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The prediction that Microsoft will have a scant 4 percent of the tablet market in 2012 at first blush sounded pretty bad. Then I realized that 2012 is this year! With Windows 8 expected to ship in the fall (and IT never willing to buy volumes of anything new) 4 percent in a few short months ain't bad. Ain't bad at all.

Sure, Apple can gloat all it wants. It will outsell Microsoft nearly 20 to 1 this year in the tablet market. That's because Apple already has a product and thousands of apps -- and it is on its third generation.

The Macintosh, on the other hand, is 28 years old, and has only 6 percent of the worldwide market.

I'm not 100 percent sure about Win 8 as a killer desktop or laptop OS. But I am bullish on Win 8 tablets because out of the box they will not just be integrated with enterprise apps, they will have the native ability to run most of them. The iPad, great as it is, can't say that. Virtualization is about as native as Iron Eyes Cody.

What do you think of Win 8 tablets vs iPads? Choose your poison at And how long did it take to remember Iron Eyes Cody? Did the Sopranos Columbus Day parade episode jog your memory?

Posted by Doug Barney on 04/16/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Well, I always "wait and see". But having been to Apple training on managing iPads in a school environment requires additional hardware and servers and another OS if you are not using the MAC OS. If MS plays it correctly, then they can capitalize on all the servers and management options available in Windows server and AD which IPad lacks. This could be a big deal for places like schools who are already on a tight budget!

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 LostLeader

Metro is dead in the water. The way that I look at it. Android tablets can barely compete with iPads/iPhones. in hardware, OS, and price. You are going to tell me that MS, which only controls the OS, will be able to have 3rd partys provide hardware with a tablet price equal to an iPad, before adding MS Metro OS cost. Not going to happen. Android tablets can't compete with he iPad now and the Android OS is bascially free. Historically, Microsoft OS hardware requirements are pretty hefty, which will require a beefy processor which means shorter battery life and more cooling requirements (bigger and heavier tablets). Sum up the parts and Windows 8 Metro is a loser in tablet/phone space.

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 Max Orlando

If you check out apps like "ForeFlight" for the iPad (written for pilots) you will see what a "toy" the iPad is not. It's not all fun and games, I assure you. I thought same until I decided to put my own money on the line and found out. This thing is a serious tool. I'm no "fanboy" believe me. I just know a quality implementation when I use one. Maybe Metro will measure up, maybe not. It has an uphill battle ahead, however I believe.

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 80s Rocker

For all those discounting Windows 8, following it a quote from my Nephew (who is a Apple fanboy) after he got Win8 running on his iPad. "I am not even going to pretend this isn't awesome!!! Seriously! Not gonna lie, even as an Apple fanboy this blows them out of the water!! Now if only I could find a way to switch back and forth without being tethered, that would be wicked.

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 80s Rocker

I think MS will do better than expect in the Tablet Market, especially in the Enterprise at first because of all the Enterprise features (Connecting to Domain, Central management of Policies, Disk Encryption, Integration with exchange, etc). I just hope they change their mind and include the same Enterprise features on their Windows on ARM (WOA) as well. Not all Enterprise users will need the full blown i86 tablets. Once they get a hold on the Enterprise Tablet market, then they will start being taken more seriously in the consumer market. MS will be Okay as long as they do not fight the competition where they already have a stronghold, but make first priority to make Win8 Tablets the tablet of choice for businesses (which now one has a real stronghold on yet).

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 Tom Cleveland

In response to Roger's comments, we've spent way too much time trying to make the Apple devices corporate ready. In order to push our corp certificate to them we've had to implement 2 addition pieces being MobileIron and Microsoft's NDES in order to use our Corporate Microsoft Certificate Authority / PKI environment and to this day, it's still not 100%. So now we have 2 additional pieces that need to be administered as well as two more points of failure. With the Slate devices, it works immediately out of the box. The problem here is that Microsoft joined the party too late and now they'll have to really work extra hard to swing folks from Apple and unfortunately IT infrastructure folks are going to pay the price. It's amazing to me how Corp Exec will overlook these additional costs for the sake of using their toys so they can be cool.

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 Roger New York, NY

The Mac only has 6% of the desktop OS after 28 years? That may be true but the tablet and smartphone are the new PC and Apple owns the market. Business people are not going to want to lug two tablets around. Smart businesses will start to develop iOS programming expertise.

Mon, Apr 16, 2012 DaveN Upstate NY

If there is to be a slate similar to iPad in size, weight, and battery life, running Windows, compatible with all my apps, and domain joinable, I don't care if they only sell one. I'll buy it and be happy. The more I read about Windows 8, proposed devices, and comments like Tom's about the Samsung, the more hope I have that Win8 will be the answer to some longstanding needs.

Mon, Apr 16, 2012 Tom Cleveland

I just received a demo Samsung Slate 7 with the docking station running Windows 8 Preview. Turned it on, joined it to our AD domain, automatically received a user certificate and was wirelessly connected to our work network in all of about 3 minutes. So far this is very interesting, performance is nice and I love the digitized pen that came with it. Did someone just say iPad KILLER!

Mon, Apr 16, 2012 Chris

I agree that the native ability to run any enterprise app, integrate with ANY vpn/multi-sign on requirement, etc etc, is the killer as far as enterprise goes. iPads are like cute little fun time toys in comparison.

Mon, Apr 16, 2012 Max Orlando

I voted last month: bought the new iPad. MS can keep Metro as far as I'm concerned! My desktop/lap machines will stay on Win7.

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