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Gartner Wants You To Know XP Is Old

I'm thinking of not covering Gartner news anymore -- its prognostications are usually too self-serving and rarely provide any useful purpose. If I want any industry insight I'll ask Redmond Report readers a question and wait for your questions.

The latest example? The famous and (for some reason) highly-profitable research house just announced to the world that if your shop hasn't moved away from XP, then you are
"really, really late."

Hmm. Did Gartner just happen to stumble across the Vista or Windows 7 Web sites? Did it read that XP support ends in less than two years and that it actually takes a while to make a major OS migration, what with new PC hardware, apps and peripherals?

I happen to think that Gartner might once again be dead wrong. For some, ditching XP makes total sense. But certainly not for all. Microsoft always wants you to jump from OS to OS, and never skip a one. That way they paid for each and every OS they produce, even Vista.

But here's where XP shops are in the catbird seat: XP works, will be supported for two more years and will surely work just fine after April 8, 2014. That gives you plenty of time to look at Windows 8 and decide whether Win 7 or Win 8 is the best next move. If Win 8 wins the bet, you save by skipping 7. That could be an immense amount of money.

Posted by Doug Barney on 06/04/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Sun, Feb 2, 2014

This is basically a given. Android is being used, right now, to sell phenos at basically every carrier on the planet. Carriers and handset manufacturers can use Android to make the phone that they want to sell.Microsoft's mobile software, on the other hand, is basically brand new, and older versions of Windows Mobile have a horrible reputation with carriers, handset manufacturers, and end users. Microsoft is a bit enough company, with enough money and clout, that Windows Mobile phenos will get made, but it remains to be seen whether they will actually sell or not. The last few phenos that came out with Microsoft software were utter failures.Worse, Microsoft's traditional advantages when it comes to development tools, and Windows integration have basically evaporated. I am sure that there is a Microsoft fanboi somewhere that is willing to argue that Microsoft's Mobile toolchain and Windows integration is better than Android's or Apple's, but they aren't going to be able to make a particularly credible argument.My guess is that Microsoft would give up and concede defeat in this area already, but even the dimmest analyst can see how easy it would be for these devices to become PC replacements. More and more of the world is using their phone as their primary computing device. If Microsoft does not have a compelling strategy in this area then eventually it will find itself in the same boat that IBM was in originally when PCs replaced the mainframe as most people's primary computer interface. [url=]osnicchfdh[/url] [link=]rklqxty[/link]

Mon, Jan 20, 2014

At last, http://s DOT who knows where to find the beef

Sun, Jan 19, 2014

26October 31, 2012 at 11:58 am3d4This game had the same promblems that the first one, tehres no challenge, all shops sell shit that you dont need because you get better stuff from the missions all the time, so you all that you can do whit your money is to gamble. And every time you die the game doesn't punish you in any way, this ruined the last boss battle and the hole game. It does not even matter how many times you die because every time you do you get more ammo and stuff when you respawn, the game rewards you for playing like shit. After i relized this i just but my finger on the trigger on the rest of the game and didnt even care to make any attemp to play good. This made me feel like i was playing doom whit the IDDQD and IDKFA on, except in borderlands you cant them turn off.And Doom is far superior game compare to this.3/10Fuck you Borderlands for wasting my money and time . For the second timece

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