Windows XP End-of-Life Countdown Has Begun. Are you Ready?

Date: Wednesday, March 12 at 11am PT / 2pm ET

With the announcement of Windows XP end of life on April 8, 2014, Microsoft has started to sunset the official support of all versions of the widely-used operating system. If you have mission-critical XP systems, unpatched systems widen the threat window and leave you vulnerable to attacks. In addition, if your organization is driven by compliance requirements, such as PCI or HIPAA, you can be hard hit.

Join us for a webcast with Bit9’s CTO, Harry Sverdlove to discuss how severe the consequences of Windows XP end-of-life can be if you take no action. Also learn about:

  • Breach and data compromise: Malware authors can get access to your consumers’ credit card / financial data or patient informatiion
  • Financial penalties: Your organization can be fined for failure to pass compliance audits or for being in a non-compliant state (i.e. requirement 6.1 of PCI).
  • Loss of privileges: Your organization can realize loss of use of major credit cards and access to business critical data you need to conduct business.
  • Damage to your corporate brand: Your organization’s public image can suffer from breach or failure to operate in a compliant state. This is often the most devastating consequence and can be difficult to remediate.

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