How Hackers Exploit Admin Rights to Access Your Systems

Date: August 20, 2014 @ 8:30 AM PDT / 11:30 AM EDT

Speakers: Marcus Murray, Cyber Security Manager, Truesec and Alex Shoykhet, VP of Product Management, Viewfinity

One of the top reasons, if not the number one reason, why an attacker can penetrate your environment and cause a security breach is excessive administrative privileges. 

If you have not removed administrative rights from your IT environment, you’ll want to attend this webinar during which the methods outlined below will be demonstrated to show how attackers use exploit  admin rights, manipulate security credentials, and hack into your systems.  Marcus Murray, renowned security expert and leader of the Truesec Security Team, an independent elite-team of security consultants operating all over the world, will be leading this discussion.  

Situations to be explored include:

  • Client side exploit targets an endpoint and passwords hashes/tokens are harvested, infiltrates the domain controller, exposing vulnerability to data theft and malware installation
  • How Pass the Hash is used as an extremely common method hackers employ to use your own systems against you

Following Marcus is Alex Shoykhet, VP of Product Management for Viewfinity, who will demonstrate how removing admin rights significantly decrease surface for security breaches. The speakers will summarize these exploits and open the discussion up for questions.

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