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Android Successful Enough To Get Hacked

There are two theories as to why Windows is so often compromised. One is that when it comes to security, Windows is just lousy software. The other side is that Windows is so pervasive that hackers can't resist going after it.

Those of the second opinion can find supporting evidence by looking at Android, which is now coming under fire from hackers.

And it isn't just an attack here and there. On the first quarter of this year there were 5,000 malware programs going after Android. In the next three-month period, that shot up to 15,000.

Once issue is that like Windows and unlike the iPhone and iPad, Android has a pretty open software market. This increases the likelihood that you just won't get infected when clicking malicious links, but when downloading applications.

These attacks come in two forms: Some give hackers control of Android devices through backdoors., while more prevalent attacks are done with data stealing Trojans.

Is Windows compromised because it's bad, popular or both? Answers welcome at

Posted by Doug Barney on 10/17/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Wed, Oct 17, 2012 craig spain

it's both, lousy and pervasive. at times windows is good, it's easy (I earn my living from it, multilingual environ), but it's notoriously inconsistent, dummified interfaces (copycat half done apple) and because of this at times wonderfully counter intuitive and most of the time opaque. Also at times it is wonderfully contorted (e.g licensing) when you have a use case that's not within the 80 percentile use scenarios and can have so many predecates (that cost money and resources), if you want this, then do that, if you have that then do something else, ad nauseum. if you want to do anything serious go *nix and beyond it's apparent complexity it's actually quite simple, you just have to reach that threshold comfort zone and familiarity, you just have to work at it, whereas with windows you just just blunder along without knowing too much (I dislike dissing the sometimes very intelligent people that use and like windows but I suppose it's their choice). If you ask me the cost of ownership is more with windows, and it's attacked because it's got (many) exploitable weaknesses and because it's so pervasive, it makes the impact of intrusion even larger or perhaps rewards for the baddies, one follows the other. It's not either or. But in the end maybe they're doing m$ a favour, forcing them to produce decent reliable secure software

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