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It All Starts with a Plan

Throwing money at your network security without insight into the strengths and limitations of your network will put your enterprise users' data at risk.

Cyber Security Education Never Ends

John O'Neill, Sr. stresses the importance of staying up to date with an ever-changing enterprise security landscape.

SQL Server Design: No Code Necessary

Data pro Thomas LaRock dives into the intricacies of SQL Server design, emphasizing the power of smart datatype decisions.

AI from the Trenches, Part 2: The Human Factor

AI expert Cameron Turner continues the conversation, and provides his perspective on how generative AI is impacting the enterprise, and its role as a transformative technology.


Yubico Shares Expertise on How To Get to Passwordless

This month, I chatted with Yubico experts Erik Parkkonen, solutions architect, and Derek Hanson, vice president of standards and alliances, on the passwordless goal for organizations and where we are at this point.

Building a CyberInsurance Compliant Security Infrastructure

When attackers strike and operations suffer, good CyberInsurance may make the difference between a few stressful days, or catastrophic monetary losses.

AI from the Trenches, Part 1: Is Generative AI a Leapfrog Technology?

We check in with generative AI expert Cameron Turner to see how transformative and impactful the technology has had on organizations of all sizes.

Microsoft's Security Service Edge Aims To Bridge Network and Identity Security

Microsoft's Entra product announcements on Tuesday elicited some questions, which were answered today by Alex Simons, corporate vice president of product management at the Microsoft Identity and Network Access Division.

Deploying the 100 Percent Cloud Management Solution

Moving your whole operation in the cloud could be the option you're looking for thanks to Microsoft 365 and Intune.

PipeScript: Transforming How We PowerShell

Get the scoop on a powerful PowerShell automation tool, which has the ability to transform the way we code.

Active Directory's Place in the Modern Enterprise

Enterprises aren't ditching the on-premises version of Active Directory, despite Microsoft's best efforts with Azure AD.

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Windows Autopatch's Impact on IT

Microsoft's patch automation tool has been out for almost a year now. How has enterprises' security processes changed since then?

Staying Ahead of the Curve in Our New ChatGPT World

ChatGPT is here and it's not going to go away any time soon. Learn what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

AI & IT: What's Up with Microsoft Copilot? A Q&A with Brien Posey

With all the FUD surrounding Copilot, we asked Microsoft MVP and Redmond columnist Brien Posey to answer some questions and help us cut through the hype surrounding the upcoming tech.

TechMentor Flashback: Orgs Need Gen Z, and Gen Z Needs Microsoft Teams

Why the strongest case for using Microsoft Teams isn't the rise of hybrid work, but the rise of the next generation of hybrid workers. Plus, Teams Premium is cool, but you may not need it.


'What Does It Actually Excel At?' A Conversation with an AI Expert About ChatGPT

To hear one applied AI specialist explain it, the reason there are so many questions around ChatGPT is that it makes us ask questions about ourselves.

5 Questions with Power BI Expert Andrew Brust

Ahead of his VSLive! session, Microsoft MVP and analytics expert talks about how far Power BI has come, what killer features might be in the pipeline -- and whether they will include ChatGPT.

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Take Control of High Cloud Costs

Here are some tips for getting the most out of cloud computing, while keeping your bottom line in check.


Breakdown of the Rackspace Ransomware Incident

What caused the issue and what, as customers, we can do to keep our data secure.

It's Time To Go Passwordless -- Here's How

Microsoft has provided the tools for you to ditch the outdated and unsecure log in tech. It's up to you to actually take advantage of it.

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