got a crash course on the intricacies of IP addressing and the pure beauty of the superscope.

You Can Do It!

4 Steps to MCSE Certification

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In a city of high stakes none were higher than during this tale of database corruption. But with tenacity and resourcefulness (and a little luck), this MCSE came out a big winner.

Private and Secure: The VPN Solution

If you want a better way to connect remote users, offices and servers securely, consider the humble, easy-to-implement virtual private network. Here’s how to make it work in Windows 2000.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Get to Those Tests

Procrastination can affect your certification. What are you waiting for?

So You've Had an Operations Master Die...

All is not lost. Chart your options before you kill the Operations Master for good.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: At the Controls

For this script geek, Win2K's AD scripting capabilities go above and beyond the call of duty.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: "Dear Microsoft..."

Our readers speak — loud and clear — about how they are (or aren't) getting along with Windows 2000.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Clocking the Speed Demon

What sticks in my mind as being a wonderful addition? Win2K's IP stack is incredibly fast.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: The Web Mandate

Windows 2000's reliability will make it the obvious upgrade choice for a Web hosting platform.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

After a year of working with the software, the experts speak their minds.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Business Drivers

Application sophistication will drive Win2K in the enterprise.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: User Profile Wisdom

Be smart! Assess the impact of roaming profiles on your user before you adopt them.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: Servers First vs. Workstations First

Implementing Win2K on both the front and back ends concurrently can lead to disaster.

From the Trenches: Backup Secrets from a Pro

The backup program in Windows 2000 adds some valuable functionality, but sometimes only a little coding will get you what you really need.

The Guide to Windows 2000 Wisdom: A Phased Approach

For a successful Win2K implementation, brush up on your project management skills.

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