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  • Dell Boomi a Leader Again in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS

    In this report, learn about the iPaaS landscape from industry analysts, find the best iPaaS solution for your needs, evaluate vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision and see why Dell Boomi is a Leader.

  • Five Easy Steps to Improve IT’s Reputation and Excel at Audits

    Showing the contributions IT makes to the rest of the business can be challenging. Experts suggest leveraging readily-available management data to show how IT enables business initiatives and supports revenue generation.

  • 4 Steps to Successful IT Systems Management

    While seemingly counter intuitive, organizations can actually create IT efficiencies without having to cut service levels by adopting a systems management strategy that embraces the concept of “Discover, Manage, Automate and Validate.”

  • Seconds Matter: Resolve Issues Quickly with the World’s Fastest Remote Desktop Management

    As an IT professional, every second count. Your remote connection speed and reliability are critical to your ability to resolve issues quickly, maximizing IT efficiency and ensuring a happy and productive end user.

  • Eight Keys to Cloud Friendly Systems Management

    At the same time that organizations are moving many of their IT assets to the cloud, the problem of how to manage all of an organization’s IT assets has, in many ways, become more complex. Learn more.

  • Six Steps to Achieving Data Access Governance

    Get the tips you need to better control access to your organization’s critical data while meeting governance, compliance and security requirements. Read this paper and discover how Dell One Identity solutions can help.

  • Getting the Security You Need with Dell One Identity Manager

    Controlling and securing user access is a priority for every organization. Discover how Dell One Identity Manager helps you secure and meet standards for access control, customer data protection and network communications.

  • Seven Steps to Designating Owners of Unstructured Data

    Unstructured data leads to increased costs and security vulnerabilities. Learn the seven-step process in this paper and automate the methods for governing and controlling access to unstructured data.

  • The Case for Identity Manager

    Transform your identity and access management (IAM) strategies from expensive, time-consuming and complex to streamlined and cost-effective. Read this tech brief and make IAM simpler than ever before.

  • Now That You Have a Microsoft Private Cloud, What the Heck are You Going to do With it

    You’ve built a Microsoft Private Cloud. Great choice! Now what? Find out in this white paper.

  • Why You Should Date a Cloud but Never Marry One

    Getting tied down with one cloud provider is a bad idea. In this white paper, find out why, and find out how to manage cloud providers effectively. Learn more!

  • Servers, Storage, Virtualization and You: It’s Complicated

    Simplicity isn’t normally a hallmark of any of these three technologies, but it can be. Find out in this white paper how to break down the complexity of these components and keep them simple.

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Hyperconverged Systems 2014 Vendor Assessment

    Learn the emerging trends in hyperconverged datacenters. Get the newly released IDC Marketscape report for 2015 to understand the leading solutions in the rapidly evolving Hyperconverged Platforms market segment. Read more!

  • Web-Scale 101: From Hyper-Convergence to Cloud Infrastructure

    What do growing trends like converged infrastructure and hyper-convergence really mean for your business? Learn the new approach to datacenter infrastructure that is set to transform enterprise IT. Learn more!

  • Migration Planning Kit Microsoft Windows Server

    Microsoft will end support for Windows 2003 in July, 2015. What does this mean to you? It comes down to this: there will be no further patches or security updates, which puts your business at risk. With Microsoft estimating that it takes 200 days to migrate an application, the time is now to start your move.

  • SharePoint 2013 with Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

    Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the most widely used enterprise web application platforms, providing various business intelligence features, while enhancing collaboration and content management. However, in order for applications to perform to the best of their ability, deploying an application delivery controller (ADC) is essential.

  • Lync 2013 with Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

    Chances are your business utilizes a specific type of application that allows users to communicate across the network. To keep up with new technology changes and ensure your applications are running efficiently, it is critical to have an application delivery controller (ADC) in place. So where exactly do you begin?

  • Exchange 2013 – Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

    Utilizing the right application delivery controller (ADC) within your organization can make all the difference when it comes to applications. What you need is an ADC that can load balance, accelerate, optimize and secure your enterprise applications. Learn more!

  • NetScaler for Microsoft Exchange 2013

    Access this white paper to learn how the industry’s leading application delivery controller allows you to get more out of Exchange. You’ll learn how this approach allows you to reduce costs associated with deploying, managing, and operating your server environment.

  • NetScaler for Microsoft Lync 2013

    An enterprise-ready unified communications platform, such as Microsoft Lync, has the power to connect people wherever there is network connectivity. So how do you ensure that this type of communication is able to provide maximum uptime, security from malicious activity, and access from a range of devices?

  • NetScaler Optimizes, Secures and Controls your Microsoft Application Delivery

    Companies need their applications to run smoothly in order to keep customers happy. Achieving this goal can be difficult, especially with so many different applications running at once. How can you make sure your clients are satisfied, without raising management costs?

  • NetScaler for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

    Businesses are always on a mission to improve inefficient processes. They need to ensure real time communication, easy access to data files, and above all, collaboration. What kind of solution can enable all of these at once?

  • From Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2: Migration Best Practices and Tips

    This use case provides a proven, step-by-step action plan for safely and securely migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 2012 R2 using popular backup, virtualization, and data migration tools.

  • How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of AD FS

    Many companies believe Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is the best choice for applications to integrate with AD. After all, both Active Directory and AD FS are from Microsoft and AD FS is 'free,' so that should be the best choice, right? Read on.

  • The Giant’s Advantage - Why Cloud Computing Levels the Playing Field for SMBs

    Decision makers in SMBs often raise concerns about cloud computing. There is a belief that cloud-based solutions cause SMBs to sacrifice security and control of their business-critical data. But, according to recent IBM research, businesses relying on cloud computing have a competitive advantage. And it’s generating twice the revenue – and profit – of their slower-to-adapt rivals.

  • Layered Protection - Thirteen Days of Cybercrime

    Did you know that most companies usually find out about the security breach around 200 days after the occurrence ( By that time, their confidential information is all over the web and it takes time and money to bring everything back to normal and regain your customers trust. Read this white paper to see why your business needs multiple layers of protection to stay secure.

  • Top Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

    Before the advent of laptops and the rise of remote workers, fixing problems with IT was easy and the devices IT admins managed were somewhere in the office. To make things even more complicated, remote workers rarely only have one device (such as laptops, tablets and smartphones). Read this white paper for top tips on how to manage your remote workers.

  • Top Tips for Time Stretched Admins

    Administering IT in small and mid-sized companies can be a difficult task, often with a very small team responsible for hundreds of workers. This whitep aper provides top time-saving tips that IT admins can use to stay on top of their workloads, keep systems running and protected, and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

  • Email Security in Small and Medium Sized Businesses

    Nowadays, organizations can’t afford to operate without an email security strategy. The threat landscape is constantly changing with new threats appearing every day. This white paper looks at email security in small and medium businesses (SMBs), the solutions available and what features SMBs cannot do without.

  • Finance is Changing Fast; Can Your Apps Keep Up?

    There might not be a more challenging industry than the financial industry for IT. How are you going to keep your apps moving at the pace of business? Find out in this white paper.

  • Are You Ready for Healthcare’s Digital Age?

    The massive data of the digital age in healthcare is upon us. How will you keep your applications performing at top speed? Read this white paper to find out.

  • Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies

    This book from the popular Dummies series takes a comprehensive but easy-to-understand look at monitoring and troubleshooting networks.

  • Covering Branch IT Infrastructure the Right Way

    Find out what Taneja Group has to say about a branch converged infrastructure solution.

  • Eliminating the Challenge of Branch Office Recovery

    In this white paper, learn how to avoid the risks of data loss and downtime, even in remote offices.

  • Converging Branch Infrastructure for Simplicity, Efficiency and Lower Costs

    In this white paper, read about a new branch converged infrastructure architecture that lets IT better coordinate with branch offices.

  • Securing Edge Data at the Center

    In this white paper, discover a new infrastructure approach that lets organizations better manage virtual servers in remote offices.

  • Accelerating Microsoft Office 365 with Riverbed SteelHead Saas

    Find out in this document how to drastically improve the performance of Microsoft Office 365.

  • Edge Consolidation Delivers Peace of Mind for IT

    As organizations consolidate data backup and disaster recovery operations, WAN optimization plays a key role in mitigating risk without sacrificing performance.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Use SteelHead SaaS

    Discover the top 10 reasons to use the comprehensive SteelHead SaaS product

  • Resolve Performance Issues within Your Citrix XenApp Environment

    Citrix XenApp is a great solution, but it can introduce complications. Find out in this guide how to deal with them.

  • 10 Common Problems APM Helps You Solve

    This guide from Slashdot media shows readers how to get the full value from Application Performance Management solutions.

  • Evaluating Performance Management Solutions

    This buyer’s guide provides a comprehensive look at how best to choose a Performance Management solution.

  • Application Performance Management for Dummies

    This Dummies book has all you need to know about Application Performance Management.

  • Best Practices for AD Scrubbing

    Regular group review and directory cleanup are part of life with Active Directory. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. In this white paper, learn how to effectively scrub AD.

  • Office 365 Adoption eGuide: Identity and Mobility Challenges

    Microsoft made a massive push to the cloud in 2014, and as a result Office 365 is taking off. We’re seeing it in how Okta customers are using Okta to connect to Office 365 in increasing numbers. This eGuide provides some data from the Okta Application Network on the trends we are seeing around Office 365.

  • Top 10 Most Popular Reports in Enterprise Reporter

    Discover which reports key stakeholders rely on most for quick, accurate insight into the configuration and security of Active Directory (AD) and file server permissions. Read this tech brief today.

  • Moving Messaging and Collaboration to Office 365: It's Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

    This paper gets you thinking correctly about the often-overlooked pitfalls of a migration to Office 365 from the perspective of cost, the risks involved, and the real work to be done. Learn more.

  • AppAssure 5 Trial

    Dell™ AppAssure™ delivers advanced data protection that unifies backup, replication, verification and recovery in one, easy-to-use software solution. Backup in minutes. Recover in seconds.

  • The Buyers Guide to Virtual and Physical Data Protection

    Discover how you can implement a cost-effective data-protection strategy in your own VMware environment.

  • Unified Backup: Virtual & Physical

    Find out how the latest release of Dell AppAssure unifies virtualized backup, replication and recovery processes — without compromising data protection.

  • Superior VMware® Protection for Limited IT Budgets

    Discover how you can implement a cost-effective data-protection strategy in your own VMware environment. Read more!

  • Protecting Exchange: Best Practices and Practical Tips

    Is your business doing enough to protect its critical email data? Learn how to provide a cost-effective, comprehensive data-protection strategy for your Microsoft Exchange environment.

  • How to Avoid the Coming Backup Crunch

    Is big data straining your traditional backup options? Find out about a new solution that helps companies slash costs and avoid recovery point delays.

  • Disk Backup Appliances: The Next Generation

    Learn how to save time on your next deployment, shrink your backup windows, minimize network traffic and significantly reduce your backup-storage footprint.

  • Dell Data Protection Point of View

    Discover how organizations of any size can improve their data protection — safeguarding their critical information and applications — without excessive costs or added complexity.

  • Building Higher IT Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster

    Most disasters strike without warning. Don’t be caught off guard; upgrade your preparedness today by taking these initial steps and follow-ups.

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Software - Maintain Your IT Budget with Consistent Compliance Practices

    Read this third-party report to learn about the attitudes of state and local government agencies towards Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software, and see which features they rank as most critical when selecting a tool.

  • Selecting Foundational Controls Makes SOX Compliance Easier

    Read this revealing white paper for a look at SOX compliance from an auditor’s perspective, and find out how to easily achieve continuous compliance.

  • Selecting Foundational Controls Makes PCI DSS Compliance Easier

    Read this revealing white paper for a look at PCI DSS compliance from an auditor’s perspective, and find out how to easily achieve continuous compliance. Learn more.

  • Selecting Foundational Controls Makes HIPAA Compliance Easier

    Read this revealing white paper for a look at HIPAA compliance from an auditor’s perspective, and find out how to easily achieve continuous compliance. Learn more!

  • Ensuring Enterprise Visibility, Auditing and Reporting for Windows Environments

    Find out how you can easily identify and report on who has access to what files, folders and shares, and on what servers - all with a solution that can support large, complex Windows environments. Read now.

  • Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance

    Learn about the best practices for implementing a compliance solution that will minimize your stress during your next IT compliance audit. Read now!

  • Managing Risk in an Active Directory Integrated Virtualized Environment

    Read this insightful white paper to explore the interdependent and combined security issues between Active Directory and virtualization, and see how to manage them.

  • Who, What, When, Where and Why: Tracking the 5 Ws of Change in AD, SharePoint and More

    Gain a better understanding of the limitations and capabilities of native auditing tools, and see why a third-party solution might be the best approach to protect your organization’s systems, data, productivity and bottom line.

  • Ensure a Valuable Notes-to-Exchange 2013/Office 365 Migration

    Properly preparing for a migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange Server 2013 or Office 365 can reduce costs and even boost user-adoption rates. Learn how Dell end-to-end solutions can help. Read now.

  • The Move to Exchange 2013: Migraine or Migration?

    Get the experts’ take on the newest features found in Exchange 2013, as well as how you can be prepared to overcome common migration challenges. Read now!

  • Top 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Transition to Windows Server 2012

    From planning to implementation, through post-migration management, our experts lay out the information you need to make your migration to Windows Server 2012 R2 as painless as possible. Learn more.

  • Migrating to Exchange 2013 from Legacy Exchange

    Make sure you’re prepared for your Exchange migration by understanding the challenges inherent in moving from a legacy version, and how to get the most out of your new investment.

  • Windows Server 2012 – Are You Ready?

    With Microsoft discontinuing support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015, now is the time to learn key considerations for moving to Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Take Control of Your PST Problem

    Find out best practices for migrating PST file data to a more secure Exchange or Office 365 environment, and get suggestions for tools that can help ensure your migration is successful.

  • Top 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Migration to Exchange 2013

    Our experts have laid out the top ten steps to ensure a successful Exchange migration. Whether you’re upgrading a legacy environment or undertaking a consolidation project, we’ve got you covered.

  • Modernizing Your Active Directory Environment

    Gain control over your Active Directory (AD) landscape. Learn the key steps for modernizing your AD environment and how these can help you better address the needs of your organization to reduce vulnerability, risk and infrastructure costs.

  • How to Measure Unified Communications Utilization and ROI for Upper Management

    Microsoft® Lync Server® can drastically improve the efficiency of business, but deployment can be demanding and expensive. Get detailed costs and benefits of using Lync Server, and learn how you can produce reports that demonstrate ROI.

  • Enabling Fast Email Recovery When Something Goes Wrong

    Good email recovery, eDiscovery and content management practices consist of several components. Read this report and discover why email recovery and governance is a necessity for your organization, and how to address problems in your email environment.

  • What Can Email Tell You About Your Organization

    Unlock the hidden potential of business intelligence contained within your Exchange stores. Discover the answers to traditional messaging management questions with this technical brief, and learn to mine unstructured Exchange data to inform your business.

  • IAM for the Real World: Access Management

    Security concerns and compliance make the need to manage access a top priority. Read this e-book for the critical knowledge you need to understand the complexity of today’s access management issues, and the promise of a more unified, integrated approach.

  • The Right Way to Prove Identity and Establish Trust

    Right now, one of your employees is accessing network resources. Do you know who it is? See how to verify user identities and protect your company’s critical information. Read this technical brief.

  • Top Five Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Two-Factor Authentication Solution

    Two-factor authentication is critical for safeguarding your company’s critical information. In this technical brief, discover five things to know before purchasing a two-factor authentication solution, and which solution is the best fit for your business.

  • Migrate, Manage Govern

    Transform Active Directory from a cost center into a business asset using the “migrate-manage-govern” strategy that moves your business forward while solving security challenges.

  • Real World Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Unix-based Systems

    Explore the most common IAM challenges facing Unix-based organizations, and learn about easily implemented practices and technologies that can help you increase security, achieve compliance and improve operational efficiency.

  • Access Control Is Easy, Use Active Directory Groups and Manage Them Well

    Good access control results from avoiding the use of local groups by assigning permissions through Active Directory (AD). Learn how AD groups are at the center of access control and governance–and what it takes to manage them.

  • IAM for the Real World: Access Management

    When your access procedures are broken, no amount of security, management or governance matters. Find out how your business can reap the benefits that come from getting to one identity. Read now!

  • The Keys to the Kingdom: Limiting Active Directory Administrators

    Businesses need more from their Windows security structure. Discover best practices for implementing role-based access control automated delegation of permissions, centralized permissions reporting, and data consistency rules that can secure your AD infrastructure.

  • The Active Directory Management and Security You’ve Always Dreamed Of

    Get more from your Windows security structure. Learn how the right security solution can help your business avoid common errors and inconsistencies that lead to security breaches.

  • The 12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services

    Discover the 12 major tasks of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) administration and management, and how your organization can reduce AD workloads through implementation of proper management, automation and administration tools.

  • A Second Look at Hyperconverged Appliance

    Taneja Group recently turned their Technology Validation service - a hands-on lab service - to the task of evaluating whether Scale Computing's HC3 could deliver in the real world. For this task, Taneja put an HC3 cluster through the paces to see how well it deployed, how it held up under use, and what special features it delivered that might go beyond the features found in traditional integrations of discreet compute and storage systems.

  • Managing Access to SaaS Applications

    This Essential Guide examines the opportunities and challenges of empowering, yet controlling, user access to SaaS applications. Specifically, identity management as a service promises to simplify secure access, and management of SaaS applications while reducing password sprawl. This guide will also review how mobile computing has added to the complexity of managing access to both corporate data and SaaS, and additionally help evaluate the options available on the market.

  • Top Six Things to Consider with an Identity as a Service Solution

    In this white paper you’ll discover how an IDaaS can help you drive user productivity, enhance IT efficiency, improve security, mitigate risk, and lower total cost of ownership. Learn more.

  • Windows Server 2003 Migration

    Migrating from WS2003 is an opportunity to consolidate servers. PrinterLogic enables you to completely eliminate your print servers and gets rid of the headaches associated with migrating from your print environment.

  • Office 365 Single Sign-On: High Availability without High Complexity

    For most organizations, the move to Office 365 (O365) is a leap forward in user experience, productivity, IT simplification, and savings. But organizations that fail to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) reliably will expectedly experience an increase in risk and a decline in productivity. Learn more.

  • Stop Password Sprawl with SaaS Single Sign-On via Active Directory

    As mobile devices have pushed their way into the enterprise, they have brought cloud apps along with them. This app explosion means account passwords are multiplying, which exposes corporate data and leads to help desk calls from frustrated users. This paper will discover how IT can improve user productivity, gain visibility and control over SaaS and mobile apps, and stop password sprawl. Learn more.

  • Windows Azure IaaS: High Availability and Disaster Recovery

    Learn how to get high availability and disaster recovery protection for critical applications (i.e., SQL Server) in four HA/DR models in Windows Azure.

  • Three Ways to Protect SQL Server in the Cloud

    SQL Server is a business critical application that requires high availability protection, regardless of where it is deployed. In the cloud, you need to protect SQL Server from downtime if the cloud instance or the cloud provider fails. Learn more.

  • Top 5 Methods to Optimize and Reduce Office 365 Licensing Costs

    Office 365 is supposed to save organizations money while still providing excellent functionality. But optimum savings isn’t a guarantee. It only happens as a matter of policy. Read more in this white paper.

  • Six Steps to SSL Certificate Management

    This guide — intended for IT and security professionals — outlines the key elements of a certificate lifecycle management process and how to provide adequate tools and training to implement this process.

  • Defending the Internet of Things: Identity at the Core of Security

    This white paper discusses meeting the demand for an IoT architecture that achieves security and assures performance. Learn more!

  • 5 Best Practices for Defending the Enterprise

    Entrust offers five specific best practices — with emphasis on strong authentication, identity assurance, mobile enablement and general layered security — that can help protect against targeted attacks now and over the long term. Read now!

  • A Step-By-Step Migration Guide to SHA-2 SSL Certificates

    This guide is intended for IT and security experts, CISOs, developers and SMBs alike. You’ll better understand how your current operating environment will be affected and how to migrate SSL certificates — quickly and cost-effectively — without compromising your security posture, risking operational outages or disrupting the customer experience. Learn more.

  • The Cloud Fax Advantage for SAP® Users

    Maximize your SAP investment and save money by throwing your fax services up to the cloud. Read the White Paper now!

  • 7 Reasons to Automate Fax and Email Orders in ERP is a Brilliant Business Move

    Read this white paeper to learn specific ways your company can save time and money with electronic order processing while keeping customers happy. Learn more!

  • How Automation Drives Customer Service Excellence

    Read this white paper to discover industry tips and best practices for bringing efficiency and profitability to order management while freeing up your CSRs. Learn more.

  • 13 Questions for Maximizing Your Order Processing Investment

    Maximize your investment by finding the most cost-effective and well-suited solution for your unique needs. This comprehensive FAQ buyer’s guide provides detailed answers to 13 questions essential for helping you select the best automated Sales Order Processing solution

  • The Cloud Fax Advantage

    It’s time to update your fax services and reduce the pains of manual faxing methods with Esker Cloud Fax Services. Read on!

  • Fax Survival Guide: How to Avoid Disaster & Distress with Cloud Fax Services

    Download the eBook, A Fax Survival Guide: How to Avoid Disaster & Distress with Cloud Fax Services, to learn how IT administrators can avoid their fate as a “doomsday faxer” by taking fax services to the cloud.

  • Boosting Efficiency and Lowering Costs with Cloud Fax Services

    Staying up to date with the most current faxing technology can be difficult for companies who have a limited operating budget and their own unique infrastructure requirements. Fortunately, a solution to easily and cost-effectively adopt the latest fax services has arrived — Esker Cloud Fax Services.

  • 7 Advantages of Moving Fax to the Cloud

    Relying on a fax machine or fax server is something many businesses are all too familiar with. The extra costs, tedious tasks and resource requirements can add up quickly, putting a strain on your bottom line. Now, you can simplify your ability to send faxes in any ERP environment with Esker Cloud Fax Services!

  • The SharePoint MVP Guide to Optimizing Storage and Performance

    SharePoint’s popularity has resulted in an explosion of SharePoint content, but rapid growth can result in performance problems, longer backup windows, and poor user adoption.

  • Web-Scale IT for the Enterprise: The Journey to Modernization

    What is web-scale IT, and what can it do for your organization? Find out in this comprehensive guide from GigaOm Research.

  • Windows Server 2003 Migration Solutions

    Windows Server 2003 support is ending. Be prepared with this migration guide.

  • Web-Scale 101: Your Guide to Hyper-Converged Datacenters

    What do growing trends like converged infrastructure and hyper-convergence really mean for your business? Learn the new approach to datacenter infrastructure that is set to transform enterprise IT.

  • Storage Defined Software for Dummies

    The Dummies series offers this guide to storage-defined software, packed with information on how software can enable companies to run more efficient datacenters.

  • Struggling With the Complexity of Legacy IT?

    Download this IDC report to learn how your organization can benefit from converged infrastructure.

  • The Future of Enterprise Storage: SDS and Hyper-Converged

    The future of the enterprise data center is all about hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. Discover more about them in this white paper.

  • Forrester Research Evaluates Web-Scale Converged Appliance

    In this Forrester Research report, learn now a converged appliance can help tackle the growing demand for advanced converged infrastructure solutions within mainstream enterprises.

  • Securing the Cloud

    As usage of the cloud increases, so do security threats. Find out in this series of articles from Redmond how to identify and alleviate those threats.

  • Tech Spend Trends: Top 3 IT Investments in 2015

    Businesses have money to spend on technology. How will they spend it? Find out in this guide.

  • Sales Tax Survival Guide 2015

    Read this guide and find out how to make it through tax season financially alive.

  • Hidden Cost of Compliance

    Find out in this white paper how to reduce transactional risk in your retail business. Read now!

  • Failure to Launch

    In this white paper learn why some small businesses just can’t make it work, and what your business can do to avoid pitfalls. Read now!

  • Are Your Everyday Business Activities Creating Tax Risk?

    Discover seven sales process shortcuts that could add up to trouble and how to avoid them. Read now!

  • Microsoft SharePoint Data Externalization to IBM Storage Using AvePoint DocAve Storage Manager

    Microsoft SharePoint users: Learn why externalizing unstructured content from SQL Server content databases can reduce costs and improve platform performance. This white paper outlines the architectural, deployment, and management guidelines for externalizing unstructured data – known as binary large objects (BLOBs) – to the IBM® Storwize® family.

  • Contain Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

    Are you facing increased demands for new functionality and advanced capabilities, which you must deliver with a constrained IT budget? Learn how modernizing your IT infrastructure based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help.

  • Top 10 Automation Tips for Virtualization Administrators

    Administrators are being asked to do more with less, so automating manual tasks is critical to success. But, automation must be approached with care. Get 10 important tips that can help you effectively implement automation technology, while still maintaining control over your environment.

  • Good to Great: Top Seven Optimization Tips and Tricks

    Mastering your virtual data center requires comprehending a dizzying array of software and hardware configurations, settings and workflows. Read this white paper to learn the top seven tips for managing even the most complex virtual data centers. Learn more.

  • Private Cloud, Self-Service and VM Sprawl

    To fully realize the cost savings of virtualization technology, you need policy controls and governance to prevent VM sprawl—and the right technology to enforce those controls. Learn how to design and implement the governance you need, and find the right toolset to help enforce it. Learn more.

  • The Shortcut Guide to Business Security Measures Using SSL

    This guide examines the major types of threats to information security that businesses face today and the techniques for mitigating those threats, along with a discussion of practices for implementing a business-centric security management strategy.

  • Website Security in Corporate America

    Data suggests that American companies can expect to suffer an online security breach once every four years. Yet a substantial number of companies and organizations appear unprepared yet confident. How prepared are you and your company? Despite confidence, the data also points to a degree of baseless optimism. Find out how you rank among other IT managers testing your website's vulnerabilities.

  • SThe Shortcut Guide To Protecting Against Web Application Threats Using SSL

    Web applications often require the use of SSL certificates in order to enable basic authentication and encryption services. Planning how to best deploy SSL certificates begins with assessing the kinds of operations performed by applications. Learn more.

  • Beginner's Guide to SSL Certificates

    In the fast-paced world of technology, it is not always easy to stay abreast of the latest advancements. For this reason it is wise to partner with a reputable Internet security company. This guide will de-mystify the technology involved and give you the information you need to make the best decision when considering your online security options. Read now!

  • CME Group Cuts Complexity While Reducing Costs with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

    For the world's largest and most diverse derivatives marketplace, millions of transactions per day placed a heavy burden on IT. CME Group chose to migrate to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for both flexibility and a balance in price and performance. Learn more.

  • Infographic: Your Guide to IT Security and Open Source

    Find out what CIOs, Fortune 500 companies, and industry experts think about IT security and enterprise open source software. Learn more.

  • Windows Server 2003 Migration Overview: Eliminate Your Print Servers

    Migrating from Windows Server 2003 is an excellent opportunity to consolidate servers. PrinterLogic enables you to completely eliminate your print servers giving you centralized control of your print environment from a single web application in your data center. Learn more.

  • Key Considerations for Moving to Office 365

    Key Considerations in Moving to Office 365 So, your organization has decided to move to Office 365. What now? Find out in this white paper.

  • Exchange to Office 365 - Archiving Considerations

    This new white paper from 13-time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Brien Posey, details five considerations to keep in mind when deciding to migrate a message archive from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365.

  • Gaining Agility and Control in VMware vSphere® and Hybrid Cloud Environments

    Maximize the full potential of VMware vSphere and hybrid cloud environments. See how you can provide users with the on-demand, self-service infrastructure they need, easily manage how services are consumed and maintain the required governance.

  • Ensuring Your IT Policies Actually Work with Change and Access Auditing

    You won’t know how effective your IT policies are unless you measure them somehow. Learn in this white paper how audit your IT operation.

  • Five Ways to Reduce the Risk of Cybercrime to Your Business

    Don’t be one of the many organizations naively clinging to the belief that a breach won’t happen to them. As an IT professional, you need to take active steps to reduce the risk of cybercrime to your business.

  • ESG Lab Report: Complete Data Protection for Small Businesses

    Learn why the Dell DL1000 Backup and Recovery Appliance is selected by more small- to medium-sized businesses for its affordable, fast backup, rapid recovery and reliable restore capability, by reading this ESG Labs report.

  • Free Study Guide for Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409

    This study guide for Microsoft's 74-409 Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center exam will take you through each of the exam objectives, helping you to prepare for and pass the examination

  • Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery without Barriers

    Can your business survive a disaster? You won’t really know until you have to, but you have to be prepared. Find out in this white paper how the cloud can play a role in disaster recovery, but maybe not in the way you’d think.

  • Migration Planning Kit - Microsoft Windows Server 2003

    Nutanix not only helps you migrate, it also addresses the limitations of traditional centralized storage. We can help you get all the benefits without the challenges of a traditional 3-tier infrastructure.

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing: Managing the Reality of Enterprise Cloud Computing

    Explore the reality of cloud computing, and learn how to effectively manage today’s hybrid cloud environments.

  • Establishing Enterprise Cloud Governance

    Maintaining control of your cloud environment is significantly easier when you have a governance framework in place. See how to meet the challenge of ensuring access, security, accounting controls and more – even within a multi-cloud environment. Read now.

  • GigaOM Research Sector RoadMap: Multicloud Management

    Read this GigaOM Sector RoadMap report to identify and categorize the principal disruption vectors at play, and learn about several significant cloud management solution providers. Learn more.

  • IT as a Service Provider: Accelerating Business Results

    Discover how you can allow your IT department to consolidate, track and report on the consumption of cloud services across your enterprise – and still provide business users with the speed and agility they need.

  • Identity and Access Management for Your Clouds

    Learn about the best practices for overcoming the challenges involved with securely managing users in both public and private clouds. Read now.

  • Protecting Your Company From a Data Disaster

    Unexpected data loss can occur at any time. Whether due to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and tornadoes or to more common events such as water main breaks, building fires and hardware failures, the consequences of data loss can be extensive and far-reaching. As an IT professional, it's up to you to educate your users and ensure a proper backup and disaster recovery plan is in place. Read on!

  • Keep Cyber Threats From Destroying Your Organization

    As security threats grow and become more malicious, the opportunities for security breaches increase as well. Keeping up with the threats and methods of protecting sensitive data places a huge burden on IT departments. Learn how you can ease that burden for your IT department. Read more!

  • Automation 101

    Building automation into your IT department is vital if you want to provide high-quality, scalable IT services to your employees. By automating your IT tasks, you’ll have the bandwidth to provide better service to your employee without hiring additional staff. This eBook describes the benefits of IT automation and provides tips to help you get started automating your IT department.

  • How to Monitor Microsoft Lync Performance

    This paper discusses problems with Lync performance and availability, and illustrates specifically how a superior application performance monitoring solution integrates with network management tools give IT the visibility it needs to rapidly resolve Lync issues.

  • Think Like a Business Leader: The IT Professional’s Guide to Disaster Recovery Planning

    Develop the ideal backup and disaster recovery plan for IT. Find out how to identify the top business-threatening disasters, construct a business-oriented recovery plan and calculate the cost of downtime to get executive buy-in.

  • Protecting Exchange: Best Practices and Practical Tips

    Is your business doing enough to protect critical email data? Find out as this white paper explores the best ways provide an effective, comprehensive data protection strategy.

  • Real-World Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Unix-based Systems

    Explore the most common IAM challenges facing Unix-based organizations, and learn about easily implemented practices and technologies that can help you increase security, achieve compliance and improve operational efficiency. Learn more.

  • ESG Lab Validation Report: Dell PowerVaultDL4000 Appliance

    Learn about the ease of use, reliability and efficiency of the Dell PowerVaultDL4000 (as tested by industry-standard tools and methodologies) in this informative ESG Labs report.

  • Building Higher IT Continuity in the Face of Disaster

    Upgrade your disaster preparedness by taking these initial and follow-up steps. Read this white paper today.

  • Dell Data Protection Point of View

    Discover how organizations of any size can improve their data protection – and safeguard their critical information and applications – without excessive costs or added complexity.

  • Demystifying Deduplication for Backup with the Dell DR4000

    Explore the new technology of data deduplication. Find out about the different approaches to this technology – including the costs and benefits of each – in this educational report.

  • How to Avoid the Coming Backup Crunch

    Worried about big data and other drivers that are straining your traditional backup products? Find out about a new solution that helps companies slash costs and avoid recovery point delays.

  • Disk Backup Appliances: The Next Generation

    Discover how to save time on deployment, simplify your daily management, shrink your backup windows, minimize network traffic and significantly reduce your backup storage footprint in this informative report.

  • The Buyers’ Guide to Virtual and Physical Data Protection

    Get insightful information about new and traditional solutions for data protection so you can intelligently choose the right approach for your environment.

  • Superior VMware® Protection for Limited IT Budgets

    Discover how you can implement a cost-effective data protection strategy in your own VMware environment. Read this insightful white paper.

  • Backup and Recovery: Considerations and Options

    Learn about four key elements that should be part of any data protection strategy – and how Dell Software solutions help ensure your critical data is fully protected.

  • Unified Backup: Virtual and Physical

    Find out how the latest release of Dell AppAssure unifies virtualized stand-alone backup, replication and recovery processes – without compromising data protection.

  • Migrating to Exchange 2013 from Legacy Exchange

    Read this new technical brief to understand the benefits and challenges of migrating legacy Microsoft Exchange platforms to Exchange 2013, and find out how Dell Migration Manger can help.

  • Top 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Migration to Exchange 2013

    Read this white paper to learn 10 steps to help you plan and execute a successful Exchange migration that preserves the user experience, ensures full compliance and business continuity, and ultimately boosts your overall productivity.

  • Take Control of Your PST Problem

    Read this new tech brief and find out how you can alleviate administrative and compliance challenges created by an abundance of PST files on employee desktops.

  • Windows Server 2012 – Are You Ready?

    Read this new tech brief for an overview of the features and benefits of Windows Server 2012 R2 and to learn how Dell Software can help you migrate content smoothly and manage your new environment.

  • The Migrate-Manage-Govern Strategy to Active Directory Transformation

    Active Directory (AD) environments today have become extremely complex and increasingly cumbersome to manage. Read the white paper and learn how to transform AD from an administrative burden into an asset that enables business agility.

  • Consolidating Active Directory Domains and Forests

    Consolidating domains and forests is a big job. View this webcast and learn how to merge or eliminate domains and forests and gain insight into common consolidation issues that can compromise security.

  • The Active Directory Management and Security You've Always Dreamed of

    Businesses need more from their Windows security structure. Learn how employing the right security solution can help your organization avoid common errors and inconsistencies that lead to security breaches. Learn more.

  • Access Control is Easy: Use Active Directory Groups and Manage Them Well

    Good access control results from avoiding the use of local groups by assigning permissions through Active Directory (AD). Learn how AD groups are at the center of access control and governance–and what it takes to manage them. Read now!

  • The Keys to the Kingdom: Limiting Active Directory Administrators

    Businesses need more from their Windows security structure. Learn the best practices for implementing role-based access control, automated delegation of permissions, centralized permissions reporting and data consistency rules that can help secure your AD infrastructure.

  • 12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services

    Discover the 12 major tasks of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) administration and management, and how your organization can reduce AD workloads through the implementation of proper management, automation and administration tools.

  • EMA Radar™ for Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring System

    Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) analysts define the term “Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring System” to include network-centric monitoring solutions that are used by enterprise network operations and engineering teams to discover, monitor, assess, troubleshoot, and manage medium to large enterprise network infrastructures

  • Are Zombies Eating the Brains Of Your Network

    Are you battling network zombies – or problems that you thought were dead which suddenly spring back to life? If so, you are not alone, as these creatures represent the most troublesome foe of the modern-day IT administrator. They are impossible to predict, appearing randomly without warning.

  • Protecting the Next Generation Data Center: Hitting a Moving Target

    As the data center evolves, how can organizations protect their most precious investments? Find out in this white paper.

  • The Changing Role of the Network Administrator

    Traditionally, network administrators have not always gotten the respect they deserve. Over the last few years, however, there has been a growing awareness that the network is central to the success of the organization. Read on.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Automated Layer 2 Discovery & Mapping Tools

    When looking for a truly complete layer two monitoring and management solution, don’t settle for a partial list of capabilities. Read on.

  • 10 Hidden BYOD Costs – and the Fixes

    Your employees are introducing multiple devices onto your wireless network. They alternate between their notebooks, tablets and smartphones. As wireless becomes your primary user network, you need to deliver the availability and performance your users expect from the wired network. Read on.

  • Help Desk Best Practices for IT Departments

    A help desk is critical to the operations of an IT department. As a centralized intake location for technical issues, it allows for a responsive and timely solution to get employees back to business as usual. Learn more.

  • Mobile Security: Controlling Growing Threats with Mobile Device Management

    From smartphones to tablets, as the popularity of mobile devices grows, the opportunity for security breaches grows as well, placing a new burden on IT departments. By providing mobile device management, IT professionals can ensure their organization remains protected from mobile security threats. Learn more.

  • Global Client Management Platform: The Key to Proactive, Efficient IT Service Delivery

    For IT professionals to succeed, they need to implement low-cost and high-productivity practices that allow them to have a positive impact on their organizations’ bottom line. A global client management platform delivers an arsenal of IT management tools that help IT professionals proactively monitor and remotely manage and resolve IT issues. Read on.

  • IDC Technology Spotlight: Datacenter security

    This Technology Spotlight explores the trends affecting datacenter server security, including trends influenced by what IDC calls the 3rd Platform of compute.

  • The Edison Group: The Benefits of Business-Class Servers in Small to Midsize Businesses and Distributed Environments

    Learn why the new entry IBM System x servers, powered by the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, are ideal for small to medium businesses. The Edison Group discusses how the single-socket x3250 M5 rack and x3100 M5 tower servers solve business challenges facing SMB and larger companies with distributed office environments. Learn more.

  • Safely Retiring Windows Server 2003

    Windows Server 2003 is rapidly reaching end of life, and your organization will need to upgrade. Read this white paper to find out how to do just that and minimize risk at the same time.

  • Five Step Plan to Securing SharePoint

    Maintaining a secure SharePoint system is crucial, but needn’t consume every hour of administration work. Instead, there are a number of priority areas to focus on. Read more.

  • Backing Up With Doctor Who: 12 Reasons For 12 Doctors

    Doctor Who — television’s great traveler through space and time — might be the ultimate backup specialist. Not only does he go on adventures with his companions in the TARDIS, he can recover from just about any disaster simply by regenerating himself.

  • 5 Ways Disaster Recovery Is Like Jack Bauer

    If you don’t swoon at the words “disaster recovery,” we don’t blame you. After all, the term sounds kind of pragmatic. No-nonsense. Mandatory. We get it, but things may just change when you start thinking of disaster recovery in terms of Jack Bauer from 24.

  • Winter Is Coming: Are You Prepared For Disaster Recovery?

    In the words of epic book and TV series Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming,” and there’s never been a better time to be on your guard. After all, we live in a world of vicious attacks, scary data breaches, unpredictable weather, and other factors that can threaten the very existence of both your applications and your precious data.

  • Behavior Driven Development and BRMS

    Behavior-driven development is an agile application life-cycle management framework that helps developers and business experts communicate effectively. Red Hat Consulting helps clients improve speed-to-market, reduce risk, and sustain quality by implementing agile development techniques with proven business rules management products, including Red Hat JBoss BRMS. Learn more.

  • VoIP for Beginners

    While VoIP services can be less expensive than standard telephone network services, call quality can be a factor in one’s decision to switch to VoIP. However, constant innovation and upgrades are making VoIP comparable in quality to the traditional phone system. In this white paper, VoIP for Beginners, you’ll be introduced to how VoIP works.

  • The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed

    You don't have to throw out your old communications infrastructure tomorrow. You can take a tiered approach to moving your company forward with VoIP. Read this white paper, The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed, so you won't miss out on how you can use VoIP to re-invent how you conduct business, while increasing your bottom line.

  • Five Must Have Features for Business VoIP

    In this free white paper, Five Must-Have Features for Business VoIP, you'll learn about five ways VoIP can deliver greater value to your business. Read on.

  • 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection

    Download this free white paper, 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection, to completely educate yourself about VoIP trends so that you can determine the perfect solution for your company. Learn more.

  • Optimize SharePoint Storage to Cut Costs

    Read this paper to learn about Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) and other storage optimization strategies that increase SharePoint performance without a massive and perhaps infeasible investment in storage. Learn more.

  • How to Backup Multi-Terabyte SP Farms

    Read this paper to find out how to slash multi-terabyte farm backups from eight hours and up to just minutes using native SharePoint backup tools, automatically and continuously back up SharePoint content, and achieve item-level recovery – all without buying a third-party backup solution. Learn more.

  • The Taxman Cometh … Are You Ready?

    Companies need to be prepared for sales-tax audits. Find out in this white paper how to prepare.

  • The Definitive Guide to Sales and Use Tax

    Changing sales-tax requirements have become a hassle for small and medium-sized business. This white paper helps clear up a cloudy picture.

  • The Top Ten Things Every IT Pro Using Hyper-V Needs to Know

    Hyper-V has cemented itself in many organizations and nearly every company is using or evaluating Hyper-V today however many of these virtualization IT Pros are new to Hyper-V if not Microsoft technologies in general which is why this paper will arm readers with the most important ten things every Hyper-V using IT Pro needs to know. Learn more!

  • Best Practices for AD Scrubbing

    In this comprehensive white paper, Imanami, the leading provider of Group Lifecycle Management solutions, provides the best practices for AD Scrubbing, and eliminating group glut once and for all. Learn more!

  • Managing Collaboration Apps in the Age of BYOA: Bridging the Gap Between Users and IT

    IT organizations stand at an important crossroads, one that will define whether they are a part of important strategic business decisions or relegated to the sidelines – all due to the accelerating BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) trend. Learn more.

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances

    Gartner provides analysis and evaluation of the leading providers that offer a range of traditional to innovative recovery capabilities. Learn more.

  • The Essential Guide: Achieving High Availability for SharePoint Data

    In this white paper, best-selling IT author Michael Noel examines the different approaches to dealing with the growth of content within SharePoint. Read now!

  • A Better Way to Globalize SharePoint

    Read this white paper and learn about the only complete SharePoint synchronization and high availability solution that meets all aspects of a global SharePoint deployment. Learn more.

  • SharePoint High Availability

    Read this white paper to learn how you can achieve high availability within your SharePoint environment. Find out how to give your entire user community to continually access SharePoint, whether to submit new work, update or alter existing work or collect the results of previous work at all times. Learn more.

  • Viewfinity and Pass-the-Hash

    Pass the hash is an extremely common method hackers employ to use your own systems against you. Learn how removing admin rights significantly decreases the ability to use local admin credentials in a PtH attack. Read now!

  • A SANS WhatWorks Case Study: Increase Security and Reduce Costs by Managing Admin Rights with Process-based Privilege Management

    Download this customer interview conducted by John Pescatore, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends and formerly Gartner’s Lead Security Analyst for 13 years, as he presents a beneficial user-to-user account and case study.

  • Quantifying the Business Benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Solutions

    Enterprises are increasingly adopting Linux as a secure, reliable, and high-performing platform that lowers acquisition and operating costs while providing the agility needed to anticipate and react to changing business conditions. Learn more.

  • Vendor Landscape: IT Asset Management

    Read this report and understand what features are available from asset management software providers and how they can benefit your organization. Learn more.

  • Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Service Desk

    Read this white paper to understand what’s new in the Enterprise Service Desk market.

  • EMA Research Report: Demystifying Cloud

    This EMA™ research report examines how small, medium, and large enterprises across industries have implemented private cloud technologies to deliver business value. Read now!

  • Simplify and Accelerate Service Delivery with SmartCloud Orchestrator: Cloud Management for your IT Services

    This infographic illustrates the key functionality of IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator including the three tiers that make up SCO as well as it's key benefits. View now.

  • How to Build Rich SharePoint Forms Quickly without Code

    Feeling limited by your SharePoint forms capabilities? Read this new tech brief to learn how Dell™ Quick Apps for SharePoint can help you create rich forms quickly, without writing custom code. Learn more.

  • Infragistics Re-invents Beta Testing with Continuous Delivery of On-Demand Customer Sandboxes

    When a successful ISV needed to get their products into the hands of their power users as early and as often as possible, the traditional solution of nightly builds put unnecessary burden on the customer and internal IT teams. How did Infragistics meet the needs of Beta testers for updated builds on-demand and shorten the feedback loop? Find out now!

  • Top Ten Best Practices for vSphere Application Backups

    In a virtualized world, different backup solutions can gather data from different locations, complicating data protection for enterprise applications. This white paper offers ten best practices for backing up critical business applications in a vSphere environment.

  • VMware vSphere Backups: What are you Missing?

    This white paper explains the vSphere backup process and highlights what may be missing in your environment. Follow these four steps to help ensure a successful vSphere backup. Read on.

  • IBM Private Cloud for Dummies

    Whether public, private, or hybrid, cloud computing is becoming an increasingly integral part of many companies’ business and technology strategy. In an attempt to keep up with are turning to flexible, elastic, and self-service computingbusiness innovation and change, companies resources that they can easily manage and scale in the cloud.

  • Software Defined Storage - The Missing Link for Cloud and the Software Defined Datacenter

    This EMA paper gives insights on why storage matters for cloud and what's the advantages of storage virtualization for cloud. It reviews IBM’s software defined storage infrastructure solution and highlights the competitive differentiator for IBM's SmartCloud offering.

  • Hybrid Cloud Backup Delivers More for Less

    In this technology brief, research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) shares their perspective on the increasing importance of a hybrid approach which combines on-premise and cloud capabilities to meet today's data protection requirements.

  • Protect Your SharePoint Data

    There is a misconception out there that governance has somehow been defined within SharePoint -- that there is a universally accepted model for every deployment type that is endorsed by Microsoft and/or the SharePoint expert community.

  • SharePoint Governance Best Practices

    SharePoint presents many unique backup issues only addressed by solutions purpose built for it. This ebook introduces the broad topic of disaster recovery and how its principles can be applied to SharePoint.

  • 10 Steps to Optimize SharePoint Performance

    This practical e-book by SharePoint MVP, Eric Shupps, provides a list of basic performance enhancements that provide tremendous improvements to the operation and performance of SharePoint.

  • What Email Can Tell You About Your Organization?

    Explore how to find answers to traditional messaging management questions – such as usage, trends, migration planning and more – and mine your Exchange store for insights that will improve your business. Read this informative report. Read now!

  • AD Recovery: Be More Prepared

    Active Directory’s Recycle Bin won’t restore improperly changed attributes, nor recover external objects. To ensure AD integrity, you’ll need to plan for multiple scenarios and include broader recovery capabilities. Read now!

  • Active Directory Forest Disaster Recovery: What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You

    The more you know about Active Directory forest disasters, the better prepared you’ll be when one occurs. Read now.

  • FAQ: Windows Server 2012 Recycle Bin and Recovery Manager for AD

    Among the functionality upgrades in Windows Server 2012 are improvements to Active Directory’s Recycle Bin. While this addresses many previous problems, it’s not the solution to all AD recovery concerns. Read now.

  • The 5 Key Tactics for Dealing with Advanced Persistent Threats

    Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks exploit a single vulnerability and then use that foothold to penetrate more systems and gain access to more corporate information. A recent QuinStreet web seminar, sponsored by Lumension, discussed APT attacks and tactics for preventing them. This paper summarizes the talks given during that web seminar.

  • Closing the Antivirus Protection Gap: A Comparative Study on Effective Endpoint Protection Strategies

    Corporate economic concerns have put increased pressure on already limited IT resources in recent years as the onslaught of malware and sophistication of cyber attacks continues to grow at exponential rates. As a result, 50% of endpoint operating costs are directly attributable to malware,1 yet, corporate IT budgets are still focused on maintaining stand alone antivirus as the keystone in endpoint security. Read on.

  • 7 Advantages of Moving Fax to the Cloud

    Read this guidebook to learn how your company can become more time- and cost-efficient by adopting an ERP-integrated and fully automated cloud fax solution. Read now!

  • Protect Your SharePoint Data

    This whitepaper introduces the broad topic of disaster recovery and how its principles can be specifically applied to the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013 platforms. Learn more.

  • Power of Cloud Executive Brief

    Read this executive report to discover how the cloud can open the door to more efficient, responsive and innovative ways of doing business. Read more.

  • IDC Brief: Cloud Computing in the Midmarket: Assessing the Options

    Read this analyst brief from IDC to learn about public, private and hybrid cloud models and how your organization can take advantage of them. Read on!

  • DCIG Analyst Report: Best Practices for Protecting Oracle Databases

    Read this white paper to learn the five best practices that will help every organization protect their Oracle databases and see why Dell NetVault Backup is ranked “Best in Class” for Oracle protection.

  • Windows Server 2012 – Are You Ready?

    Planning a migration to Windows Server 2012 R2? Explore its new features and benefits – as well as some key considerations when moving from a legacy platform – in this informative white paper.

  • Take Control of Your PST Problem

    Read about the best practices for PST file migrations so you can simply, quickly and safely complete your move. This informative white paper also examines tools that help effectively manage your environment after the migration.

  • Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 in Depth

    Interested in Windows Server 2012 R2 deduplication? In this white paper by MVP Mike Resseler you will find all the details you need to know to get you started. Learn how deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 works including what methods are used and what you need to keep an eye on when starting with a deduplication project.

  • Best Practices for Virtualizing and Protecting Exchange Server

    Microsoft Exchange Server is really designed for use with physical hardware—and virtualization adds another layer of complexity. This white paper by MVP Brien Posey explains several best practices for successfully virtualizing Exchange.

  • Ensuring Enterprise Visibility, Auditing and Reporting for Windows Environments

    Learn how to easily identify and report on who has access to what files, folders and shares (and on what servers) in Active Directory. Plus, reduce the risk of security breaches and compliance failures.

  • Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance

    Federal regulations require businesses to know exactly what changes are made to structured and unstructured data within their corporate networks. Learn how the best practices for implementing a compliance solution in this white paper can help you minimize stress during your next IT compliance audit.

  • Managing Risk in an Active Directory Integrated Virtualized Environment

    Explore the interdependent and combined security issues of Active Directory (AD) and virtualization, as well as how to identify and manage these risks. Gain insight into the native audit capabilities of these technologies and learn how they provide centralized visibility into your IT environment.

  • Enterprise Best Practices for Real Time Auditing and Event

    With data being generated at a record-setting pace, it’s never been more critical for your organization to properly manage it. Learn how the insights in this white paper can help transform your IT organization and help them intelligently collect, organize and store data.

  • Who, What, When, Where and Why: Tracking the 5 Ws of Change in Active Directory, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange and VMware

    Many organizations rely on IT to prevent and detect tampering, unauthorized access or errors within their key enterprise technologies. Learn the limitations and capabilities of native auditing tools and how a third-party solution can help protect your system, data, productivity and bottom line.

  • Enabling Devices and Device Management for Your Mobility/BYOD Program

    In this white paper, learn how to select the right mobile devices for your organization and manage them with efficiency, flexibility and security using Dell Enterprise Mobility Management and a range of Dell mobile devices.

  • Future Proof Your Mobility Strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management

    This new white paper explains how Dell can help you securely keep your mobile team connected today and in the future as devices, operating systems and work habits constantly evolve.

  • Transforming Enterprise Applications for Mobile/BYOD Environments

    This new white paper explains how Dell Application Modernization and Development Solution Set can help you understand when to develop new mobile apps, modernize existing apps or implement a desktop virtualization solution.

  • Enhance and Optimize Your Mobility/BYOD Infrastructure

    In this new white paper, learn how new technnologies can help you increase mobile/BYOD performance and capacity, while protecting company resources and streamlining IT management.

  • Dell Mobility Solutions: A Powerful Portfolio

    In this new white paper, learn how Dell Mobility Solutions can help you balance security, efficiency and freedom of access with your BYOD strategy.

  • Hyper-V Virtual Labs Tips and Tricks

    Although most backup administrators understand the importance of testing their backups, comprehensive testing has often proven to be illusive. Server virtualization solves this problem by making lab testing much easier, but only if the virtual lab is configured properly. This white paper explores the challenges and benefits of testing your backups in a virtual lab.

  • Hyper-V Backup and Storage Best Practices

    This white paper from 11x MVP Brien Posey will look closely at key technologies for storage and backup for Hyper-V.

  • vSphere 5.5 Top New Features and Upgrade Tips

    The latest version of VMware vSphere has a number of compelling features for companies looking to build modern data centers for service-centric IT organizations. This paper will navigate critical topics for companies on previous versions of vSphere as well as organizations starting the virtualization process.

  • 5 Reasons to Consider Disaster Recovery and High Availability as a Service

    Setting up a disaster recovery infrastructure doesn’t have to be a disaster. New advancements in cloud computing offer practical options for IT shops struggling with DR. Read more in this white paper.

  • FlashSystem: Technical Evolution to Deliver Business Value

    In this white paper, you will learn how this high-speed storage technology has tremendous potential to support I/O-intensive and/or latency-sensitive applications. Read now.

  • The New Era of Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

    Today’s organizations are finding the performance they need in hybrid cloud data protection solutions, along with the simplicity and flexibility they expect from cloud services. But what’s the best way to get started with cloud-based data protection? Read this white paper and find out!

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Backup and Recovery

    If you get backup and recovery wrong, the consequences of that can be disastrous—literally. In this white paper, learn how to avoid common pitfalls that often sink others and do backup and recovery the right way.

  • Six Fairy Tales of VMware and Hyper-V Backup

    If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s definitely the case for some of the claims made about backup functionality in VMware and Hyper-V. Sort truth from fiction in this white paper and learn how you can build a real-world backup infrastructure.

  • 7 Shortcuts to Losing Your Data (and Probably Your Job)

    This tongue in cheek white paper explores data loss from a contrarian point of view - exploring the top 7 shortcuts you can take to ensure that you lose your data. Read more.

  • Losing My Religion: Virtualization Backup Dogma, Faith and Fact

    Every vendor seems to have a different take on virtualization data backup. This white paper cuts through the clutter, sorting out the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of data protection. Learn more.

  • I′ve got Hyper-V, Now What? Multi-part Series

    You′ve deployed Hyper-V, and now you′re ready to begin virtualizing your organization′s workloads. Make sure you′re successful by knowing how to monitor the events and performance metrics that are key to the performance and availability of your Hyper-V environment. Read the series now!

  • A Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation Using Veeam

    Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) planning are a challenge for organizations with demanding SLAs. This white paper highlights the factors to consider when planning BC and DR strategy and explains how Veeam makes it easy to put those strategies into action.

  • Tape and Cloud Strategies for VM Backups

    In recent years, disk-based backup and recovery solutions have become increasingly popular as organizations strive to meet demanding recovery objectives (RTOs and RPOs) while providing a solution to easily manage data protection needs. Read on.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Virtualize Exchange

    This white paper is about the top five reasons to virtualize Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and 2013, and the issues you should consider when deciding whether to install Exchange on physical servers or Virtual Machines. Read on.

  • Microsoft VSS: What Every VMware Admin Needs to Know

    Even VMware vSphere environments must respect Microsoft technology when it comes to application backups. Respecting how Microsoft VSS operates, and how your backup solution integrates with it, has become a mission-critical skill in Modern Data Protection™. Learn more.

  • Bringing Automation to the Datacenter

    Bring value to your organization by automating your datacenter. Wondering how to get going and what needs to be automated? Or if automation will cost you more than that it costs to manually perform tasks? In this white paper, industry expert Mike Resseler tackles many topics.

  • Free VCAP5-DCA Study Guide

    Free VCAP5-DCA Study Guide For those currently holding their VCP certification and want to take it up a notch, Jason and Josh have you covered with the 248-page VCAP5-DCA study guide. Using this study guide along with hands-on lab time will help you in the three and a half hours, lab-based VCAP5-DCA exam.

  • Aligning Your Business Needs with Veeam Backup & Replication

    In this white paper learn the importance of defining the services that an IT department delivers to the business and what levels of protection are required by these services. Once able to define the services and levels of protection required we will delve into the Veeam Backup and Replication V7 to understand how it can help you meet these requirements, from a simple backup to replication of a mission critical application.

  • Veeam Backup & Replication v7: A VMware Architect’s Favorite Features

    Download 'Veeam Backup & Replication v7: A VMware Architect’s Favorite Features' and learn about many of the additions to the Veeam Backup & Replication family. This white paper compares how we did things in v6.5 and how we do them in v7 to give you, the backup administrator, a deep technical understanding of the product to gain better results in your backup environment.