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JPMorgan Doles Out iPads

Really, now, why? Why are these tablet things so popular? What's really weird here is that a bunch of investment bankers are going to be carrying around products with the super-cool Apple logo on them. What will that do to Apple's street cred with the bookish hipster coffee-house set?

Posted by Lee Pender on 12/01/2010 at 1:23 PM

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Wed, Dec 1, 2010 John Nelson Portland OR

I have found your on going negative commentary concerning slate devices, especially towards the iPad nearly unprofessional. It shows a lack of creative thinking and curiosity on your part. If you had ever taken the time to sit down and use any of these devices, you'd find out just why they're useful. They are far superior eBook readers than the kindle, as you get real time responsiveness with page turning, and full color display. The complaint that the screen "hurts your eyes" is a fallacy, and an argument used for Luddites. It's typically the same people who will spend 10/12 hours on a regular computer screen, half of which isn't work related (Facebook, reading the news, and playing Farmville). Secondly, because you have a fully featured web browser and email application (minus Flash presentation), you're able to do appropriate email reading, and web surfing research no differently than on a lap top, but on a far more portable scale. Mobile phones are still too small for a full web/email experience, and sometimes can create problems in a work flow. I do both visual design and development. Being able to review comps from a device which I can carry around as easy as a book has increased my productivity several fold. I think that the negative criticism makes me question your authority on digital technology. It show cases a lack of progressive thought from a publication stance. I am not an Apple worshiper, as I am a full on developer, hence I support Microsoft Windows. But when a device is useful, and allows me to progress with ideas and information beyond what a standard computer can do, I'll support it. And I don't care what company creates the device. Bottom makes you sound old, and behind in the times with your on going cynicism.

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