Parallels Adds Microsoft Technical Fellow to Cloud Division

A Microsoft technical fellow, along with two other individuals, are joining Parallels as executives to support the cloud services enablement and desktop virtualization company's global growth goals, the company announced today.

The new executives are Chief Technology Officer Michael Toutonghi, Chief Financial Officer David Arkley and Vice President and General Manager of Europe and North Africa Jesper Frederiksen.

Parallels is a key technical collaborator with Microsoft, most recently in providing the back-end software that helps many of the large Office 365 syndication partners automate provisioning and billing of the Microsoft cloud service (see "Parallels Unveils Major Investments in Microsoft Cloud").

Michael Toutonghi
Michael Toutonghi (Source: Microsoft)

As CTO, Toutonghi will bring intimate familiarity with Microsoft, both from a technical and business standpoint. Toutonghi was one of 22 Technical Fellows at Microsoft, working most recently as the lead for the Advertising Platform Architecture Team. He joined Microsoft in 1992 to lead the Windows 95 kernel architecture team and later co-founded and managed the .NET platform effort, according to his official Microsoft bio.

He left Microsoft in 2003 to start Vizrea, later renamed WebFives. Microsoft bought WebFives in 2007 and brought Toutonghi back on as a Technical Fellow.

In an interview, Parallels CEO Birger Steen said of Toutonghi, "The way we are thinking about our role in the cloud service provider market, Mike has the chops to both think conceptually and build the right architecture."

"Mike has been covering a wide area of engineering and architecture in his various roles. He's a very smart guy and he's an entrepreneur. He knows how to work in a big company context and think big and think about platforms," said Steen, who also came to Parallels from Microsoft. "At the same time, he knows how to grow from scratch. That overall profile is what attracted us to Mike."

The other C-level addition, Arkley, is a 20-year veteran of financial services and strategy. His last position was with Itron Inc., where he led a $1.7 billion acquisition of Actaris Metering Systems.

"We went through the $100-million revenue ceiling a couple years ago, and we continue to grow pretty fast even as the markets in general are pretty flat. Hiring a new CFO is an important next step," Steen said. "We haven't disclosed any plans about further capital increases or going public, for that matter, but we certainly are exploring our options over the next year."

Frederiksen, who joined Parallels in November in the Europe and North Africa role, was most recently Symantec's vice president of EMEA for the business.

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Thu, Dec 8, 2011 MachSol

Parallels U-Turn on Office 365 syndication Parallels announced on Microsoft WPC2011 to be the first offering syndication of Office 365 in their automation software. Today’s reality shows Parallels they have wished this was a bad dream and really never happened. Most of their customers feel betrayed because Office 365 unethical head on head competition. The figures: Parallels business is 15% Windows automation and 85% Linux (Plesk). Parallels worldwide marked share in Windows automation is considered very small. Parallels is unable to grow their Windows marked share and looking for answers they do not seem to find. In Europe less than 15 companies work with Parallels automation product. Plesk for linux and Server Virtualization business seems to be doing better. Parallels hired over 10 Microsoft directors to boost their business but without any positive result. It is starting to look like that Microsoft acquired a large part of their business and that the “old boys club” of Parallels is witnessing how Microsoft is wiping out their business. Other recent acquisitions like Helm, Ensim, H-Phere turned out to be another catastrophic decision. MachSol worked with Microsoft on syndication as well even before Parallels did. After seeing the whole picture we stopped the entire process. It was clear for us Microsoft had other plans and was looking for an easy way to migrate customers from HSP’s to Office 365.

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