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Windows 8: 4 Reasons Why You'll Upgrade

It isn't exactly around the corner, but Windows "8" ( or whatever it's finally called) will be here before you know it. Here are four reasons I think most organizations will give it a serious look:

  1. It's pretty cross-compatible with Windows 7. That means there should be less resistance to having a mixed 7/8 environment, so as new computers enter the organization pre-loaded with Win 8, there will be less reason to just blow them away and install Win 7.

  2. It uses less memory. Every indication is that Win8 will use just over half of the RAM Win7 uses to start up, which is a fundamental performance gain. That means users will be able to use more of their computers' memory for their applications.

  3. It's a win for tired users. Let's face it, our users aren't exactly in the best of moods, what with the economy, cutbacks, and so forth. Strategically deploying a shiny, new OS is a way to liven up their lives a bit.

  4. The new "reset and refresh” functionality should help meet a critical IT need, making it easier to wipe and restore systems back to a baseline state when needed. This could be a significant time-saver for IT.

This just refers to the client edition of Win 8; the Server operating system is a bit of a different situation and I'll write about that in an upcoming post. But regarding the client, what are your thoughts? Is Win8 something your organization will at least look at? Based on what you've seen so far, does it stand a chance in your organization?

Posted by Don Jones on 11/16/2011 at 1:14 PM

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Reader Comments:

Thu, Jan 12, 2012 Ntgnalstn California

I installed Windows 8, played with it for a few days, and realized it's going to fail as bad as the Windows 7 phone did. Microsoft fails to see that what we need is not what they deliver. If we wanted Tiles, we'd ask for tiles. We need FUNCTIONALITY. Microsoft keeps making it impossible for Administrators and users get the job done as quickly as possible. Look at the ribbon. I still to this day have to help users find things on this annoying piece of junk. You wonder why Apple does so well? Their OS looks just like it did 10 years ago. It's just better, fast, easier to use. Exactly the opposite from what Microsoft brings to the table. I've been an MCSE for 14 years, and I i've never been as disappointed with Microsoft as I am now. I think Bill Gates and the Board of Directors need to take a really solid look at the way the company is going. I vote, bring Bill back in 2012!

Mon, Jan 9, 2012 Johnny Reb Anonymous

I have heard ugly, I have heard disaster, I have heard bring back the command prompt. Guess I should actually try it before commenting too harshly...but if I am going to see an Apple GUI on a PC platform, then maybe I should just purchase an iMac and an iPad and be done with it....

Mon, Jan 9, 2012 MarkV

The underlying technology of Windows 8 is promising. However the UI is an unmitigated disaster. Metro tries to force users back to the Mac days of through OS 9 or maybe an iPad. Even Windows 3.11 had better multitasking than we have seen so far from Metro since Metro like to forego the minimize button. As for being less bloated and better at using resources; I do not see how silently leaving applications running when users believe they have closed them is a better use of system resources. Yes, a running app will appear to start faster. Apple has been using this trick for years. Which would be fine I suppose, if I did not have to open Task Manager to close my applications. Windows 7 is looking like a vastly superior option for now. It remains to be seen what Windows 8 will actually look like.

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