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Surface Interest

Redmond magazine just published a survey of you, the Redmond print and/or online reader on Microsoft's Surface tablet. Results show a fairly keen interest in Surface with some 63 percent saying they are "very interested" in the recently released Microsoft hardware.

Because you are IT pros most of you were far more interested in the more enterprise-ready Intel-based versions, which can connect to AD, run existing apps (but blow their batteries a bit more quickly than on ARM).

Some 49 percent plan to use Surface primarily for work, 28 percent for media and 22.6 percent to create content.

Two readers weighed in with opposite views. Here are some positive thoughts from Mary S. who commented in the survey:

"When Microsoft comes out with a tablet, the company will have businesses in mind, and it will build in the ability to secure the tablets. People will be able to use the Microsoft Office suite the way its intended, and it will be more stable and more powerful than the iPad was ever intended to be. The iPad is great for the consumer market, but has no real business value that we've been able to ascertain. I expect the Microsoft tablet will be able to provide business-level capability when it arrives, and I'll be able to secure it through Active Directory."

Here's a Web comment related to the pricing ($500 with no keyboard, $600 for one with 32GB of storage and a keyboard):

"All of that interest now squandered due to the ridiculous pricing of the Windows RT Surface. Not that it was the one even remotely worth considering, given it only runs Windows RT application no one's going to build, but because it means the Intel version, the version with any chance of actual relevance, will be obscenely overpriced -- both now destined to fade to black, joining Zune and Vista in the rogue's gallery of abysmal Microsoft failures."

What do you think of Surface? Have your say at

Posted by Doug Barney on 11/07/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 Stephen Noe Raleigh, NC

I was initially excited about the target price point discussed. MSFT set an expectation that they could make the RT version very affordable. They disappointed again. That is a bad way to try to emulate Apple as a hardware company! Too bad, I'l stick with my iPad and see if the upcoming MS Office app on it will bridge the gap. Worst case, I can continue to use the iPad Jump app to RDP into my desktops for Outlook and Office access.

Thu, Nov 8, 2012

I see the WinRT tablet as a placeholder - something to get Microsoft into the game before the Christmas season while the Intel version is finished. Price is high now (on a par with iPad) because they couldn't undercut their OEM partners too much, but prices will come down when the Intel version is released. The OS is the same, so Windows 8 apps will run on both the Intel and WinRT tablets.

Wed, Nov 7, 2012

I agree with Mary on her comments regarding iPad toy and everything else. Although one thing is puzzling and that is I was hoping next time I travel to one of our remote offices, I don't have to take two things with me, one tablet in the airport and etc. (light weight) and one laptop to use in the office. Lots of remote offices and many places within enterprise environments do not have WiFi. On the other hand the good old RJ45, you know that Ethernet thingy is always there. How hard would it have been to put an RJ45 on this thing with an adjustable bottom plastic (Samsung ultrabooks have it). It still would not have disturbed the tablet form factor. Just because iPad does not have it, does not mean that the Surface should not have it either, if as Mary points out the Surface is really geared towards business. I hear that the Surface does not have Cellular services capability either. Great, now I have to carry three things, an iPad toy to use in the airport with Cell services, my laptop at the remote office, and a Surface to do whatever !

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