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Google Apps vs. Office Web Apps and Office 365

Are you using Google Apps, Office Web Apps, or Office 365? If so, I'd like to know in detail what you think. I'm working on a feature story based on the real-world experiences of actual users.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 11/18/2011 at 1:18 PM

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Reader Comments:

Mon, Dec 5, 2011

Microsoft's products are pretty solid these days, so I wouldn't say they're full of security holes. Most issues we see are due to either poor configuration/lockdown of the OS, normally running as administrator (shouldn't do that), 3rd party sw introducing holes and instability (big reason for problems with Vista) and so on. Of course there are always going to be security issues with anything, but even then Microsoft is fairly good about releasing patches and information. Also need to consider that Windows is a pretty remarkable ecosystem in that so many hw/sw vendors are able to coexist and contribute to the platform. But this has the downside of finding the right balance between security and usability.

Mon, Dec 5, 2011 CharlieJ Southeastern USA

Doug, As long as Redmond puts out word processing, spreadsheet and database software full of security holes, I will never use it's cloud services. I can't trust them on my local PC. Why would I trust my 1,000+ end users' documents, spreadsheets and other tidbits to Microsoft's cloud? Talk about a security nightmare!

Fri, Dec 2, 2011

We looked at Office 365; but, the email 1500 "recipient" limit per 24 hour period (internal and external email counts) per user is a deal breaker for us. Cannot sign up for Office 365 due to it. For most firms, many users would hit this; it is not 1500 emails, it is 1500 recipients. Having no override capability is not acceptable

Thu, Dec 1, 2011 Vic Boudolf Charleston, SC

We've started using the document library to collaborate on documents. Usually it is just two people sharing, so we don't have to worry much about overwriting. (The check-out doesn't seem to happen automatically) It's nice to be able to pull the document locally and open it directly with Word or Powerpoint, and when it saves, it goes right back to the on-line storage. We like to post a check-in comment on what is the next step. As a business owner I feel like all my documents are there and owned by me, regardless of whether an employee comes or goes.

Fri, Nov 25, 2011 Doug Barney Mass

If anyone wants to talk to me about this, e-mail me at

Mon, Nov 21, 2011

"Office web apps are too weak" -- Are you kidding? There's no comparison between the two. Office 365 is far more usable than Google Apps and after porting our clients to it, they all agree. Office Web Apps on Hotmail are also just fine and don't screw up the formatting or document type like Google Apps.

Sat, Nov 19, 2011

Office web apps are too weak, and too tied up with desktop Office programs. Google Apps are more full featured. Don't want to pay for.Office 365. I have used the first two and demoed the last one. Preference: Google until Microsoft wakes up and makes its Office Web Apps more powerful.

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