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Reader Response: Microsoft and Google Go to Court

Ah, litigation. Where would IT be without you? Where would America be without you? But we digress... Not long ago, we wrote about Google winning a freeze on Microsoft's cloud deal with the U.S. Department of the Interior. In response, reader Philip thought that we might have thrown the word "winning" around to casually, but he's right with us other than that:

"I would not say that Google won in this case. They are simply going to get a better chance to present their solution. Ultimately they will most likely lose the business to Microsoft again.

Perhaps Google should improve their products and make them superior to Microsoft's rather than acting like a spoiled and whiney child who came late to a birthday party and now wants cake after everyone has finished. 

Google's cloud products and policies are amateurish and only suited for the SMB marketplace and for those that cannot afford better. You would think that after conquering the search engine marketplace with a superior solution, they would understand that they would lose business to a superior technology in another area.

My advice to Google: Grow up and make your product better than Microsoft's rather than litigating."

Philip, that was tremendous and dead on. For once, we have nothing to add. Thanks very much for your contribution.

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Posted by Lee Pender on 01/13/2011 at 1:23 PM

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Reader Comments:

Fri, Jan 14, 2011 Tom

Google is trying to one-up Microsoft again by chaning their SLA's to offer zero scheduled downtime on their Google Apps (announced today), as usual their timing is just impecable. And I'm sure most of you have seen that Google has also apparently decided to not support h.264 in future vers of Chrome. To me this is fine so long as they permit a 3rd party plug-in codec to handle it - not sure though if they will permit that. Apparently it's all in the name of 'OPEN STANDARDS' (yeah right, I'll believe that). Seems they are working on the goal of trying to target every source of income for Microsoft,,, really makes one wonder......

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