Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine to Become REDMOND Magazine

Renamed publication adds veteran IT journalists to staff.

(CHATSWORTH, CA) Commencing with the October 2004 issue, 101communications' Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine will become REDMOND Magazine, with a new look and a new tagline: The Independent Voice of the Microsoft IT Community.

The shift to REDMOND is a logical progression for MCP Magazine. “Our growth over the past 18-24 months has been nothing short of amazing. This move represents a major expansion. By investing in a top-notch editorial staff, and with a BPA-audited circulation in excess of 114,000 readers, we are well positioned to continue our leadership role in the Windows networking market,” said Henry Allain, Publisher of REDMOND.

REDMOND will uphold the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine mission — to serve the Microsoft IT community, including IT Managers, Network Managers, Network Administrators and C-level IT pros with strategic and tactical information about Microsoft technologies. It will boast a bold new design, and an array of exciting new editorial elements, including regular in-depth looks at Microsoft beta software, reviews driven by user experience rather than lab testing, and an attitude of tough — but always fair — coverage of Microsoft and its technologies.

REDMOND will continue to include, in-depth, aggressive coverage of Windows networking issues. In addition, it will expand its coverage relating to Microsoft technologies and their impact on business and IT infrastructure, including TCO, ROI, licensing, dealing with Microsoft sales, and Microsoft’s long-term product directions and their implications.

The new magazine will be led by veteran technology journalist Doug Barney, who serves as Editor-in-Chief. Barney has been a technology journalist for 20 years, serving as a writer, news editor and editor-in-chief for several publications. Barney was recently Editor-in-Chief of Network Computing, a bi-weekly publication with more than 220,000 subscribers. Barney also served as Executive Editor of News for Network World newspaper, where he ran both print and on-line news operations.

REDMOND Magazine is passionate about the Windows marketplace and the Microsoft IT community. Our readers are leaders within their IT departments, and are strong advocates for critical Microsoft technologies. We look forward to serving readers with no-nonsense reviews, challenging analysis, and strong nuts-and-bolts advice,” said Barney.

Joining Barney as Editor is Paul Desmond, who has been working as an IT trade press reporter and editor since 1988. Desmond spent 11 years at Network World, serving as a reporter, news editor, and finally features editor. Since late 2001, Desmond has served as executive editor of Microsoft Executive Circle magazine, a quarterly publication sponsored by Microsoft.

Serving as REDMOND News Editor is Scott Bekker. Bekker started covering the Microsoft enterprise environment for ENT Magazine in August 1998. He has been Editor-in-Chief at ENT and then since October 1999. Before joining ENT, Bekker worked for 4 1/2 years as an editor and reporter with The Associated Press in Kansas City and Philadelphia.

Keith Ward, Senior Editor for Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine since 2001, will assume a greater leadership role as Managing Editor. Ward has been a print journalist since 1989, and has been a reporter, editor and editorial page editor. He is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer who has worked in the IT department of a Fortune 500 company.

About REDMOND Magazine
REDMOND Magazine and its related properties including, e-newsletter,, ENT In-Depth Edition e-newsletter, ENT Newsline e-newsletter,, e-newsletter, Security Watch e-newsletter,, e-newsletter, and TechMentor Events are a division of 101communications, whose portfolio includes nine magazines, more than 30 conferences and extensive digital offerings.

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Henry Allain
Publisher, REDMOND
(949) 265-1556

Doug Barney
(978) 582-0066

[Amid Microsoft TechEd, REDMOND Magazine held its "pre-launch" party May 26 at THIN in downtown San Diego; click here for photos.—Editor.]

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Reader Comments:

Thu, Jun 10, 2004 BK PA

Wow- can their heads get any bigger by picking such a bad name. This goes along with the new WUS server. Who is coming up with this crap?????

Tue, Jun 8, 2004 slim Anonymous

Redmond...this sucks...and what happens if they move to india...?? Its ganna happen

Mon, Jun 7, 2004 Doug Tuttle Miami, FL

ATTN: Mr Henry Allain (Publisher),

It is good that you are actually reading these comments, but unfortunately you seem to be missing the point. Do you think you got your "BPA-audited 114,000 readers" by having a magazine with a glitzy high-fashion name? No, it was the content and the fact that people weren't embarrassed to have it laying around. The current name perfectly describes the content -- what in the world does "Redmond" tell people? (see other comments for the answer to that) I think you've had 100% negative feedback on this thus far.

You know, it's one thing to make a mistake, it another thing altogether to be told you're making a mistake and ignore the advice. "Excuse me Captain, I think that's an iceberg up ahead." "No, that's just fashionably cold water, Full Speed ahead!" - Titanic 1912

Here's one last bit of advice: When you rename it again next year (assuming you still have a subscription base), get a different marketing company.

Mon, Jun 7, 2004 S. Mathemeier San Francisco

So what's going to happen if MS moves its HQ to Paducah, KY? Or maybe even Redwood Shores, CA? Would you rename the magazine Paducah Magazine or Redwood Shores Magazine? Larry Ellison would have a field day with that last one...Someone in Redmond might pickup the mag thinking it's related to local culture (no yogurt jokes, please) and entertainment - and then either laugh their head off or become incensed because someone in some company's management thinks the only thing in their little city of Redmond is the "gr8" MS. If you think about it, it's actually an insult to the city of Redmond. I'm sure they'd like to be known for more than just MS. Maybe as part of your mag redesign next year (since every mag goes thru a yearly redesign) you can change the name back. If we leave this magazine out on my desk, do you know how many "Vogue", "Cosmo", "Ladies Home Journal" and "Redbook" jokes we're going to have to endure? Here's a a clue (or at least rent a professional marketing/consulting agency before making this kind of inane decision).

Mon, Jun 7, 2004 Henry Allain Irvine, CA

Thanks to all who gave their feedback to the new name of Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine. It is extremely valuable to us. I felt compelled to drop a quick post in order allay some of your concerns and to give some insight into why we chose the name we did.

REDMOND Magazine was chosen so that all of our current and future readers understand instantly that we are a Microsoft and Windows specific technology magazine, as we have always been. However, we wanted to ensure that we were not encumbered by any current Microsoft names, brands, and trademarks so that we could be a truly independent voice of the Microsoft IT Community.

We have beefed up our editorial staff and expanded our contributing editor base in order to serve YOU better, our valued readers. This is a logical and major expansion of the magazine.

The same fantastic content that you are used to seeing in each issue will still be intact. However, you will see additional content and a more reader centric approach to our editorial coverage. We want to make sure that what we publish is spot on relevant to what you do, in your organizations and IT departments everyday. This migration is key in allowing us to do that.

I can give you all my word that this new iteration of MCP Magazine will be more relevant than ever, and will always have the readers best interest in mind. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

Henry Allain
Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine

Mon, Jun 7, 2004 Doug Tuttle Miami, FL

You have got to be kidding. This is going to be another marketing success like "New Coke". I hope the powers that be read through the various comments and realize what a stupid idea this is.

Mon, Jun 7, 2004 Eddie Coventry, UK

Leave the name alone.
If it must me changed at least make it relevant to it's content and proposed readership.

Sat, Jun 5, 2004 Tobias Merriweather Inglewood CA

Hmmm, Redmond Magazine. I am from Washington State and worked in Bellevue ( a stones throw from Redmond). If I were to hear the title of the "new" mag, well I would initially think of a realty magazine. I have to agree with the masses on this one - Please stick (somehow) with MCP. Its plain, simple and looks good on paper.
If the name change IS set in stone, please oh please please please add a bit more weight to it's what usual 65 pages? More coverage on certs - product's used in the real world +adverts and of course SCRIPTING FOR MCSEs. (C.B ROCKS!)
Whelp, that's "my two-cented wish list"

Sat, Jun 5, 2004 Matt Toledo

I do not like the new name. Is the next announcement that Microsoft has purchased MCPMag? I think you should really reconsider this...

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Anonymous Anonymous

One of the super great secondary benefits of recieving this magazine is that you can leave a copy of it on your desk and subtly remind people that you are certified. The Redmond name does nothing of the sort.

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Anonymous Anonymous

So will MCP radio become Redmond Radio? Sheesh

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Joe Connecticut

I have to agree with the others that this is a really bad name. The name sounds like a tourist guide for Redmond city. Hopefully they will reconsider this change.

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Anonymous Anonymous

Another moronic marketing idea. The next marketing gimmick is they'll change the Microsoft cert titles to Redmond certified.

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Ceezer Texas

Keep the name MCPMag since MCP is the root of all Microsoft Certifications. Redmond is good since MS is mainly based in Redmond, WA but you also have other sites worldwide, Right? Why not call it BangladeshMag? I guess as long as the information provided is useful and intriguing, i guess it's all good.

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 abdeziel Anonymous

I'm going to let my subscription expire now. If the focus is being changed so much further than it has over the past five years or so; that even the title has to soften its edge - why 'Redmond'? - there's more than Microsoft there - I don't know if I want to associate with it anymore.

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Anonymous Anonymous

If I heard someone talking about a magazine named REDMOND I would think they were talking about a womans fashion magazine. Let's get real keep the current name.

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 John Houston, TX

Hmmm ... I'll have to go with the "sounds kinda dumb" crowd on this one. Why are you really doing this? Did Microsoft make you because they are tuning up the MCP web site?

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Anonymous Anonymous


Fri, Jun 4, 2004 Tharg Antarctica

The camel is a horse designed by a commitee

Fri, Jun 4, 2004 richardb Melbourne, Australia

what a stupid name!!!!!

Thu, Jun 3, 2004 RS SF

This is a joke right? That new name really bad. The magazine name was fine the way it was. It centered around the profession and products and issues associated with it. This new name 'REDMOND' sounds so regionalized and seemingly has NOTHING to do with the content. Sounds like like a low subscription travel mag. Poor marketing decision on this name. Prepare to lose subscribers. Keep MCPMag, it's a much stronger name. Change is not always good or necessary.

Thu, Jun 3, 2004 Dale McKenzie Los Angeles

Call it want you want. Just keep it meaty.

Thu, Jun 3, 2004 Anonymous Anonymous

Leave it alone! Redmond Mag sounds like you're TOO close to Microsoft.

Thu, Jun 3, 2004 Mike Holdridge Anonymous

I don't mean to be negative, but REDMOND MAGAZINE? I really think a more descriptive name could be found. If it's going to stink of Microsoft, just call it Microsoft Magazine.

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