Jim DuBois Named to Microsoft CIO Position

Microsoft announced today that Jim DuBois is the new chief information officer (CIO) of the company.

DuBois takes the position vacated by former Microsoft CIO Tony Scott, who left the company this summer. Scott later joined VMware in August as the virtualization giant's new CIO.

DuBois became Microsoft's interim CIO after Scott's departure. He will step into the CIO role full-time starting on Jan. 1 and report to Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner, according to Microsoft's announcement.

DuBois is a 20-year Microsoft veteran. Most recently, he was vice president of Microsoft IT Products and Services. He has also served as general manager of IT at the company.

As CIO, DuBois will be responsible for leading a "team of employees overseeing Microsoft IT applications, infrastructure, solution delivery and process excellence," according to Microsoft.

"Jim has demonstrated outstanding leadership in managing our IT organization through the transition period while continuing to position IT as a strategic asset and growth lever for Microsoft," Turner said in a prepared statement, adding that "[DuBois'] proven ability in creating initiatives that build business value and support customers and partners will be invaluable to Microsoft as we continue to accelerate our transformation to a devices-and-services company."

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