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Windows 8 Buzz Growing

I judge the hotness of a topic by how much mail I get on it. Based on this criterion Win 8 is hotter than a Texas Porta-Potty. Let me take that back -- Win 8, to me, looks much more inviting. Win 8 is hotter than a Man vs. Food chili challenge.

You've had a lot to say about Win 8. A vocal group found one of my items far too negative. In fact, my item was quoting a reader who struggled with the Metro interface and had even more issues with the Desktop interface. This is weird because Metro is brand new and Desktop is essentially an update to Win 7 (which works just fine).

Some readers thought I was unfair to the far from finished product, while others shared the original reader's concerns.

Another item got more response than a Bruce Springsteen encore.  In the comments section one poster foresees Win 8 tablets knocking netbooks out of the box.  Other letters shared positive thoughts about the preview of Windows 8 and tangible excitement about Metro.

Where do you fall, and am I too hard or too soft on Microsoft? You tell me at

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/04/2012 at 1:19 PM

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Reader Comments:

Sat, Jan 7, 2012 WS northwest US

Interesting that here I am in Microsoft's backyard, and yet no one I know has interest in Windows 8. We're still dealing with software incompatibilities that have delayed the Windows 7 migration, and yet Windows 8 is barreling down on us. We are happy with Windows 7, and once we complete our migration we will sit on it as long as possible. It just is not cost effective to migrate 1000+ users every three years, despite MS having that schedule. That's also why XP keeps lingering on via extended support agreements. There is no compelling reason for us to go to Windows 8, and all indications is that it is cutting more support for legacy applications. Why I think that may be necessary long-term for Microsoft, it still is not a user or customer friendly move. It will have some pain. And is there anyone that actually likes the new interface? No one that I know, including people who used Xune and Windows phones, and then dumped them for Android devices. End users are not friendly to change, particularly in the user interface. Every time MS changes the interface, the open the door to changing it more - and just going with Linux instead. Believe it or not, that topic has come up, since if I have to do a deployment of new OS and retrain users, and deal with software issues, I might as well try to save some money and make the change a little more severe. MS makes their plans for new products without enough input from their customers - particularly the IT Ops folks who feel the pain of transition and have their hands full already in this down economy. It amazes me that they just keep rolling out new versions of everything, but don't give us good tools to upgrade. Ever tried a Sharepoint migration and upgrade without 3rd party tools? How about upgrade of Team Foundation Server? And to do anything useful in Exchange any more you need to learn Powershell... They have so many changes going on, they don't realize they are alienating the environments that use the most of their products.

Thu, Jan 5, 2012 sebastian

Windows 8 certainly looks exciting and I just hope it's polished as hell when it's released.

Wed, Jan 4, 2012

I just orderd a nokia mango phone and can't wait for the nokia tablet. There are those that talk a good game and those that take action. Android is a remake of Symbian and ios is old and slows down the mind. Metro is right there with mutiple actions at the same time without the hunt and peck method of apple. Android is a kids toy, hence the names android and ice cream sandwich. I'm older than 12 and bored with Apple so I'll take classy Nokia.

Wed, Jan 4, 2012 Brian Staubach Pittsfield, MA

I don't think you're being too hard or too soft on Microsoft, but for some reason I am routing for them like I would any underdog when it comes to the mobile platform. I really hope they succeed in delivering viable competition for tablet and phone alike. It can only help drive better technology.

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