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Microsoft-Nokia Deal Continues to Take a Beating

Note: Apparently, Nokia's rogue shareholders gave up trying to kill the Windows 7 deal after just one day. (We usually write RCPU about a day in advance, and this story broke after we filed yesterday.) Nevertheless, this thing remains pretty unpopular.

We're getting a bit tired of writing about this, but it just keeps dragging on. Now it's not just shareholders but also unions that are bashing Nokia for hooking up with Microsoft. Talk about trying to kill this horse before it ever leaves the gate. This all seems a little ridiculous.

However, former Microsoft honcho and new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop's presentation of his old friends' technology to the Nokia board did feel a bit like a fait accompli, and that's not cool. Check out what one Nokia exec told Bloomberg:

"We had presented three scenarios: continue with the current plan of record, a Google option and a Microsoft option but the recommendation that we made to them was the Microsoft option so that's what they approved."

We're sure that all three options got a fair presentation, though...and the Kansas City Royals have a real shot at winning the World Series this year.

Posted by Lee Pender on 02/16/2011 at 1:23 PM

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Reader Comments:

Wed, Feb 16, 2011 Tom

So what would people suggest Nokia to do? They have limited money for a limited time before layoffs will likely occur. So there are four choices moving fwd: 1) Continue w/Symbian - doesn't seem to working out for them does it, 2) Focus on Meego and build up a new ecosystem - probably take far longer than they have money for and grabbing the devs might be rather difficult, 3) Become yet ANOTHER android phone - do we really need more? And what's to distinguish them from all the rest? 4) Adopt WP7 OS - this seems to be a reasonable path. WP7 has a growing dev base, growing ecosystem, growing cross platform potential via Silverlight and XNA, and a huge org backing it. The problem with WP7 is NOT the OS, it's all in the marketing now, which sadly MS could use some help with. But honestly what would people suggest Nokia to do? I'm genuinely asking.

Wed, Feb 16, 2011

Lee, it would probably help if you updated your article to underscore one particular CNET-stated fact about the Plan B folks: "It turns out the 'revolt' was nothing but a hoax." It is truly a sad state of business affairs when either a bored engineer or a few dozen Android fanbois commenting on blogs can kick up enough dust to call into question an enterprise-level decision like Nokia-Microsoft.

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