Exchange Exams Get Their Turn in Beta Spotlight

Exams for candidates who want to highlight their skills with Microsoft's messaging platform head onto the beta test onramp.

Discounts on Vista, Office Exams

Microsoft expands Partner Skills Plus program to include MCP exams covering Vista, Exchange 2007 and the Office technology suite.

Last Preparations Being Made for DST Bug

Normally the switch to daylight-saving time isn't a big deal, but this Sunday, Jeff Ronner has to put people on the case.

Daylight Saving Patch for Dynamics CRM

Literally just in time, Microsoft is shipping a patch for its Dynamics CRM 3.0 package that adjusts for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) changeover coming this weekend.

Sweden Plan Would Monitor Communications

Sweden's government presented plan to allow defense intelligence agency to monitor e-mail traffic and phone calls crossing the nation's borders.

Warning: Don't Spam This Scot

Most people just grumble and hit delete, but when Gordon Dick received a spam message advertising Internet services, he fought back.

Exchange 2007 Service Pack Beta in April

Microsoft says it is wrapping up the beta test code for its first service pack for Exchange Server 2007, and plans to begin testing the update in April.

Google to Sell Online Software Suite

Google will begin selling an online suite of software that treads on technological turf traditionally dominated by Microsoft and IBM.

Microsoft Preps Identity Lifecycle Manager

Microsoft is preparing a spring release for an identity management infrastructure tool aimed at simplifying credential administration across the enterprise, officials said this week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Gmail Becomes More Widely Available

Google Inc.'s e-mail service is almost ready to accept all comers after nearly three years of beta testing.

Microsoft Licensing Key Protocols to Competitors

Microsoft quietly announced last week that it is making several key communications protocols used by its software available for license, so that third-parties, including competitors, can link into its newest enterprise products. Some are available immediately

Dutch Spammer Fined $97,000

A spammer whom authorities say e-mailed more than 9 billion unwanted advertisements faces a hefty fine.

'Storm Worm' E-Mail Spreading

Finnish computer experts warned Friday that spammers are taking advantage of people's curiosity over a devastating storm in Europe to spread junk e-mails on the Internet.

New Spam Trick: Mimic Legit Newsletters

Spammers have tweaked legitimate e-mail and sent them through normal spam channels.

Microsoft and Nortel Present Alliance Roadmap

Six months after announcing a telecommunications alliance, Microsoft and Nortel this week presented some early results of their efforts and outlined a roadmap for future projects.

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