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4 Windows 8 Downers

Esteemed Redmond magazine columnist Don Jones recently extolled several Windows 8 virtues and why these will lead to quick migrations.

Now Jones is taking the opposite tack, laying our four issues that will hold back adoption.

Like Office's Ribbon, Windows 8 has a vastly different interface in Metro, which looks more like a smartphone than a PC OS.  That is clearly true for Win 8 tablets, but older apps will still run on the older interface (which I'm guessing IT will opt for).

One problem for IT is that many are now moving to Win 7, having skipped over Vista. Why go with an unproven Win 8 when you are already installing the proven Win 7?  The compatibility story is unclear. Microsoft talks a good game about working with Win 7 apps, but IT has yet to shift wholesale to that OS. The ability to run XP tools is much more important -- and that story is less known.

Finally, Jones argues there is not enough new enterprise juice to justify the move, with Redmond focusing much of the new code on wooing consumers.

How soon would you move to Win 8, either in your shop or as an individual user? You tell me at

Posted by Doug Barney on 01/11/2012 at 1:18 PM

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Reader Comments:

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 Max Orlando, FL

I wouldn't say an upgrade to Win8 is "impossible", but I'll put it in the "very unlikely" column. I'm not interested in it on any of my desktop or laptop systems. I've built my mobile infrastructure around iPhone4 and iTunes and am not likely to retool. If I get a tablet at all it's likely to be an iPad of some version. I'm not interested in retooling any time soon. My setup as-is works pretty flawlessly.

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 Kenneth Jackson, MS

Eagerly awaiting next month’s Beta release to see if Microsoft has done anything to improve the marriage between Metro and Desktop. The last time I visited the Preview version they were not on good terms with each other.

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 EVVJSK

I posted this over on Don's recent post, but thought it might applicable here also. Do we know yet if you will be able to upgrade a Windows 7 PC to run Windows 8 or will it require a reload of software? We just went through a painful upgrade process from XP to Windows 7 where we had to reinstall, reconfig, and recustomize all our applications. If we can upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8, we may be more likely to go there at some point. If not, it will not be a likely upgrade.

Wed, Jan 11, 2012 Marco Quebec, Canada

I dont't think I will migrate to Win 8. I'm a PC guy and the Metro UI (I see it in Media Center) is tough to use with a mouse. If someone create a Win 7 UI for Win 8, maybe I will migrate.

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