Microsoft Warns of Ops Mgr System Center SP1 Installation Errors

If you're about to deploy the just-released SP1 version of System Center 2012 on your Operations Manager servers, you'll want to read this blog entry first.

According to Microsoft's Server & Tools blog, you need to be careful how you install System Center SP1 as there's a SQL script that will only run the first time it installs -- or that's how it supposed to work. The problem occurs if the script runs twice. From the blog:

"As part of the Service Pack installation we make some changes to the OperationsManager database objects, adding additional indexes, etc...When you run the Service Pack 1 installation it communicates with the database to determine if this is the first installation, and then decides if it needs to run a SQL update script or not...

...This means that you need to be patient with your installation and wait for the first management server to have Service Pack 1 installed before beginning the next installation. If you don’t then the SQL script will run again and issues may not be tempted to tee up your other management servers and run through the initial wizard while you wait for the first server to install because by then it will be too late."

So what if you already have run into this issue? The rest of the blog offers a walkthrough on what to do.

More on System Center SP1 can be found here.

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