How to use Log Management for Compliance

Every day, computer networks across the globe generate event records which can be used to reduce an organization’s exposure to intruders, malware, damage, loss and legal liabilities. But how quickly can you pinpoint the exact log needed when you need it?

What if someone makes unauthorized changes, for instance, to your Active Directory policies or Access Control Lists, or gains access to data that is regulated by law? Can you really afford to expose your organization’s data to intruders for hours at a time while you try to identify the intrusion and reverse the damage? Without a comprehensive log management solution, you’ll be hard pressed to find the log you are looking for from within many possible sources and formats it can appear in. 

Find out how to use log management for compliance and how to solve this critical issue. It cover log management best practices, equipping you to manage the often overwhelming amount of log information generated by your systems easily, so you can get directly to the log event you need when you need it most.

Learn how to quickly pinpoint log events and stay compliant by:

  • Defining which log generating systems to oversee
  • Defining audit policy categories
  • Automatically consolidating all logs and event records centrally
  • Defining which entries will trigger alerts
  • Generating reports for auditors, security, or compliance, or management teams
  • Auditing log data with central log analysis and ad-hoc forensics

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