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Solve the Mystery of Virtual Network Performance

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Speakers: Nelson Ruest, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd. and John McNelly, Dell Software

While you can now monitor most aspects of a virtual datacenter, tracking the networking layer—which simultaneously provides the foundation for data and application access, VMotion, storage migration, cloud transaction and backups—can be puzzling. Yet, lack of insight into this critical part of your virtual infrastructure keeps you from achieving optimal network utilization and next-level performance.

During this eye-opening webcast, you’ll learn about a powerful VMware monitoring solution that delivers a host of clues about virtual networking through analysis of VSwitch performance. We’ll show you how the latest version of Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition can collect the data you need to solve your network performance mystery and get the most out of your virtual datacenter investment.

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Original Air Date: July 17, 2014