Never Again

I'll Tell You Where to Put That CD

Hint: It won't be in your floppy drive.

At my last job we had a marketing manager who I would like to nominate as the most illiterate computer user alive. What follows are her credentials for this award:

First call to IT: "I have a CD I need pictures from."

IT's response: "Push the button under the CD tray and place the disk printed-side up."

Second call to IT: "It doesn't fit."

IT's response: "Push the button and wait for the drawer to open."

Third call to IT: "It doesn't fit!!"

Having enough of this, one of our support crew walked over to her office just in time to observe her trying to ram a CD into a floppy drive. He gently took the disk from her, pushed the button, inserted it into the tray, clicked OK on the auto-launch popup and walked away without saying a word.

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Thu, May 1, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous

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Fri, Apr 25, 2008 Roger Zan Hartsdale, NY

Funny article, but that's not as bad as a user almost killing themselves by watering a potted plant placed right on top of the ventilation slits of an old CRT type monitor and having the monitor shoot sparks from the picture tube and risking having the glass screen explode in their face. Yes...some people are that stupid and deserve the Darwin award for not having fully evolved into modern humans capable of using common sense...LOL.

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