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Win 8 on iPad for Developer Eyes Only

Microsoft, it seems, would do anything to help developers write Metro apps, even if it means making nice with the enemy -- in this case, the evil iPad.

Third-party Splashtop (pretty cool name, which is rare for a software vendor these days) has a lot of developers who want to build Metro apps. The only problem is many of these folks don't have $1,200 clams for a sweet Samsung tablet that, by all accounts, runs Win 8 swimmingly (not all Metro developers are from huge, well-funded ISVs).

Splashtop did find that most all of its tablet developers already have iPads. Why not find a cheap and easy way to build Metro apps on those puppies?

Turns out Microsoft was more than happy to oblige. And thus the "Win8 Metro Testbed" tool was born.

This approach is pretty simple. You have to have Win 8 running somewhere. Then you connect the iPad and stream Win 8 over the network of your choosing. Simple and free.

I'm sure when Win 8 ships there will be plenty of ways to run it on an array of devices. In fact, Microsoft is already working on tools aimed at Software Assurance customers.

The neat thing about TestBed is that it gives developers a leg up now, and taps into the brainpower that made the iPad such a success. And gosh only knows the iPad could use a little competition.

What would it take for you to ditch your iPad for Win 8? Better enterprise integration? You tell me at

Posted by Doug Barney on 04/13/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Mon, Apr 16, 2012

Just yet another indication of how severly MS has lost its way - first, kill off that which was your greatest achievement ever, alientate and persecute the enterprise developers on which you rely, rather than elevating him to a position in which he'd be rightlfully uiding Redmond to success, put Guthrie in charge of the failing Azure so that a bunch of ass-clowns can watch over the withering of all he accomplished, leave everyone wondering why you're foresaking so much that's worthwhile so as to bet the farm on that which few if any actually want and then, as if there isn't already a painfully aching lack of reasons to build anything at all for WIndows 8, further demotivate the developer community with a realization that there's nothing affordable on which to run that which they might build, even if just for laughs, at least nothing that's already Windows 8 sanctioned and actually worth the money. What a mess...

Fri, Apr 13, 2012 Jim

Don't have an Ipad, never will have an Ipad. Holds no real value to me. Do everything I need to do with my HP Folio ultrabook. Listen to music on my LG WP7 handset and when paired with my Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker it's sound pretty darn good to me! Typing on an IPad is a beast at best. Even with a keyboard case it still mostly stinks. Don't play Words with Friends and any other shared type of game. Never played a game of Angry Birds and probably never will. Guess I'm probably not your average consumer though. Currently running Win 8 Consumer preview on a first generation HP slate. It runs ok but not great. Still waiting on video and touch screen drivers from N-Trig. My ideal machine would be to take the Folio and make it a convertible where I can remove the screen from keyboard and make it a slate somehow. Just my 2 cents. Have a nice weekend!

Fri, Apr 13, 2012

Would have thought this obvious, Silverlight support built into the Metro version of IE10...

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