Microsoft Addresses Exam Piracy

MCP Magazine interviewed Microsoft's Dan Truax regarding the "braindump" case's impact on other alleged braindump testing sites.

Following the Jan. 31 sentencing of Robert Keppel to a year in prison for selling IT certification exam questions, reported extensively on, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine interviewed Dan Truax, director of Microsoft Certification Business & Product Strategy, for the impact the conviction could have on other “braindump” sites.

Is Keppel’s conviction and sentencing good for the certification industry?

Dan Truax: I think it’s good news for the industry in general. For those folks that put all of their time, money and energy into getting their professional certification to help them get a job or further their career, I think this is really good news for them...

What’s the likely impact on the rest of the braindump sites?

I hope that the industry as a whole and the folks that we’re partnering with see now that we do take this seriously. We think a lot about customers and what they use our products for. We want to make sure that the products for certification we provide—[the exams]—really give the right amount of value...

Will Microsoft use this case as leverage against other braindumpers?

Our goal is not to use this as a leverage point. Our goal is to keep promoting the right messages, making sure people clearly understand our policies, and working as appropriate when we’re contacted by local law enforcement authorities, to help them in whatever way we can.

Will the case change the way Microsoft handles non-disclosure agreements for test-takers?

Our NDA maintains confidentiality, but I’m not looking at this case as a thing that will change our policy. We always have had very good and strong policies around anti-piracy already.

Are there any plans to go after people who access braindump information as opposed to people who provide the information?

If we’re contacted by law enforcement, and they need information or help from us in any case they’re pursuing, we’ll work with them as best we can. But Microsoft isn’t a company that’s prosecuting individuals ourselves. We’re just partnering with law enforcement [when] they’re asking us.

Are braindumps flourishing or dying off now?

There certainly does still seem to be some [braindump] activity, enough that we take really strong investment measures in our technology and products to help combat that.

What about international testing centers?

With our delivery partners, we definitely have geographic focuses. They spend a lot of time monitoring their specific physical sites where they have testing centers and understanding the piracy differences between one region and another, and the activity happening there. They do a great job of monitoring and auditing to make sure their testing centers are doing everything they possibly can.

Do you think this braindump situation will be different a year or two from now?

I absolutely hope so. The folks who invest their time and energy into certification want the value of that, and they want it to do a job for them. That’s at an individual level. At the corporate level, our customers are relying on this as a way to differentiate or mitigate the risk of hiring people or putting people on projects. We hope this will make a short- and long-term difference in activity around piracy...

What else are you working on in terms of exam security?

We’re trying to ensure that we can combat it from a memorization perspective as much as possible. It really isn’t about individuals memorizing the answers to questions and the different ways they can do that; it’s really about the individuals demonstrating through product interaction that they can perform the tasks they need to do the job. We’re increasing our investment in the next year around product interaction, simulation and other technology aspects of our certification, to make sure that individuals can interact with a product to demonstrate that they have the skills...

[ Becky Nagel contributed to this report.—Editor]

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Keith Ward is the editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine.

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Reader Comments:

Sat, Oct 15, 2005 MeYesItsMe Anonymous

I use testking to help me get the hang of the exam before I take it. My company pays for me to attend the official week-long MOCs together with hands-on production experience. So with the official training and hands-on I have no qualms about using testking to make sure I pass!

Tue, Jul 1, 2003 testqueen congo

About nine month ago, I have raised the same issue that MCPmag promote TestKing. Ironically, MCP talk about clean certification. Please stop reading this fxxk site.

Thu, May 15, 2003 David Indianapolis

Cheating is wrong. Read God's word. "The Lord detests dishonest scales". The perpetrator will only hurt himself and everyone around him.

I dare anyone who passed a Microsoft exam using brain dumps to take the test again in a month. I'm sure the score will be drastically different proving the individual doesn't know what their piece of paper claims they do.

I'd rather employee a trustworthy person who really studied and barely passed than someone who cheated and aced the test. True character is hard to find these days.

Wed, Mar 19, 2003 anonymous Anonymous

nothing to say here as I see

Wed, Mar 19, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

At least write realistic questions on exams. I have been in the business for a while now, and I took the MCSE exams...some of the questions are just plain silly. "you have 500 users, you have one dial up connection to share for the company. How would you do this to save money." some crap like that. Most of the questions need a alternative answer like (D) who the fuck would ever do it like this. And that should be the only right answer.

Tue, Mar 18, 2003 cj st. louis

If you put a hundred monkeys at a hundred Prometric terminals and had them take seven M$ exams, their group could probably turn out more MCSE's than a hundred network admins who went in to take the tests armed only with real world experience...

Tue, Mar 18, 2003 MCSECCNPSCNP Anonymous

Every Other test that I've taken has been more real world than ANY MCSE test w the exception of the 70-218 test. The cheating could be eliminated or significantly reduced if M$ actually asked real world questions. Instead they give half of the problem and then ask 4 u to pick the best answer. The Tests also ask you questions not found in the official text books. Nor do they offer downloads to supplement the books nor links for proper study. IF anything, Microsoft is forcing persons to use those guides by using poor testing methods plus not giving people the right resources to study from.

Tue, Mar 18, 2003 BlindWilly Texas

Amen to burneweb and wannabe. I'm ONLY using braindump info right before the test... to get an idea of what is on there. I have been studying the material, researching online, etc. I've got about 9 years in the industry but now i need a piece of paper in order to get that "better job" when some of the people i consult for dont know squat. I must say, because i'm getting certified, i have learned ALOT more than i thought i knew. So it's not all bad. Some of these braindumps have helped but i dont rely on them.

Tue, Mar 18, 2003 Re: Roger Reynard Anonymous

Roger said it all, I hope you are listening Microsoft.

Mon, Mar 17, 2003 Roger Reynard Cleveland OH

I am an MCT, who has taught many of the Microsoft Core Curriculum classes.

IMO, Microsoft has done a VERY POOR job of preparing their classes, as they relate to the curriculum. i.e. A company can charge $2,000 for a 1-week Microsoft class, but then the student finds that the test is far removed from the class.

To be concerned about certification piracy is one thing, but to offer a class that charges a lot of money, and does nothing to improve the certification possibilities, does more to harm Microsoft's position than to help it.

IMO, certification is a valuable tool; however, certification should not be considered as PROOF of anything, just as a bachelors degree does not PROVE the worth of an individual.

IMO, there should be a pre-existing list of items that may appear on the test. A pre-existing list does not constitute cheating. It is VERY REASONABLE for people who pay $125 a test, to be given a list of objectives that may appear.

Rap wif ya' later.

Roger Reynard

Mon, Mar 17, 2003 Aesopian Anonymous

Ha! The TestKing ad on the right makes this hilarious.

Fri, Mar 14, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I have 10 years years experience as a programmer and am working form my certification. The reason I haven't taken all the test is because of the time involved. I could probably pass most of the test without studying much becuase of my experience. But, like most programmers I am a perfectionist and like to be as prepared as possible. When I do study for a test I usually use the official study guide and do all the labs and have passed all the test that way.

If I had used a brian dump would that be cheating or is it helping me relate the knowledge I already have from work experience to what I will be asked on the test.

The one posted who had the friend that scored worse than him after his friend took a "boot camp" proves that experience is the main deciding factor in whether a person passes or fails a test. Without the experience you can still pass the test, but I think are chances are less.

Bottom Line: Certifications are a worthless as a college degree. Most people get them for their own ego and most employers mght take certification as one part of the qualificaitons, but anyone who hires someone soley on that deserver what they get. If an employer wants to be sure of the skills they should develop their own pre-interview test to determine if the individual is even qualified for the job being filled.

Another Thing!!!

I wish people would quite attacking M$ just because they are succesful. Bill Gates started with nothing and together with his partner built MS to what it is today through hard work and great marketing. I keep hearing that MS stole the Windows OS from Mac. All they stole was the idea of a GUI interface (cannot be copyrighted), not the code for the OS (can be copyrighted). If you did your history you'd know that Steve Jobs did not invent the GUI interface, he stole it from HP. Csharp is MS way to steal Java, or is it just a simplified version of Cplusplus, which MS created. If that's the case then Sun stole the idea for java from MS and now MS is just stealing it back. Take some history lessons and you will see that most of the innovations of technolgy are people taking someone else idea / concept and redeveloping or redesigning it to improve it better than the original. If you think MS is the only one then you are misguided and you should look at the facts.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Jake London-UK

When I found Testking on the net, they test were word in word, with originals.What really, f.....s me up, is that below, on the same pdf from testking is written: "each pdf hasa unique number associated with yr name, if you will distribute this , we will take legal wction against you".This mother.... steal quetsion from Microsoft, and they dare to take legal action agnst those distributing THEIR pdf.
Disgraceful !!!

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 zozo france

hahaha... you folks are all wrong !
wake up !!! eat cheese, drink wine, make peace, not war<;;;

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Douglas Dye Unisys

If Microsoft certified Study Guides did what they claim brain dump sites would not exist. The truth is Microsoft training guides and test requirement lists do not provide realistic preperation to pass a test. Brain dump sites where created to fill the gap between legal training material and what it really takes to pass a test. Microsoft should look at how doctors , fire fighters etc are certified. Their are many things a paper test just cannot verify. Would you ride an airplane where the pilot passed a really tough test but had never flown? Microsoft needs to understand that a paper test can verify understanding of abstract concepts. It cannot veryfy point and click skills. In fact I believe point and click skill is best learned on the job anyway.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Redline Pgh.

...And tell me about these boot camps and how they guarantee an MCSE in 14 days, or whatever. No how, no way possible they aren't just pumping you with ONLY the answers to the questions on the tests! They are in every Mag in the IT field. When will Microsoft stop this farce?

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Douglas Dye Unisy

I had MCSE and MCDBA for nt4. Microsoft needs to address some very basic flaws in their approach to traning. They need to understand what the academic world has known for many generations. It is far more important to teach why rathor than how.!! They could stop all brain dumps in one step.
Mircosoft should publish a question pool from which the tests are constructed at ramdon. The pool can have 10 times as many questions as the real test. Then e authors and teachers can concentrate finding ways to explain the questions to the public. As it is the questions are often so strange that getting ready for the test is more a matter of knowing how to translate the questions into something that makes sense. This is where the brains dumps currently help.
Microsoft should limit the written tests to knoweldge of basic concepts that demonstrate an understanding of why rathor than how. For example I look for authors like Dan Appleman. In his books on Visual basic he goes far deeper that the surface level treatment you find in Microsofts study guides.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 MCSEManiac Anonymous

For those of you who have ethics, bully for you. For those of you who could care less about how you acquire your knowledge, cheating your way to a job, consider this. Who do you work for? What would happen to YOUR job if your product or service property were stolen and re-distributed for free? How much would it cost your company? So many of you wimpy mofo's complain about "the game" and that certs have no value, then turn around and use cheats and braindumps to get them. Talk about contradictiong yourselves! The truth is you are criminal, unethical scum. You want your cert but you don't want to pay for it. You cry and moan and bash M$ because they have a bunch of money and you don't think that is fair. You might as well move to Iraq or Iran and start complaining about "The Great Satan". Yep, that's right. The place so many of you live in, that grants you the right to bitch and moan, and provides opportunity if you have the balls (or guts, for you ladies) to go out and get after it. They hate us because we have the money, the resources, the freedoms they don't have.

You are no better than those misguided miscreants. So hike up your skirt, grab your balls and stop whining. You either cheat and take money from others or you bite the bullet, shop smart, get the materials you need and do the job. Most professional industries, whether medical, accounting, legal and others have a Continuing Educatiion requirement. It costs money and time to meet that commitment, but it is part of the job. Technological changes are much more rapid than those industries, so certification as a CE situation will happen more frequently as well. Stop crying and pointing fingers at others to justify your actions, because in the end, it is your choice.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Well, I what comes to mind here is something I have heard a lot in my years of working in IT,..... These things work two ways,..... The Microsft way ,... and the way that works.....

Thu, Mar 13, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I have a buddy that went to a MS camp for MCSA. Passed Entire series in 4 days. No hands on experience prior to camp. Two days after he came home I had him take a Transcender test for 218, his score 225. Worse than I did BEFORE I started studying. I don't approve of braindumps but I think the camps are worse. They spoon feed you the answers to the test questions untill you have them memorized and then you take a test. No of course they aen't a total waste, MS needs the money don't they?? A plus, MCP, MCSA, CNA, 1 test away from MCSE 2000, then I'll start working on MCSE 200whatever. 27 yrs experience and no job, buddy got a job through camp contacts with no experience and paper MCSA. So the camp was worth a LOT to him.

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 Grego5 Anonymous

I've been on the cert merrigoround for about 10 yrs and am hopping off. I've found that performance and customer relations are more important than any ID card or piece of paper on my wall (I've got enough to heat my house for a month). I used to to keep it up for personal satisfaction, now that MS gives no feed back on where you went wrong or how close you got I need them less than they need me.

Wed, Mar 12, 2003 salem24fan Anonymous

If I had to choose between losing my job or using a braindump to pass the test what do you think?? I have 10 years in the field and nowadays that means nothing unless you have that piece of paper digitally signed by Bill Gates that says I am qualified. To me, my test to prove I can fix the MANY problems with Microsft products is the user that says "Thanks" when I fix their problem. Study guides are a joke....there are so many of them out there and none of them have realistic material. Perhaps Microsoft could develop a true to life question like..."You arrive at a client desktop and find a Dr. Watson error because the user loaded AOL 8.0 and it screwed up the system. What is your course of action? A. Call Microsoft Tech Support?(GOt your credit card handy?)B. Attempt to fix the problem?(HA!)C. RELOAD RELOAD RELOAD!! (Ding Ding Ding).

Tue, Mar 11, 2003 Mark Anonymous

its really annoying to see after all the hard work, all the sleepless nights to get my MCAD people are getting it with just about a couple hours of study with these braindumps. a lot of people i know in offices i work with are using brain dumps (liberally available over the internet!!) to clear the MS .NET exams... why isnt MS doing anything about it?!?!? dont tell me, u guyz are yet to find the culprits!! they are all over the place, selling away the Questions in broad day light... some people are even contemplating that MS is encouraging such activity just to see the MCAD numbers grow... i know they aren't speaking the truth... but what is the TRUTH is that IM ANGRY!! come on whats the difference between a person, who slogs his arse for a couple of years over the beta copies to learn the technology and then clear his cert's and a guy who just reads the dumps and ALSO gets the certs!! ...they both at End of Day are CERTIFIED right?!? i know im much more knowledgable than the other person who just read the dumps and got Certified and that i can handle tech. situations better... BUT who will tell/how will the recruiters tell the difference?!?!? this issue just makes a person very very angry!! that people that i know are using to clear the 70-310 & 70-305 papers... they say if u read these its more than enough to clear the papers... as the questions in the exam are WORD BY WORD the same... now dont give me the crap that the answers are wrong in the they'll flunk... these guys are PASSING...and PASSING eveytime!!!

i wud appriciate if u cud keep me updated on how u r gonna solve this pesky dump menance... im sure it must be keeping u people at its wits too.. after all i can understand, the questions are your hard work too...i took the tests...and personally after completing each and every one of the 3 exams (particularly 70-320) i felt the test questions are remarkable... it must be making u people very upset also to see someone make them public the way these pesky dump sites are giving it away...

staying assured u guyz will come to our (worthy - deserving - real MCADs) rescue... and bust these dumps away...

mainly from,

Sun, Mar 9, 2003 The answer is B Anonymous

The answer is B, buy the MCSE bundle at for 245.00 and forward the pdf files to each employee.

At least thats what our boss did so I guess its the right answer, but I'll have to check my Testking PDF exam cheat to check the answer.

Sat, Mar 8, 2003 MCPplusI Seattle

You work for a company called TestKing inc. TestKing Inc. needs to MCSE certify x number of employees in order to qualify for Microsoft inc.'s government subsidized kickback program. As IT manager your boss has asked you come up with a plan to accomplish this goal. You must maintain the illusion of lagitimacy while maximizing ROI and minimizing individual employee downtime due to training etc. Which of the statements below outline the appropriate strategy (Choose all answers that apply, each answer represents a complete solution)

A. Give each employee a training budget and a deadline to become MCSE certified.

B. Buy the MCSE bundle at for 245.00 and forward the pdf files to each employee. Offer to pay for all cert exams at $750 per employee.

C. Send each employee to 33 hours of IT training at a cost of 250$ an hour with a 70% pass rate.

D. Send each employee to's certification bootcamp for a 9 day $22,000 ass whoopin.

Sat, Mar 8, 2003 drew northeast

i am one test away from my mcse -- it's taken me over a year and a half (i have a full time job and 3 kids...time flies), but I strive to pass my last elective. I chose 2 pretty hard electives 'cause I want employer (and future employers) to know that I am not just a paper mcse. I studied, have some real experience, and I work hard to learn more with every waking day. braindumps, practice tests from friends, wherever? yes, I used them, but I also went to expensive classes (waste), read books (somewhat helpful) and practiced as much as I could in my full-time job (with limited software and equipment). without the practice tests as supplements, I'd probably only be on my 4th test! it is all so expensive, it's out of reach for most genuinely would-be certified professionals (unless paid for by company). besides, as someone posted earlier, with probation periods and smart interview testing, diligent employers will recognize a sham pretty quickly.

Sat, Mar 8, 2003 MCDBA Seattle

No amount of training experience or cheating can help you find the cleanest pair of dirty underwear on your bedroom floor. It's called instinct you capitalist pigs.

Sat, Mar 8, 2003 MCSE Seattle

I just want to emphasise how easy most of these exams are. I got my NT 4 MCSE with no experience 6 months after buying my first computer. I skimmed the exam crams and answered the practice questions going back and reading in depth(if there is souch a thing in an exam cram) on the concepts I had a hard time with. These are f*cking multiple choice questions you d*mb shits. Then I went and got a job with MS, they asked me all kinds of stupid logic questions about how to measure water with toothpicks and crap like that. I make six figures and I never graduated from highschool. Don't you see it's all a game. Crazy white people playing musical money. Half the people I work with surf the web 70% of the time... and the other half are freaky yuppy zombies that only want a bigger SUV. If you can find a moral perch in this world your full of f*cking sh*t.

Sat, Mar 8, 2003 MCAD Seattle

I can get a testking exam, sutdy it for 2 hours, and pass any MS exam. I can also buy the self paced training book and read it cover to cover, doing all labs in about a week and pass any MS exam. Either way I've only got as peice of paper. Either way the knowledge is lost in a week without a context within which to express it. Without experience you don't have shit. But experience doesn't do shit to help you pass a MS exam.

Sat, Mar 8, 2003 bigbrad Anonymous

Its a shame, and as one reader noted, you need the certs to get a job, but you need a job to get the certs. Microsoft set up this paradox buy not designing their course materials to teach everything needed to pass the test. You spend months in training, but are not taught what you need to pass the tests. so to get the job, you need the cert, to get the cert you need the courses, to pass the test you need the dumps. Microsoft is part of the problem.

Fri, Mar 7, 2003 FREE KEPPEL Anonymous

Lets start an action group to FREE ROBERT KEPPEL. Otherwise I'm going to have to enrol in College and get a degree. Then I can get on the net and pay a site to write all my essay assignments for me on any topic written and researched by professional essay writers for College students. Oh but I guess thats ok to cheat like that because Microsoft dosen't control or make money from Colleges!!!!!

Thu, Mar 6, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I’m reading all of these comments, and I have to say I’m sorry people, but lets all realize one thing here. It does not matter if you have a certification or experience, or a certification and the experience to back it up. The bottom line when it comes down to it is can you do the job at hand? Can you accomplish the task placed before you? If any of you believe that a company like Microsoft has anything to do with integrity, then you may just want to do a little research, and afterwards ask that question again. I don’t know how the IT industry is for many of you, but from what I’ve seen is that you have to get the job to get experience at it, but you have to have a certification before you can get the job. Major, catch-22. So who is to blame for this, Microsoft, the companies doing the hiring, IT professionals? Who? Microsoft provides the products, and they provide a way (for a fee) for individuals to learn about these products and use them “effectively” at their jobs. Companies want trained individuals who can administer these products that they have paid all of this money for. You as an individual have to make a living, so you see all of this money being paid in the IT field so naturally you look into getting a job in that field. What do you find as your way into that field? Certification, and a million companies offering you a way to get a certification! Is it fair that you have intensely studied to get your certification, and some other guy has gone to braindump sites and gotten his that way, well that’s for you to decide! I believe it’s how well you do the job once you’re there. Technology in the IT is constantly changing, new products are constantly coming out, and the demand for trained people to use these products is ever increasing. For these reasons you cannot make the exams so hard that people have to take them two and three times to pass. The one thing you can do is increase the price of the exams. I really doubt that any one would like that.

Thu, Mar 6, 2003 Rick Anonymous

As long as Microsoft continues to make their exams a form of Trivia Pursuit, braindumps, newsgroups and selling exams will continue to florish. It's time to wake up and go to field certification. I'm an MCSE and MCDBA and I'm not afraid to install your network or develope your databases. Field certification will do away with the paper MCSE's! It's about time...

Wed, Mar 5, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Certs are the same thing as any other type of training. They don't mean you are a God. However people who claim they are not needed or important are not people I want to employ or even bother with. If you are not certified or trained, you don't even know what you don't know. You should remain silent until you have suffered through the process and understand what a nightmare it is. Until you have tried it, you are talking out your butt when you bash it.

Wed, Mar 5, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Keep the brain dumps alive!!!!
Continue to use them....
Micro$oft wont do it for you, so do it for yourself!

When M$ comes up with valid tests and study material, then these won tbe necessary. Until then, this is life!
Do what it takes!!!

Wed, Mar 5, 2003 MCSE,CNE,etc... CT

I'm with Novellbuddy! I completed the Netware 5 CNE track without even looking at a braindump. The books from Novell Press did a great job in covering what would be on the exams. I've always thought the MS cert process with all it's game playing was a big $cam. Fair is fair. Fight fire with fire. Viva la MCSE braindumps!

Tue, Mar 4, 2003 Anonymous NY

what the hell!
do you have any idea that how much money Microsoft makes out of this? I know people who know the stuff and had experience but they can't pass the exam because EVERY ONE has to FAIL at least one time for this companeis to make money. they RUB every one. what's up with $150 a test. that's BS.

Mon, Mar 3, 2003 techguy Kansas City

I'm too old to go back to school, I buy the books I study my butt off I take the test..... These "dump" sites (when I go to them) have been a little helpful in giving me more questions to work with, and help solidify my knowledge, and skills

Mon, Mar 3, 2003 Dave Michigan

The tests are mainly bull shit anyway. We all know this. I have never setup or fixed a network problem by answering multiple choice questions. Also, I have never been locked in a room with no notes or outside resorces when things go wrong.

Braindumps should not be the answer to passing tests, but for some reason MS and others think that the best way to see if someone is qualified to have certain initials is to ask irrelevent multiple choice questions. As long as the tests remain the way they are, braindumps will be around, people will use them, and pass tests.

If you want to go to dump sites without any experience or any knowledge, memorize questions, and pass tests, you will get whats coming to you. I have seen a lot of you come and go, have fixed quite a few of your mistakes. Good luck finding an open job position right now with no experience and little to no real knowledge. Pretty letters after your name only will get you so far.

I support brain dumps as long as your intentions are good. For example, I had about 5 years experience with windows operating systems and really was interested in working with network. I was going to college on and off, and heard multiple ads on the radio that "YOU CAN EARN X AMOUNT OF DOLLARS AS A NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR" and "THERE IS AN ENORMOUS SHORTAGE OF COMPUTER POSITIONS AVAILABLE NOW" and blah blah blah. So I thought it was a good idea, and I paid 12K to get A+, CNA, MCP+I and MCSE 3 years ago. I attended every day for every class, took dilligent notes, set up a network at home, read the MS PRESS coursework front to back, and asked many questions to the instructor. What do you know, first test failed by one question. Some of the questions were on things that I did not see or hear about in any of the above resources. Questions that I know I got wrong were not in the coursework, were never discussed in class. So I tried to find the answers on the web and stumbled upon braindumps. I continued to study the same way I did for the first test, and used brain dumps to fill in the gaps. No problems with tests since.

My intentions were not to find out the easiest way to memorize questions and pass tests. I want to learn everything, know everything. I got knee deep into it. I still go all out when I want to learn something new, buy and set up equipment, get hands on experience, read books, etc.

I also was not interested in paying 100 (now 125) a pop without being completly prepared for the test. I took YOUR class M$, with YOUR instructor, with YOUR books, with MY money, and it wasnt enough? Well, brain dumps ended up being the last piece to my puzzle.

If you use braindumps, they should be your last source for information, not your primary source.

Mon, Mar 3, 2003 Bob C NJ

Hopefully Microsoft will review some of the posting to this article.
I have been doing and training NT/2000 to other IT staff member for the past 7 years. My employer decided that since I didn't have a MS certification and others did that I was less competent in MS technology. So I was let go when a downsizing occurred.
For the past seven years my servers have never had an unschedule outage. Since I left the complany has had eleven. So much for certifications.
Since that time I have acquired my MCSE, have I learned anything in the process, ... YES. Certfications matter.

They may also get you in the door for that next position, however they definitely will not keep you there.

I firmly believe that certifiactions need to be maintained. Many other IS organizations require their engineers to re-certify every few years, to be able to validate your knowlege of the changes that have occured in your field.

Do I believe that there should be "cheat" sites. No. If you have put sweat equity into your certification and the "the person" has spent 12 hours reading a couple hundred questions and you both have the same title, I would feel either a fool and/or cheated.

Compare the general feeling for those that have earned a MCSE versus a CCNP. Most managers I know are now very skeptical of the MS certs.

Mon, Mar 3, 2003 Aamir Durrani PAKISTAN


Mon, Mar 3, 2003 Jim New York

Microsoft is trying, we at least have to give them some credit here. However, the real question is whether or not it is enough.

We must be careful to differentiate between exam preparation and exam piracy. Copying the exact question is illegal, but I would expect the brain dumps to change the questions enough so that they come close to the actual questions but legally and technically are within the letter of the law.

The simulations that Microsoft is adding to exams is a step in the right direction, but simulations will soon be added to the exam preparation site too. You can count on it. So where does that really leave us?

I personally believe Microsoft needs to finally confess and move in the direction of Cisco, Novell, and Red Hat and have a lab-based exam program or hook up with someone who can do it for them.

Sun, Mar 2, 2003 MOC SUCKS Anonymous

I have taken 5 MOC courses non of them prepared me for the actual exam. Stop wasting your money on training that is not useful and spend your time learning from other resources that will help prepare you for the actual exam. I equate MOC courses to the "windows tutorials" when you first install an operating system.


How many people do you know that hold an MCSE are incompetent. Probably quite a few. How many people do you know that hold a 4 year degree are incompetent? Lots. Whats the difference?? So why is everyone crying about certs when 4 year degrees are no different. INCOMPETENCE WILL NEVER GO AWAY IN THIS SOCIETY. Its here to remain.

Sun, Mar 2, 2003 YO DUDE California

There is a braindump for every exam from every company. why is microsoft only getting this much attention?

Sun, Mar 2, 2003 Deathping Anonymous

Well Im 33 years old and I have to compete with this little 19 year old airheads that have there paper MCSE 's and the employers take then rather me so they can pay them less , It sucks !!!Took me four years to get my MCSE, MCDBA ,MCSA and plenty cash and these pricks do it in four months .HA HA HA wait till a clusterd SQL server Goes Belly - UP !!! I think they will S...T themselves...WTF do we do now?????

Sun, Mar 2, 2003 ConcernedDude Anonymous

Microsoft has only itself to blame for the undermining of its certification: the goal of their program is not to produce qualified techs, but to rake in moola. The tests have little to do with the courseware or the material, or even the real world, at all. They are DESIGNED to make test takers fail. This has been true since 70-77, IIS2.0. They weren't making enough profit, so their take was, let's add bizarre questions to make people retake the tests. What could the market's reaction have Possibly Been except to short circuit the cruel and unfair design of the test-preparers?

Sat, Mar 1, 2003 Sponser sells braindumps Anonymous

Thanks for the advice, I just clicked on the sponser links below this article to Testking and purchases the real exams questions, now I'll pass easy, thanks MCPMAG.

Sat, Mar 1, 2003 j vancouver

gee... this article give me real confidence in microsoft...

Sat, Mar 1, 2003 MOberle MN

You people make me sick. All most of you do is whine about MS. You arent concerned about actually learning about the technology or working with it until you know it. You just want to get your tickets punched so you can get the great high paying jobs. It doesnt matter to you that you cant actually do the job you are hired for. I have 16yrs of experience in IT. I didnt get the jobs that I have had because I cheated on some test to pass it. I got the jobs because I showed the employer that I had talent and drive to learn what ever was needed to do the job. I set up labs in my home office to learn what I didnt have job experience on. And when I studied for my NT4, W2k (Passed the 240 because I actually know the subject matter) and CCNA tests I studied it with the intention of learning the technology. Not simply to pass the test. When you know the techology the tests come easy. If you cant do it this way you should find another line of work. You are either not smart enough or have the drive necessary to do it. So do those of us who can hack it a favor and become dry wall hangers. I hope MS goes after all of the braindumpers and I hope they find someway to decert those of you who cant do the job.

Sat, Mar 1, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

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Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Iceman San Jose

And another thing.. Did you notice that for the upgrade path to 2003 that only the 70-210 Workstation test is being allowed as a prior test while all the others from the 2000 cert are not. WTFO
I guess Bill needs more money to improve the (lack) of security in the OS. HAHAHHAAHAAHHAHA

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Iceman San Jose

It would be nice if they actually would test on stuff that administrators actually use during the day. About half of the test is about situations that never happen. Microsoft wants your money. Nothing more.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Will Anonymous

If you work in corp. America the real problem is HR. They can't tell the fraud from the genuine thing. You just have to hope that someone with real experience gets thru. Certs and exp. great, exp. no cert great, cert and no experience BAD!
Nothing like the real thing baby!

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 MCSEverything Salt Lake City

cj from St. Louis is the perfect example of WHY Microsoft needs to crack down and de-cert the cheaters. He cheated to pass the unbelievably easy NT4 exams and then, to absolutely nobody's surprise, found he didn't know a damn thing and had no legitimate shot at the W2K exams. Then he got fired because, wait ....., he didn't know what he was doing while other more qualified individuals did. Cry me a river! He's in luck however. Microsoft clearly has no intention of fixing the situation. As Dan Truax stated they will only DO something "when we’re contacted by local law enforcement authorities." Perhaps it has not seriously occurred to Microsoft Education that deliberately allowing cheating on a massive scale is itself a fraudulent, legally actionable activity. They have made the deliberate choice to promote a false certification to employers and techs as having a value and implied technical validation that it doesn't deserve. It cheats the deserving techs that can pass them legitimately by devaluing their work. The MCSE cert has little value now to a corporation beyond the HR morons. A hiring manager cannot put any faith in a cert issued by a dishonest company that just doesn't care whether those that "pass" do so based on technical merit or ethical deceit. The saving grace in all this is that cj is gonna get fired from his next job also. Sure, he’ll “pass” the exams using braindumps. Then he’ll get back on the job and will be discovered yet again to be a fraud. He’ll get fired for incompetence. And he’ll be back here again complaining it’s Microsoft’s fault he’s not qualified. There is a point but he doesn’t get it. If he’s only working desktop support and doing nothing else (besides cheating) to improve his knowledge he shouldn’t possess a cert that says he can do something he clearly can’t. And if you’re so obviously and publicly willing to lie and cheat to get the cert and a job you’re not qualified for what does that say about you ethics and behavior on the job. No wonder you got fired. Dude, try passing them straight up. Stop at the MCSA which is the absolute max you’re even remotely ready to attempt. As for myself, I’ve got 4 RC2 servers in my basement and I’ll pass all the tests in beta. I’ll get a Charter whatever yet again. It is hard to decide who is more culpable in this scenario – Microsoft or the braindumpers. The braindumpers know they are cheating and that makes them individually dishonest. Microsoft however is fully aware of all of this and chooses to do nothing (prosecuting two question sellers LONG after the damage has been done, and after other vendors paved the way, doesn’t qualify anyone at Microsoft for any awards for ethics or honesty). Bad PR does seem to motivate Microsoft. I suggest a class action suit by the 10-20,000 professionals that can pass these exams straight up. Allege deliberate fraud and claim collective career damage. While we’re at it add the companies that are damaged by incompetent “certified” techs that can’t perform the most basic admin functions. I’d like to see Dan Truax answer some REAL questions about braindumps.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Novellbuddy Anonymous

It would be nice if honesty was the case for M$ in treating us. Let me quote from M$ Press the requirements for the 70-221 "Designing a MS Win 2000 Infrastructure exam "A minimum of one year's experience implementing, administering, and configuring network operating systems, including Novell NetWare, UNIX and Macintosh networks." Excuse me, but if you need a Novell cert, an Unix cert and a MSCE cert to get a job to do the above requirement, how are you going to get the job without the MSCE cert and the other certs. Hello!!!! Therefore, technically, there should be only a few hundred MSCEs in the field today. This is a Catch 22 situation that M$ needs to remedy this year. M$ should contract to Novell's education department creation of the ceritification classes and test. At least the paper MSCEs would have the knowledge to do the work and have real world situations(I mean real of this world not M$'s world) shown to them that have really occured. I don't think any of us that complain about the expense would be complaining if this was not a Catch 22 situation.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 MCT/MCSE Anonymous

If Microsoft would improve the MOC's to the point that people could actually perform their jobs after spending the money to take certified classes then people wouldn't have to resort to the dumps...The MOC's in my opinion are no more than cliff notes. Where are the screenshots and FULL explanations of tasks to be performed??? When I went through I had to purchase several hundred dollars worth of extra literature so I could a better explanations to performing configuration tasks!
Since Microsoft is a GUI based O/S why not have a MOC that is full of screenshots and better explanations???? I don't get it, the material could be improved greatly, why hasn't it been. Many times I have seen questions that were on the test that were not even remotely covered in the MOC's!!!
I think this would help, maybe not eliminate people using dumps but it sure wouldn't hurt.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 real MCSA UK

All good points but what do MS expect. In the uk its £100 per exam, between £40 and £60 per book., If you want a course you are looking at £500 per day and at lest 3 days per exam. its great if you work for a company that will pay for it but if you dont then its thousands of pounds to lay out and just as you reach the holy grail of mcse they release the new version and you start again. OR get all the answers off the web and become a paper mcse in 2 months for £700.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 NoMoreAfterNT4 Anonymous

Isn't it funny how M$ doesn't include Security Bulletins, Patches and Updates on their tests. Give me a "Paper" MCP or MCSE that can install one of these PROPERLY and I'll give him or her a job! If I were a would-be employer, I would ask an interviewee this one question to determine how suited they are for the job: "What procedures do you use for installing a M$ Security Patch or Update and when was the latest Security Bulletin and what was it related to?" Maybe that won't weed out all the paper techies, but it will definitely improve the chances of hiring someone that knows what they're doing and has real life experience. No degree or certification seems to cover this real life situation. If it weren't for enormous amount of SBs and SU's that I have to deal with, then maybe I'd have enough time to learn about the 'important' things that we never use that M$ tests us on, such as NTFS disk compression or even M$'s "Backup" utility!

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 bigbillyt FL

I couldn't resist another post after reading cj from St' Louis' great take on the situation. I am a bit more fortunate in that I have a great job with a great company that has allowed me to stay current with Windows Server technologies.

However, I too feel violated by the certification process in general. I wasted a lot of my time and effort to study and take the stupid 70-240 exam and was awarded with a not-quite-passing score and NO FEEDBACK. So, not only did I not pass, I had no idea which concepts I did not really know as well as I though I did! Considering I passed every previous exam with a high or perfect score including SQL 6.5, 7 and Exchange 5.5, I was more than a little put out.

You are absolutely right M$ does not give a crap about the folks in the field and it is unfortunate that their technologies are still one of the better bread and butter money makers to for those of us who have to work and pay our bills.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 bigbillyt FL

I got my original NT4 MCSE some 4 years ago and have been working in the industry for about 6 years. The best technicians I have seen are the ones that are the smartest and have a combination of expereince and certs. However, I have seen very smart technicians that do well who have no certs and even a fairly limited amount of experience. Some with degrees and some without. In other words, there is no magic formula for judging who is going to do a good job. Smarts, common sense, a good work ethic, good communication skills and a desire and willingness to do the work and learn continuosly are the hallmarks of the best technicians. Having certs and how they are obtained is just another avenue to learn new things and prove some basic competency in understanding and retention.

When I got my MCSE and in all subsequent studies of Microsoft as well as other companies' technologies I have used any and all means available to me including braindump type materials. The value in there being many different ways to get this type of information is that no one source (including Microsoft) seems to be complete or completely accurate. If any and all software was properly created and documented from the beginning, understanding and retention of the concepts as well as the usage would be fairly straightforward.

I would love to be able to install Windows OS X and purchase on ebook from Microsoft or an independent third party, read it cover to cover, then be able to go to the UI and perform the operations required using this knowledge and have it work as described.

LOL, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that will be the day. Until then, we all need as many sources of information as possible.

They are basically knowledge nazis, trying to control from who and how we can get information about there products. After all, the certification exams are primarily testing how well you understand THEIR way of impleminting THEIR technologies in a way that will make them the most money.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Lorraine Casson New Mexico

Do what is right. Be honest. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It seems no one really wants to deal with these real issues. Easy to post comments without your name and hide.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 cj st. louis

And another thing for all you babies crying about how much time and money you spent getting certified - I spent $8,000 and almost a year in weekend classes working on my NT 4 MCSE and I still had to use braindumps to pass several of those tests. Then it took me three months to get a job at an NT 4 shop so I could actually put my knowledge to use. Then less than a year later I suddenly had to upgrade to 2000 with no choice (at that time MS was gonna axe NT 4 certs). Suddenly I was faced with a beast of a test, only one shot to pass it, and my company wasn't anywhere near rolling out 2000, so I had zero experience except on 2000 Pro. Not only that, but I was embroiled in major projects at work. I tried to go back to take my training center up on its free retraining offer, but had to work half of the Saturdays I was supposed to have class. So with no training and little experience, I took a few days off (using my vacation time) to try and study as a last ditch effort. I took 70-240 on one of the last possible days in December 2001 and failed miserably. I never had a shot. I lost my job about a month later. My company needed two MCSE's on 2K to keep their Solution Provider status, and a couple of the engineers who did client support had more experience with 2K and were closer than I was, so they decided to spend my training bucks on one of them instead. It took me a long time to get another job. It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I have worked with 2K Server enough to be ready to try the 5 exams I now have to pay for since MS wouldn't let me take 70-240 again. And by the time I pass them, there is going to be all this pressure to upgrade to the .NET track, but most companies won't even look at .NET until 2005. So by the time I really need to upgrade again, MS will have moved on to pushing another track. I will always be way behind in the experience I need for the current cert track because the companies I'm working for are using the OS that's realistic for the time period, not for M$ friggin' money business model. M$ has screwed me bad, and thousands of others too. I don't have any money left to throw at them for these certs. I have to get my 2K because the job market is fierce here in STL. I have to charge the absurd $125 per exam on my credit card at a time when my wife and I are trying desperately to pay down enough of our debt to buy a house. The cost of living is skyrocketing, the job market is crap, and I've been doing desktop support for the last year, trying to get a little vicarious experience through hanging around the LAN admins and working on 2K servers at home and at a few small offices I support in my "spare" time. You can bet your asses I am going to do everything possible to make sure I don't give M$ a dime above the exam fees while I'm training. Free dumps, pirated books and software, I'm using them all. So come get me you M$ bastards! I'm right here in STL along with 2000 other unemployed or barely employed MCSE's. You've proven time and again you don't care a bit for us, even though we do a great deal to feed your money machine. So screw off! I plan to violate your exam integrity the same way you've violated my job security and my ability to stay current in the field. And for those of you out there who have the $3K to flush at each MOC course, good for you. But back up off of the rest of us. We probably know just as much as you or more. Spend your money how you like. Mine is gone...

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Well if you want to weed out the paper Mcse's from the Real Mcse's then I say everyone has to take a Beta Exam and pass it. No Braindumps available. No Transcenders. No nothing except you and your experience. 70-214 was a bear of a Beta, but I passed it cause I had the experience in working with the product.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Testwhodaman Anonymous

I think that Microsoft is going to far. First they are charging 125$ per exam, a 25% increase from a year ago and now they are trying to shut down all these brain dump sites. If I am going to pay 125$ for a test I want to be 100% sure that I am going to pass. I have been studying for my 20-215 exam from a book and I have life work experience however if I do not pass it will take cost me 300$ just for this one test. If Microsoft wants people to stop going to these sites than they should lower the exam costs.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 cj st. louis

I think if MS tests weren't so unrealistic to most real world scenarios, then it would be enough for us to have practical experience and read the books. But I'm taking 70-210 today and I don't know how well I'd do without the dumps. I have worked with 2000 Pro every day for over two years, but there is tons of crap I never use and have forgotten long ago. Like all those stupid RIS switches and crap. As if 9 out of 10 companies don't use Ghost or DriveImage... If I ever actually needed to use RIS, I'd take 10 minutes to look it up, but lo! A quarter of the damn test is going to be about RIS. So I am going through the dumps, and I already know about two thirds of the answers, and have learned maybe two or three new things that will probably help me out at some point. As for the rest of the stuff, I will never use it, so why the hell would I want to waste hours upon hours studying crap I will forget after a few weeks of not using it? I love the dumps... the free ones that is! Although maybe I should find one of these companies that pays MS to make it "OK" for them to use exact test questions so I can be assured that MS will never force someone to turn over my name so they can decertify me... But I know a good deal about the MS products I work with everyday. I just don't care to know everything. I have a very busy life and don't have the time to eat, sleep and breathe MS. Long live the dumps! I'm not worried about them going away any time soon.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 test taker Anonymous

I am MCSE, and over 25 years experience in the field. I don't blame anyone for using braindumps. Instead of writing ambiguous tests, they should write tests to enforce your knowledge. These test no longer even give feedback as previously, to help you strengthen weak areas that your employer will need. Instead of wasting our money on retests, and your money on prosecution, spend the money on making more affordable tools availble to become certified. Why not? We are on the front lines, we promote and sell your product, with the level of support we are able to supply. Focus on beefing our skillset up, not making money on ambiguous tests.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 MCSD Anonymous

If MS inforced it's exam requirements, like they do for MCTs, then we would not have this problem. You should not bew able to get out of college and past 4 exams with no work experience. They should make you submit your resume and references after you have pass the exams required for a cert. Employers should notice these things. But just like the SAT too much weight is being put on exams. When I took my exams, I did not know about braindumps. It took me a year to pass one exam(70-300)! I'm now working on my MCAD. I buy all the required books because it's cheaper than the $2000 classes. I read the books cover to cover. Then I might buy a exam cram book(Good books) or look at braindumps. But even if you do pass the exams. You still have to know what you are doing or someone will notice and maybe get rid of you. Thats why I read the books from cover to cover. I don't take certs for the job I'm on, but to move on to a better job. If and when I find a job I want to stay at 30 years, I'll stop taking certs. They are too expensive to keep up with. Why did they raise the price during a recession? Also I think the percentage of papper MCSEs are too high. MCDBAs and MCSDs the risk is too high to be a paper MCSD or MCDBA(especially MCDBA). You may not have time to gain experience on the job before you are thrown in the fire! No time to research MSDN for the solution. Good day Sir

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 mcdba2001 Delaware, USA

I love MS's answer to the last question. Especially the part where he says "It really isn’t about individuals memorizing the answers ... it’s really about the individuals demonstrating through product interaction that they can perform the tasks they need to do the job." I have to say HA!!! I have taken many MS exams in my career and currently hold MCDBA and MCP certs, with only one test to go for MCSD cert. I would estimate that the number of test questions that actually applied to real-life was somewhere in the under-20% range. I remember taking a class once with a MS Certified Trainer. During the class, he repeatedly said things like "this is how you do it if you're taking a Microsoft exam, and this is how you do it in real life." Come on, MS! If you make your exams reflect real-life situations, then they will start to have some real-life value. Until then, I just take them for the implied employer value. (And because my employer pays for them.)

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Adding to my previous comment about IIS 4, I'm feeling what neveragainafterNT4 says on this thread on page 3.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Yeah IIS 4 "was" the "stuff". Now try taking that "stuff" or anything else from the 4.0 track to the bank! It seems like a racket - and a lose-lose situation for the IT Pro. Lose your ceritfication's relevance as soon as you get it. Lose the job opportunity if you don't get the certification. I HATE to be negative, but this is real!

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Know your rights Anonymous

The general public who purchased exam guides from Braindump sites did so legally at the time of purchase. The exam guides were also copywrited by the distributers and sold as if they were legal content. Also the public who purchased the guides did not breach the non-disclosure agreement. If anything the people who purchased the guides did so thinking that it was legal to do so as neither Microsoft or law enforcement had announced that these sites were illegal until the recent court case and even then it is only illegal to sell or distribute the guides. Personally I'd like to see Microsoft bogged down for years in the courts trying to prosecute most likely hundreds of thousands of MCP's and IT employees who purchased guides in good faith or trying to penalise purchasers of guides as it would destroy the certification program altogether as a credible qualification. Obviously owners of websites that sell the guides committed fraud on the public by offering illegal content as legal exam study content. Many of these websites continue to sell the exam guides and only a small handfull hae ceased operation.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Dean Mitchener London

Sure, I have felt the stinging edge of competeing with paper mcse's, but in general the employers are starting to wake up to the fact that you just cant beat experience. After Y2k everyone and his best friends dog went into IT so naturally the industry has a lot of monkeys in it which will take some time to sort out. One big problem is that most of the hireing managers dont know what they are doing and so the paper mcse's etc get in and some manage to stay.

I reckon weather the storm and wait for the right oportunity- who wants to work for a boss who doesnt know the industry or doesnt respect experience anyway?

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 ralle Anonymous

the exams from microsoft are so bad and complex that people have to look for help. The NT4 track was ok, but now I think the test writers doesn't know what it means to take test. It is not a full-time job and the test takers are not interested in the details of the new features of the new product. They use old main features and need a clear concept of their work.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 neveragainafterNT4 Anonymous

Yeah, that IIS 4.0 was the stuff. Coolest test M$ ever had and you had to know how to use the software. Like I said before, test us on how we use the product instead of how we answer a stupid questionaire.

Fri, Feb 28, 2003 Koen Hakvoort Holland

Very funny exams, you can pass them without having worked with the product itself. Another serious shortcoming is the number of questions in the pool, often no more than 100 to 125 which adds up to 100 pages. The exam topics cover some 700 pages. It would be less tempting to use braindumps if the questions pool would be 8 times as big. Learning the braindumps by heart would then be more difficult than seriously studying the exam topics. Adding some simulation questions would improve the quality as well.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 howzat? South Africa

Whatever happened to simulation exams? The IIS 4.0 was a simulation exam and MS were talking about converting all their exams to simulation type Q's back in 1999. It's now 2003 and where are we? The day MS gets its act together and produces simulation-based exams is the day we all say "Goodbye" to braindumps and "Hello" to valid certifications. Even then, it will take a huge drive to repair negative perceptions amongst many employers, but nothing else will do it.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Bobaxos Anonymous

im all for braindump sites. Its one thing to know the material but unless you understand …6the test is structured you will certainly fail.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 neveragainafterNT4 Anonymous

One more thing I would like to add to my previous statement. You would-be employers out there must stop letting MS certifications dictate your decision-making and for once start making decisions own your own if you wish to start getting your problems resolved. There are some of us more committed to resolving problems and keeping systems operational than taking a position for about three months and spending most of the time studying for another certification just to get another position elsewhere because the work cannot be performed due to lack of EXPERIENCE. There are testers and doers (and on some occasions, both) in this business and unfortunately most employers tend to use Microsoft's way of weeding them out instead of their own. Until employers start coming up with real world testing of their own, committed people like myself with many years of experience in networking are going to get hurt in the long run (not to mention the effected employers). So the next time you turn down a would-be applicant because he or she isn't certified and you pick someone else who is, there's nobody to blame but yourself. Just because MS can put someone in jail for giving out test information doesn't mean that you can't have the MS test authors arrested because of a piece of paper says they can do the job. Personally, I believe MS should do away with certification tests and put together simulator-style tests and sell them to the employers to give to potential employees. Real work doesn't involve answering essay and multiple choice questions and that's where the "wanna be's" will fail and the experience will prevail. The ones who show that they can do the work would get the jobs and the ones who take tests for a living will eventually have to find something else to do and stop driving the salaries down due to their ineptness!

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 CCNA.MCSE.etc tokyo,japan

I have met many coming out of Uni with degrees who are still stupid ... they studied , passed and failed at work. As an employer , I am more interested these days in drive and intelligence (common sence), I can teach you the rest... that's the easy part !

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 neveragainafterNT4 Anonymous

Certification isn't what it used to be that's for sure. If anyone should be giving tests, it should be the would-be employers and not Microsoft. That way someone benefits from experience in the first place and not some stupid piece of paper saying they passed a test. Besides, who wants to spend a fortune on STAYING certified when everytime they pass a test that certification just became OBSOLETE?? I promised myself I'd never take another Microsoft test after the way us "Original" MCSE's from NT4 got screwed with the W2K testing procedures and losing out on the MCP credits from Networking Essentials and TCP-IP.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Paperholder2 Anonymous

How many of you paper holders came out of the cert exam and shared the questions you could remember to another who was preparing for the exam? Did you read only M$ literature or expanded your knowledge base by other avenues? ( ie: un-ms published material.) Did you take a 1 week course at a “certified´ MS training center for Thousands of $$ just to pass the test? Did your instructor ever say something like “I know a question on the exam that said……..”, My point is knowledge, as a thought kept to yourself, is just a thought, knowledge shared is the reality of dreams come true. If someone shares his knowledge of an exam thereby aiding in the expansion of my own then God bless. This does not make you a thief. MS owns the patents on their products and not a patent on how to learn it.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Rikk Oz

I used such sites to complement the official courses, MOC literature and real work. They didn't help as much as practice tests - after all I don't work in a quiet, monitored, time limited cubicle without access to technet and other techies, so tests are always a bit unreal. Still, you can't beat HARD WORK!

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I have worked as a network admin and help desk support person for over two years. i got my job because I had MCSE on my resume and it got noticed... I used Braindumps for every exam.... If that is what it takes to get a job to show you can do it good for you..... Once you get the job the employer will know if you are qualified or not..... The MCSE is just a way to get your foot in the door.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 MS Certified Thailand

Microsoft can beat braindump and they have done it (maybe unknowingly) on several tests such as 70-216 MS W2K Network Infrastructure. I know many folks who use braindumps as a prime study guide and they really got trouble with this exam. It's not because it is difficult. The more difficult the exam is, the easier it is to the braindump users. But it is because there are a lot of new questions coming in every month. Soon the braindump users will find themselves reading on too many questions to only find some of them on the exam.
I support Novellbuddy. If Microsoft can product study guides that can completely cover the exams and has a really large pool of moderate difficult questions. The need for braindump will diminish. Micorosft exam questions sometimes are too difficult and occur in rare condition and that situation creates need for braindumps.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

" Of course I did but only as a crash course the day before the exam."

Shouldn't you be reviewing the highlighted materials from your study guide or books? I am not bashing you or anything, but I do see your point. Reason is Microsoft exams are a bit crazy to begin with. They ask questions that would otherwise never happen .. with an experience networksystem administrator that is.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 likethecerts Anonymous

I've known a lot of people who never bothered getting the certs or growing their skillset. They may have been in the industry 10 years, but still had less talent than the kid who just kept grabbing cert after cert. However it's aquired, as long as the base-knowledge is attained, certifications are great things. I'll take the tech with the certs and experience over just experience any day...

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I dont like the dump sites either (damn paper MCSE made it so that I feel like I have to excuse my MCSE), but a year in prison!?!?!? what?!? That's nearly what a lot of people get for manslaught. I think people's values are a little screwed up here. Keppel is in trouble for “theft of trade secrets”, yet Microsoft does that kinda stuff all the time and they hardly ever get fined, let alone jail time for Bill....

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Bubba Anonymous

Microsoft is fooling itself if they think they have improved anything by their actions.
Test on what you need to know.
Make the study material affordable and readily available, and the test cheating will go away on its own

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Microsoft cannot kill the braindump material. They may get a few sites, and slap themselves on the back for the "Good job" they did in shutting those sites down, but 50 others will pop up to take their place, or another way will be found to distribute the information. As long as Microsoft keeps ripping off the people who support them, the people will be willing to rip off Microsoft!
This has done absolutely NOTHING to improve the integrity of Microsoft testing....
I can find any Microsoft test, in under 10 minutes, on the internet. And Microsoft has NO way to trace it!!!!!!
Boo Hoo!!!!!

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Novellbuddy Anonymous

My thoughts are that if the MS test writers and the course development people would communicate with each other so that the course material and test worked together, we wouldn't have the braindump issue.
When I was getting Novell certified, I never used a braindump. You know why??? Because Novel's course material covered what was going to be on the test. The test tested you on what you need to do the job, not some hair brained question that never has enough information to make a proper decision. Yes, I am a certified instructor in both Novel and MS.
If MS would get their act together in producing training material that corresponds to the test, then the braindumps would vanish.
In other words, the ceritification process from MS really sucks big time.
MS, if you are going to educate and certify, do it right.
By the way, how many of you have taken the MSCE courses and have gotten a job to get the experience you need to past the MS test?????????? DUH!!!! Wake up MS!!!!!!

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 mcp, Aplus Anonymous

I went to a CTEC to get my training and have had a few years experience now, and I am glad that the places like testking and testkiller are out there. I used their material to study up on and get a refresher before taking exams. I already had the experience and know how, but the braindump material just helped me out. I am totally against someone buying these study guides and getting certified. I have spent to much time and money working at getting certified. And like it has been said before places like kazaa and the like make it easy to get the material.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 John Anonymous

LOL said >>>Its not about right or wrong, its always about the bottom line. This is after all America. Whats mine is mine, and whats yours is mine.------ It is a very, very sad state of affairs. Unfortunately, we have a political system that encourages this kind of thinking: Taking money and possessions away from someone is okay, as long as a majority of people support the idea. Hollywood and the music industry have spent the last 40 years promoting this "imagine a world without possessions" mindset. Now 40 million teenagers steal their products on a daily basis. I guess they never figured the property being confiscated would one day be theirs. Whoops! We need to get back to a moral and ethical climate where people don't steal not because they're afraid of being caught, but simply because it's the right thing to do.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 wannabemcdba Anonymous

Your so right burnweb what ever happen to experience. I am working with a paper mcdba, I am working towards certification but the guy is an idiot. I have to fix his screwups.

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Burneweb Anonymous

I am A, Net , and MCSA certified. Did I use braindump sites to help prepare? Of course I did but only as a crash course the day before the exam. Buy a study guide, read it cover to cover and understand the concepts. Try to get hands on- experience in a lab environment. Suppliment with online study guides and practice tests. Use braindumps to fill in the gaps. It's all one big game to get your bucks anyway. There really is no value in these Certs. It's just a piece of paper you hang on a wall as a 'look at me, I am more special than you' trophy. The bottom line is experience is king. Unfortunately we live in a world where a paper MCSE will get a job before a guy that has 20 years experience and no Cert. Pathetic Homo-Sapiens!

Thu, Feb 27, 2003 Experience better than Ce Anonymous

Yep, they shut down,,, &, Microsoft shut the remaining few down and then at least the new 2003 exam stream will have integrity. I notice that,, are still up.

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 Bobbie Ghana

Braindumps sure can help U pass an exam. But it definitely does not help U get a job. I hope this dies off and people get genuinly certified.

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I think this is a good start from Microsoft. We don't need paper MCSE. We need really competent certified people!!!

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 mrobinson52 Mountain View, Ca

It seems ironic that one of your more prominent sponsers is TestKing which is a well known braindump site. I seem to recall that CompTIA won a judgement against them. Too bad Microsoft is not as diligent. And too bad that you accept money from a braindump site.

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 mcsewannabe Anonymous

OMFG u are so right mr arizona, I just founce a source to download every single MOC , yipee I don't have to pay no mo. wohoo. click download boom

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 LOL Tucson, Arizona

You can't compete with free. The RIAA tried it and they are losing, millions everyday trying to sue every P2P companys. Most people I know are savvy enough to know you don't even need to buy jack from any braindump site. Ever heard of kazza, or newsgroups, its all out there for the taking folks.
Fighting braindumps is no different to fighting the war on drugs. SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Its not about right or wrong, its always about the bottom line. This is after all America. Whats mine is mine, and whats yours is mine. I'll do whatever it takes to get from here to there. Read a book, take a test absolutely no different from a 4 year degree. none wake up folks.

Wed, Feb 26, 2003 MCSD Anonymous

I hope they restore confident in employers. But braindumps(I'm not taking up for them), do not do any harm to the industry, just to individuals. That individual still have to own up to what heshe says they know. That's what probation periods are for. If that individual can't show that he is legally certified within 3 months, then he is gone! Employers should not hire people who came they are MCDBA and never touched SQL Server in a WORK environment! One more thing, I don't see the different between TestKing and Transcender. That's just me talking. That's why Transcender is not a MS certified test provider. Why pay $140.00 when someone can go to Testking? One more comment: MS SHOULD NOT be testing you on the IDE, just the language.

Tue, Feb 25, 2003 scarface Anonymous

yeah,look at the sidebar of your website. It clearly points to Which itselfs violates the policy. Wake up Mcpmag!

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