Application Delivery Controllers in the Cloud: Load Balancing for the Virtual World

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Original Air Date: January 23, 2014, PST / 2:00 PM EDT

You're probably more than familiar with the reliable old hardware load balancer, and its role in distributing client requests across a scalable back-end application infrastructure. But just as physical servers are becoming less important than the virtual machines they run, hardware load balancers are so 20th century!

Today's organizations are moving to virtualized Application Delivery Controllers, or ADCs. They offer a number of significant advantages: flexibility, cost, manageability, and more. Basically, the same advantages that pushed you to start virtualizing servers, only moved out into the network infrastructure.

Join Redmond magazine's "Decision Maker" columnist, Don Jones, for a fascinating interview on how virtual ADCs are impacting both enterprise organizations and cloud service providers, and how you can start taking advantage of them in your own infrastructure. You might even be surprised to learn how much your existing hardware load balancers are holding you back, and how virtualized network infrastructure components, such as virtual ADCs, can help maximize the flexibility that your existing virtualization infrastructure could offer.

You'll learn how virtualized ADCs:

  • Deliver more application-specific features and better scalability for applications
  • Manage usage-based billing or chargebacks on a per-application basis
  • Make load balancing a part of your orchestrated, pushbutton app deployment process
  • Better enable hybrid (private/public) application components
  • Let you take maximum advantage of your virtualization infrastructure's native flexibility

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