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Serving Up the Enterprise

Microsoft’s been releasing new server products at a dizzying rate for the past year. Confused by all the choices? Let us add some clarity to your search.

Souping Up Your IIS Server

Strengthen your infrastructure for serious IIS use with these monitoring and analysis tools.

Mobile Information Server: Unfulfilled Promise

Although Mobile Information Server works well, it’s too hobbled by limited interoperability with other Non-WAP devices and application support.

BizTalk Server: Putting B2B to Work

BizTalk Server 2000 gets closer to B2B application integration.

Application Center 2000: Super Glue

Application Center 2000 isn’t the best known of Microsoft’s .NET servers, but if you run a Web or server farm, it can be indispensable.

Content Management Server: Functionality—for a Price

Content Management Server 2001 provides a structured approach to managing Internet and intranet site content.

Commerce Server: Worth a Look

Once you get past the onerous installation requirements, Commerce Server 2000 can help make you a player in the e-business game.

SharePoint Portal Server: Cool Tool

The Microsoft Answer for finding a needle in a haystack.


Microsoft's certification for network and systems administrators.

Windows 2000 Defragmentation Tools

Five ways to fight the inevitable disk slowdown.

Share the Load

Network Load Balancing in Windows 2000 makes your servers more efficient and your network faster. Here’s a quick-study on how to set it up.

Certification Crossroads

Certifications are an important part of most IT professionals’ careers. Now, with more offerings than ever, which ones can help you most?

An Ounce of Prevention

When setting up a network, forgetting the concepts of scalability and centralized management can have costly consequences down the road.

Windows XP Playbook

If XP’s in your future—and the minute you buy new desktop systems, it probably will be—use these strategies to get the most out of Microsoft’s newest OS.

Money Matters

The 2002 Salary Survey from Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine

A Method for the Madness

Understanding and applying the Microsoft frameworks can help you bring order and meaning to the chaos of technical projects in your organization.

The Human Factor

Anti-virus software can help with only one part of the defense.

Stop Viruses at the Gate

The newest crop of Exchange antivirus products prevents users from receiving infected mail.

Your IT Operations Guide

Running behind? Too much to do? Worried about the future? Take a breather and consider how to do your job better. This report shares 10 best practices that will put you and your IT staff ahead of the next fire.

The Three Components of Network Management

Before you use MOM, brush up on the basics of enterprise systems monitoring.

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