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Nimbula Adds Hadoop to Private Cloud

Nimbula is now offering what it claims is the first Apache Hadoop-based distribution designed to process Big Data in private clouds.

The private cloud operating system provider today said it is combining its Nimbula Director platform with MapR Technologies' M3 and M5 Hadoop distributions. The combined offering will lets organizations process and analyze large volumes of unstructured Big Data in private clouds.

Using MapR's Hadoop distros (M3 is a free edition while M5 is the subscription-based version for enterprise implementations) with Nimbula Director, a customer can set up a Hadoop cluster. The offering includes templates and test scripts.

Customers can already process Big Data using MapR-based clusters in Amazon Web Services EC2 and will be able to do the same in the recently announced Google Compute Engine.

Nimbula, a startup launched in 2010 by key architects of Amazon's EC2, offers software which runs on bare metal servers running VMware's ESXi hypervisor and creates multi-tenant pools of storage and compute that allow for self-provisioning of capacity. By adding the MapR Hadoop distribution to Nimbula Director, customers can also run automated Hadoop workloads in HA clusters. Users can provision and de-provision capacity when workload requirements dictate.

"Its all about taking unstructured data and getting meaningful results out of it in a short time," said Jay Judkowitz, Nimbula's director of product marketing. "The key thing about adding private cloud is you can add a lot more elasticity to it." The result, he explained, is rather than having a dedicated cluster assigned to a specific Hadoop job, now an individual can process data and scale as many VMs are needed for the duration of the job and then de-provision them upon completion.

Nimbula offers up to 40 cores free of charge and then offers subscriptions for larger workloads.

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 08/07/2012 at 1:14 PM

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Wed, Dec 19, 2012 Ray Gerber London

Reza was the hit of the Cloudera hosted in NY,NY at CloudExpo 2012 when he got so drunk he passed out on their sofa and wet his trousers !

Tue, Oct 9, 2012 Murray State Grad

Reza Malekzadeh of Nimbula is one of the primary reasons the company is on the brink of extinction with about 4 months left of funding. He suffers from the “curse of VMware people” which is a bloated opinion of self , no need for a job as they made undeserved millions ( thus he works 4 hours a day) and the unwavering belief that whatever worked at VMware will work at other companies. Reza is a tiny , little man with a huge ego who has checked out from Nimbula. Chris Pinkham’s ( Nimbula CEO) biggest mistake ( other than thinking he can actually sell) was choosing Reza Malekzadeh , to VP of Sales and Marketing. He is clearly overmatched , unqualified and not willing to work more than 4 hours per day. Big mistake in choosing an ex-VMware product manager to make the big leap to vp of sales and marketing.

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