A Case Study: Hear How a Customer Is Actively Managing Admin Rights in a Least Privilege Environment

Presenter: Phillip Stasko, IT Manager for Apex Companies

Join Phillip Stasko as he shares how he removed administrative rights from all desktops and laptops in his organization. Phil will describe how he was able to effectively remove administrator rights from all employees without impeding user productivity, and how he supports their least risk environment with a lean IT Staff of only three support members responsible for 500+ endpoints spanning 35 geographically disbursed branch offices.

Phil willl describe his challenges and how the Viewfinity solution helps him improve the company’s endpoint security, and how Apex has experienced a significant savings in desktop management costs.

Viewfinity will also demonstrate its Privilege Management product. We’ll show how IT administrators can manage and assign administrative privilege permissions in a locked down environment to specific applications and desktop functions through granular control of administrator rights.

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