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Doug's Mailbag: Understanding the Win RT Strategy

Readers chime in on whether Win RT makes sense:

Windows RT tablets are primarily a consumer offering. Yes, they may play an enterprise role in the BYOD arena. And certainly some businesses will use them for specific non-information worker applications (i.e., point of sale). But they are not intended to be full information worker devices. You want one of those, get an x86 device.

Why would the person needing this type of functionality not have the Pro device? I view RT as more a consumer or non-power user device. Do we know how long the battery life is for Surface Pro? Intel is making great strides in that area and Windows 8 is using as less energy was possible. All this on a free version of the software.

I am soooooo tired of bloggers repeating the same lame bull*** about the differences between Win RT and Windows 8. So, for the absolute last time:

  1. Windows RT tablets are for CONSUMERS, just like the iPad, and anything associated with it is for CONSUMERS.
  2. Windows 8 tablets (you know, the one with the built-in keyboard) are for enterprises/businesses.

So does Office 2013 that is designed to work on Windows RT need VBA, macros or third party plug-ins for consumers who make spreadsheets to balance their checkbook, write their mother or their grandmother a rare letter or make-up a birthday card really going to miss those features? Absolutely not.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 08/10/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Fri, Aug 10, 2012 Den Kansas City

Anonymous says that the iPad is OF COURSE for consumers. From my admittedly limited perspective, those consumers include a lot of people in the business world. The iPad is becoming an entrenched part of more and more schools (including elementary and middle), management suites, technical offices, and other places where you won't find much non-work consumption going on. I don't use one myself; I have a Samsung 7" tablet that meets my needs - at work and at home - just fine. But that was a personal choice - I also have a Galaxy S2 phone. Windows 8 and Windows RT are going to be two different OSs. I agree that the RT version will probably find its greatest use in the home, rather than in the office. Microsoft is taking a different tack on this than Apple has - they're offering two similar but not identical versions of Windows, whereas Apple has IOS for all their non-Mac devices. Ultimately, which path is the wiser will shake out. My money's on Apple, unfortunately. I think the Windows 8 tablet is doomed - screen too small, storage too limited, price too high. But we'll see if I'm right soon enough.

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