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The Myths and Truths of Shredded Storage and RBS

Date: Wednesday, May 14 at 11am PT / 2pm ET
Speaker: Steven Goldberg, Metalogix

With the release of SharePoint 2013 there has been a lot of talk about the improvements with how SharePoint manages its underlying storage. But exactly what has changed? What does Shredded Storage actually do? What about Remote BLOB Storage? Have the site sizing guidelines changed?

Join us for this webinar as we answer these questions and clear up some of the confusion that exists in the community.

Steven Goldberg will continue Metalogix pioneering work and efforts to help the SharePoint Community understand the complexities and finer points of managing SharePoint storage. From the latest out of the box technologies to options for extending the storage capabilities Steve is here to help you get to grips with matters.

In this must-attend webinar, SharePoint administrators will learn:

  • Overview of Shredded Storage in 2013
  • Overview of Remote BLOB Storage
  • Benefits of each technology and where and how to make use of them

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