Live Date for 70-293/70-294 Sim Exams Delayed to 2006

Microsoft cites priority developing SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 exams, as well as sim refinements based on testers' feedback.

Even as the beta process for exams 70-293 and 70-294 continues (see "Sim Versions of 70-293, 70-294 Exams Make Beta,), the certification group at Microsoft Corp. continues to receive some input on the live versions of exam 70-290 and 70-291. What the nature of that input might be, Keith Loeber, senior product manager Microsoft certifications, wouldn't specify, but he says that based in that, extensive testing to refine the simulations is continuing. As a result, Loeber says the company is delaying their general release of the 70-293/294 sims to late January 2006.

Loeber also adds that giving priority to developing the SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 exams is also pushing the simulations launch to next year. SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 are planned for release in November during a launch event, with release to manufacturing expected some time this month. Microsoft typically releases some form of an exam (beta or live version) after a product ships by about 45 days.

Testers who plan on taking exam 70-293 and 70-294 should expect to face the typical mix of multiple-choice, create a tree and other question types in those exams. Simulations may also be encountered in the current live exams, but those are often unscored items. For guidance, see the following exam reviews:

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Reader Comments:

Mon, Apr 10, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous

another month... no update... As for " a few simulator questions", thats all a design test is. When attaining MSCE 2k, the design test was 4 scenario based problems very similar to these tests... SO, simulation can be quick and gauge your knowledge.

Wed, Mar 15, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous

mid-march same

Mon, Feb 27, 2006 Eric B. RI

Almost MARCH and no results! I did however get the vouchers.

Thu, Feb 16, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous

In continuation, its Mid-Feb here and all my status says is "taken" for both of these exams... Has anyone recieved results?

Thu, Dec 8, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous

Well it’s December and there is still no word on when those of us who took the 71-293 and 71-294 simulation beta exams will hear whether we passed or failed. I am about to take my 70-298 exam and that would be my last exam for my MCSE, except for these two exams which I continue to wait on. I just spoke to the MCP Help Center and they are the ones who forwarded me this article. Beta candidates don't find out if they passed or failed until the exam goes into production use. So much for 4 to 6 weeks as many of us were told when we signed up for the betas. As much as I think that the simulation exams really help the MCSE credential (one reason I haven't tested for it until now was the prevalence of paper knowledge without practical application) it's a shame that those who have tested well, are invited into the beta are now treated like this and left to wait for results.

It's incidents like these that push me closer and closer to Fed Up's attitude. It's hard to hear all the value given to the MCSE credential when candidates can't even be given a fair and decent shake when it comes to getting a grade for all of their hard work preparing for the exam.

Thu, Oct 13, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous

You can wait until your heart is content but you will never receive a score report for this version of these beta exams. Do you really think they could properly gauge your knowledge based solely on a few simulator-based questions. These exams will not be scored. Guess you'll just have to take the real exams like the rest of us.

Tue, Oct 11, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous

I just took the 71-293, and the 71-294 beta sim exams and did not receive a pass or fail score... I know this is the norm (from what I’ve heard) for beta exams, until the beta period is over... but this is just ridiculous that we have to wait "4 to 6 weeks" to get our results. For me, these are the remaining MS exams to complete my MCSE requirements. What do we do in the mean time? Seriously, this could be considered a waste of time for those individuals who look to the exams for more than just the "free exam." Now I’m left wondering whether or not I should continue go pay for both the exams… (only $250 later to find out that I had passed both the sims, and had them count towards my MCSE).

Mon, Oct 10, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous

Bo - ho,Bo-ho, any way you put it they passed the test also, and the practice also teach. What about the SAT or LSAT or the MCAT all exams do the same job qualify and measure that you have passed a test. Experience is the measure the test only opens the door or do you want the door to shut. I say welcome your fellow MCSE and network with them and you will help yourself and they just might help you given the chance.

Thu, Oct 6, 2005 Anonymous Anonymous

Whatever the reason for the delay, Microsoft needs to pushthe issue of performance based exams to the top of the list of their priorities.

Case in point... I'm a veteran of MS "network" operating systems from Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1 up to and including W2K3.

When the dot com bust took place, I lost my job and was out of "official" corporate work from 2000 until 2002.

During that time, I worked for myself as a consultant then finally went to work for another major US corporation.

This particular corporation was initially a mainframe shop which had converted to the LAN world in 2001.

In 2001, the company chose to give the existing mainframe employees the opportunity to keep their positions provided that they obtain their MCSE certification.

I initially went to work for this company as a contractor which meant I had no corporate benefits yet I chose to continue my MS certification path with the required funds coming out of my own pocket.

One of the "corporate employees" noticed I was carrying a study guide and asked if the company was paying for my training. My answer was no. Her reply was to inform me that the department manager purchased practice exams and told the employees to go through the exams until they could pass the certification exam, then worry about learning the system later.

The end result is this.... these previous mainframe employees which have 15 or more years with the company, now have their MCSE certification.

Now imagine this.... someone calls the help desk to inquire about a parallel cable. A MCSE answers the phone but has no idea what a parallel cable is used for or even what one looks like.

Or better yet.... a firewall administrator that can't even configure a Linksys router. Let's face it, it doesn't get much easier than a Linksys router.

Impossible you say...... absolutely not!!! I see these paper MCSE's on a daily basis yet they have seniority b/c they've been employed with the company longer than I.

The position I do hold does pay a good wage but the "helpdesk MCSE's" earn even more and don't have the required knowledge to even configure a network printer.

These paper MCSE's are so inept, I no longer associate the title MCSE after my name.

This marks the end of my MCSE certification path. I'm now obtaining my Cisco certifications.

I'll continue to learn the latest and greatest MS desktop and server operating systems as I've done since Windows 3.0 but I refuse to play the MS certification game any longer or at least until it holds some real value.

Signed..... Fed Up.

Thu, Oct 6, 2005 Anantharaman Mumbai, India

When I select the Print Version (to conserve space in Hard Disc and also for Printing Ink Economy) what appears in the Desktop is the Aticle itself but it is unreadable due to a dark green background Colour for the entire Article.
This was not happening , say a month, earlier.

Pl reset changes made , if you have made any or please suggest a work around as a favour.

Anantharaman Sivaraman B.E. (Hons) MCSE

Wed, Oct 5, 2005 newbie Anonymous

any news or links for the visual studio 2005 and sql server 2005 certification exams?

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