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Microsoft Remains Uncool

Many are the times that we, in this space, have bemoaned Microsoft's embarrassing efforts to be cool. Finally, somebody in Chicago summed up in a relatively short article what we've been trying to say here for years.  

Posted by Lee Pender on 12/08/2010 at 1:23 PM

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Wed, Dec 8, 2010 Casey

Yes, Microsoft should stop chasing the cool with one exception. The XBOX brand is very popular and is considered by most gamers I know to be one of the top two gaming consoles out there. So, stay cool with XBOX. But in all other facets Microsoft should just brag about what is really good at; business. Microsoft needs to be the drop-forged tools that people use to get work done. And if they want to rip on Apple, just call their products what they are; toys. Really that is all that Apple produces these days. They do not produce any major computer that actually enables a company to make any real money.

Wed, Dec 8, 2010 Tom

It's a real pity to see this although I understand. I grew up with Microsoft, developed sw for Windows, use its products and continue to do so. There is so much to MS's rich ecosystem but unfortunately they do a less than stellar job at UI's and marketing (their commercials for instance, ughh). Only now are we beginning to see some of their prods being pulled together in a quasi-cohesive manner such as Mesh, Office Live and Hotmail for example. I personally don't mind since I've been working with their stuff for ages (and I get it), but I definitely understand the frustration. Like when my friend doesn't want to use Hotmail because they can't figure out how to configure some option which happens to be buried in a rather odd location. Or the fact that people still believe that Hotmail doesn't support full session SSL - it DOES,, BUT it's an option that needs to be enabled. And where is this option? Naturally under PRIVACY SETTINGS right? Nope! It's under ACCOUNT and OTHER OPTIONS! Anyway, once I explain what seems to be madness, they 'get it' and a good percentage actually like it,,, but I HAVE TO EXPLAIN and that's the problem. Things need to be made more intuitive/seemless for the non-tech user. Lots of other things I could say, but...

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