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Next Build Conference Will Focus on Metro Apps

The Build Conference isn't exactly a regular event. Microsoft only puts this developer event on when it has something important to talk about. Windows 8 preview was the subject of the last one.

The next Build is poised to take advantage of the Win 8 buildup, and will happen the week after the OS ships in late October.

This is a huge deal for developers. With Metro, you are really developing more like a Web programmer with the integration of  HTML 5. Of course, programmers have been sort of moving in this direction for a while, using managed code approaches that aren't locked to specific architectures.

Posted by Doug Barney on 07/30/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Mon, Jul 30, 2012

Come on, Doug, stop with the nonsense. First, Microsoft drove away the best of the best developers with their contemptuous mishandling of Silverlight. Given that and their new fondness for secrecy that works well for Apple in the consumer space, but continues to wreak havoc within the enterprise, Redmond's credibility is shot, perhaps forever. Second, it'll be a long, long time, if ever, before Metro and Windows 8 gain any significant traction in the areas where it might matter (the consumer play will, of course, fail miserably anyway) and the HTML5 pandering isn't fooling anyone. Redmond's no more interested in HTML5 than any of the oether players, all of whom are indelibly tied to propagating native platforms (read the corporate report) - my HTML5 is better than everyone else's and that game played by major vendors wil never cease. If you're going to go along for yet another heartbreaking ride with Microsoft - and vast numbers of us won't because the Silverlight fiasco did damage enough - you're not going to waste time attempting to kick ass in the new and supposedly smarter Microsoft world using a mutated version of HTML5. HTML5 will stay with the web weenies who are already mourning a world that never was, never will be. Sad to hear you, of all people, sounding like a Microsoft mouthpiece. They can piss off - tell them we said so...

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