In-Depth Features

SQL Server 2000 Security Secrets

What you need to know that you didn't find on Books Online.

Protocols and Types of Scans

A few things you should think about when evaluating vendors for network scanners.

Training Know-How

Consider going to the head of the class as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. This briefing tells you how.

How a Network Scan Can Improve Your Security

A scan can improve the security of your network, but be sure you know the law before you decide to do so.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Compaq knows a thing or two about troubleshooting large networks. Here are some of the utilities and programs it uses most and likes best for Windows 2000.

Windows 2000: Troubleshooting Shock Troops

Bow down before troubleshooting's greatest. These Compaq pros dispense their Windows 2000 wisdom to make you an expert on network repair.

Sonic Boom! Windows 2002 Smashes the Barrier

The next version of Windows is a worthy upgrade from Windows 2000, addressing several weaknesses and adding needed functionality. A Windows expert briefs you on the features and the limitations.

Windows XP: The Most Stable Desktop OS Yet

Some quick basics about Windows XP, including reliability and recoverability.

Step on Boot Problems

Knowing exactly how your Windows 2000 Server starts up can get you out of some tight spots.

Weigh Your Training Options

You want a career in IT, but how do you get the skills? It's time to look at your IT training options.

Covering Cover Letters

Does your resume need a cover letter? If you insist, what traits make for an effective, attention-getting one?


Premier title for SQL Server database administrators.

Maximize Your Certification ROI

With more than 400,000 MCSEs at last count, does it still make financial sense to become one? A long-time MCSE consultant breaks down the costs - course and exam fees, exam preparation materials and your own sweat and blood - and shows you how to calculate certification's return on investment.

Your Guide to Victory: True North on Your 70-240 Quest

You have one chance—and one chance only—to prove your expertise on Windows 2000. Here's what you need to understand to make sure you get through 70-240 victoriously.


For MCSEs who specialize in Internet skills. (Retired)


Your first step into Microsoft's certification program.


A specialization aimed at those who design and deploy Web-based systems. (Retired)


The most sought-after of the premier Microsoft certifications.

70-240 Guide: Build Your Test Lab

For a thorough understanding of the 70-240 exam objectives, nothing replaces hands-on experience. Build this test lab to get your practice.


For MCPs who specialize in internetworking using Microsoft technology. (Retired)

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