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Windows 11 Launch Central

Your home for news and views on Microsoft's latest operating system.

Windows 11 Migrations Made Easy with PCmover Tools

PCmover migration products from Laplink Software are currently ready to transfer applications, data and settings over to new Windows 11 PCs.

Exoprise Offers Insight into SaaS Issues Before Things Get Ugly

Founder Jason Lieblich explains how synthetics and real-user monitoring can help software-as-a-service users instantly gauge application performance.

Q&A with Karen Lopez: A Database Designer's Favorite New SQL Server Features

Some SQL Server features are good, some are great -- and some are great only in the right situations and in the right hands. Learn how to spot the difference.

Q&A with Thomas LaRock: The Top 5 Common SQL Server Problems (and How To Fix Them)

A Microsoft data platform MVP on the state of SQL Server today -- how it's evolved in Microsoft's Azure-first word, the best features to emerge in recent years and troubleshooting gotchas.

Q&A with Panu Saukko: The Best Windows 10/11 Tips & Tricks

PCs the world over have been running Windows 10 for years, but there are still a few undiscovered ways that users can take better advantage of the operating system -- as well as its successor.

Q&A with Karinne Bessette: Ransomware Tips for All

A top Veeam technologist shares what critical first steps IT must take during a ransomware attack. Above all else: Don't pay the ransom.

Q&A with Stacy Deere-Strole: The New Governance -- Staying on Top of Office 365

Office 365 has a lot of moving parts, with Microsoft constantly adding new features and deprecating others. It can be a lot for IT teams to keep track of.

Navigating to Windows 11: Hardware Concerns and System Migrations

Zinstall Director Tony Bergman answers questions about system migrations, including moves to the newly emerging Windows 11 client operating system.

Windows 365 Nuances: A Talk with Nerdio's Founder and CEO

Vadim Vladimirskiy, Nerdio's founder and CEO, tells us that Windows 365, Microsoft's newest desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering, is managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and follows a one-to-one virtual machine approach.

Microsoft Viva, SharePoint Online and the Shift to Teams

Veteran Microsoft 365 expert Asif Rehmani offers his perspective on how Microsoft Viva will meet the needs of end users, the SharePoint community and Microsoft's longtime partners.

Have Cloud Sticker Shock? Here Are 5 Steps To Manage Cloud Costs

Cloud isn't always cheaper than on-prem, a lesson that many organizations find out the hard way. Keep your cloud bills in check (and the C-suite happy) using these guidelines.

Security Q&A: A (Very Slight) Upside to Solorigate and Top Blue Team Attack Tools

Security expert Sergey Chubarov on the current security landscape and how the SolarWinds attack can change cybersecurity for the better.

Microsoft on How SharePoint Syntex Uses AI To Address Content Management Woes

Project Cortex team members Naomi Moneypenny and Dan Holme explain the origins of SharePoint Syntex, how it benefits orgs with content management problems, and addresses security and governance concerns.

Microsoft Clarifies Project Cortex's Scope, IT Controls and Product Delivery in Q&A

Microsoft recently offered a Q&A session on Project Cortex, its emerging "knowledge network" solution for Microsoft 365 users.

The Challenges of Securing All Those Newly Remote Workers

Security expert Dale Meredith identifies cybersecurity challenges, best practices and major concerns resulting from all the employees forced into home offices by COVID-19.

Work in the Time of Coronavirus: Top Tips and Tools for Remote Work

New to working remotely? Here are pointers for setting up your new workspace for teleconferencing, managing your time when your office is also your home, and how not to be a VPN hog.


How To Prepare IT for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Can your organization support remote work for all employees? How can you insulate your projects against supply chain delays? Joey walks you through all the bases your IT team needs to cover during the coronavirus pandemic.

CES 2020 Recap: 8 of the Most Eye-Catching Windows Devices

Microsoft's hardware partners outdid themselves at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, bending (sometimes literally) the rules of the traditional Windows PC as we know it. Here are some of the standouts.

Azure Arc: A Deeper Look at Microsoft's Multicloud Play

Arguably one of Microsoft's biggest announcements this year was the introduction of Azure Arc at Ignite. But is this really a game-changer or is Microsoft just falling for the multicloud buzz?