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Cloud Adoption and Cloud Migrations are NOT the Same

Understanding the distinction between the two is crucial for organizations' cloud transformation.

Can a Home Assistant System Work in the Enterprise?

Learn how IT is utilizing home automation tools to simplify their organizational workloads.

PowerShell's Bright Future

A couple of seasoned PowerShell vets break down how they see the powerful tool's next stage of evolution.

Embrace the GUI... Sometimes

The GUI, for all its faults, still has a place in IT. Infrastructure pro Greg Altman breaks down when you should rely on the GUI and what the future holds for server management.

Why Intune is Key (and why IT Isn't Using It)

Microsoft MVP Émile Cabot breaks down why Microsoft Intune is essential for endpoint security, and tackles some of our pressing questions on the state of IT security.

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How Big Are the AI Security and Privacy Pitfalls?

Enterprise IT has been entrusted with the task of integrating gen AI into their environments, while grappling with emerging security and ethical issues.

Don't Make Active Directory Your Enterprise Security Liability

With cyberattacks targeting Active Directory rising, it's up to IT to harden their environments.

Open toolbox

What's Inside Microsoft 365's Security Toolbox?

Microsoft provides plenty of native tools to secure Microsoft 365. IT pros just have to know where to look.

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Tips for Navigating Microsoft's Expanding Copilot Universe

Vlad Catrinescu, a Microsoft MVP, described how to think about Microsoft's many Copilot generative AI tools.

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Microsoft Offers Assurances in 'Trustworthy AI' Manifesto

This month, Microsoft gave public assurances to users of its Copilot generative artificial intelligence products by publishing "How Microsoft 365 Delivers Trustworthy AI."

5 Questions with a Zero Trust Expert

Organizations are dragging their feet on zero trust, despite its benefits in today's cybersecurity landscape.

Microsoft Lays Out Identity and Access Best Practices for IT Pros

The Microsoft Incident Response team this month published a fairly comprehensive guide for IT pros responsible for securing computing environments.

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Don't Be Afraid of PowerShell

It's not as complicated as you think. Get automating today!

The Future of Applied Artificial Intelligence

Software and consulting expert Andreas Erben pulls back the curtain to imagine a world where generative AI technologies reach further than today's capabilities.

Cloud and Infrastructure: 'There Is No Easy Button'

SQL Server expert Allan Hirt shares what database pros need to know about their core infrastructure.

Windows 11 Screen Shot

Two Years Later: Is Windows 11 Ready for Enterprises?

OS deployment expert Michael Niehaus shares what Windows 11 does right, where it's still lacking and what we should expect from Microsoft in the future.

What Can Azure OpenAI Do for You?

Microsoft MVP Eric D. Boyd presents a sneak peek of his anticipated Live! 360 Azure OpenAI discussion.

The Intersection of Data and Generative AI

Microsoft's Buck Woody breaks down how SQL Server is leveraging gen AI, and what skills you will need to stay competitive.

Harnessing SQL Server 2022's Power

Microsoft's Abdullah Mamun and Kendal Van Dyke break down how SQL's recent updates are giving database pros new ways to take control of their data.

Automate the Mundane

Azure Automation provide IT with the ways to make their jobs more interesting. Got a task you're sick of doing? Automate it away!

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