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Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite keeps those viruses at bay.

Today’s networks and systems are simply plagued with malware. Viruses, Trojans, worms and all kinds of nasty critters are just itching to make your life trouble. As a systems administrator, you really need to focus on getting an adequate level of protection on all the systems across your enterprise. That’s been the hard part, but Panda’s Antivirus Enterprise Suite makes it easy.

As a user and deployer of quite a few corporate and enterprise-wide, anti-virus solutions, I found that Panda had a lot to offer. Panda’s Antivirus Enterprise Suite is a centrally managed solution that automatically deploys and updates signatures on your enterprise servers and workstations. It is—simply enough—a well-made product.

In my test lab, I worked with the product extensively. I installed it on a file and application server to which I added viruses, and the Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite caught them all. The figure shows a listing of the various viruses this tool discovered.

Out of the box, Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite is a powerhouse when it comes to finding bugs. I hadn’t even updated the signatures, yet it quickly found the Trojans I put all over my test server. Back Orifice was grabbed up immediately, as well as 14 other nasty tools I set up. I also placed a few JavaScript exploits in some obscure directories and Panda found them all.

So what’s so great about this product? I think any product that offers automatic deployment and daily updated definitions is a winner. It can be tedious to update anti-virus software every day, especially when a new scare pops up about a new virus. I thought that Panda was a winner in this category.

I wasn’t thrilled with the speed, although I’m not saying any other package is much faster. If you have a large environment (which I simulated with 10 servers), it takes a little while to start up because of the way Panda enumerates its servers. I determined mathematically that if I multiplied my test scenario by 10 (a total of 100 servers), the startup wouldn’t be quick; but for a product of this caliber, this really isn’t an issue.

Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite
Panda’s Antivirus Enterprise Suite quickly catches a variety of viruses. (Click image to view larger version.)

The other item of interest is the Panda Administrator. This is the centralized console where you can manage all deployment tasks, allowing you to deploy anti-virus software to client workstations and servers almost effortlessly.

In sum, I really liked this product. Anyone looking at deploying an enterprise-wide, anti-virus solution should get a Panda Antivirus evaluation kit and try it out. It’s truly a worthwhile product with low maintenance and few headaches that provides the virus-free peace of mind you want and deserve.

About the Author

Robert J. Shimonski, MCSE, MCP+I, CCDP, CCNP, NNCSS, Master CNE, is a lead network and security engineer for a major manufacturing firm and part-time technical instructor. Robert's specialties include network infrastructure design with multiple technologies and developing a host of Web-based solutions for companies securing their markets on the Web. Robert has also contributed hundreds of articles and study guides to Web sites and organizations worldwide, including He just finished co-authoring titles on Windows XP Pro and BizTalk Server 2000.

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Reader Comments:

Sat, Sep 13, 2008 Anonymous Anonymous


Fri, Mar 19, 2004 screwielouie Anonymous

I have been using Panda for 2 years now and thought it was a great product until I found out about Trend Micro. I have just deployed Trend Micro and thought to myself "How come I never came across this solution before". Trend Micro is just superior (much superior) to Panda in every aspect specially the "Real Time Scan". You dont need to restart you machine for the pattern file to be updated. I will sum it up in one word "FANTASTIC".

Wed, May 7, 2003 Erik Denmark

Perfect administration for uor 500 user
installation. No problems what so ever

Mon, Apr 21, 2003 sean florida

I found panda through a friend and the trial version has worked very well for me i would like to perchase the real version but im in the middle of fixing my transmission in my truck and at this time i can not afford it so when i can afford it i will.....sean

Tue, Jan 28, 2003 Andy Graub Switzerland

I have been using Norton for several years and just decided to check Panda AV Platinum as I suspected some problems with my HDD. Guess what? Panda has found FIVE viruses that Norton could not find - JS/Trojan Seeker and Flooder Program. Shame to Norton.

Sat, Jan 25, 2003 Rohan Morris Caribbean

I have been using Panda for a number of years now. I have taken note of the good and bad comments listed.

My experience with Panda is on the good side, excellent actually. Nevertheless, I too have had bad experiences with Panda.

Where my bad experiences may be different from the rest however, is in the the fact that on each occassion, it had been proven that the Operating System
was at fault (in various different ways). NOT Panda.

My company being a technical house, we have the resources and troubleshooting competence to ultimately determine problem causes ourselves.

e.g. On a known to be buggy Win98se system, although Panda is configured to update automatically from the Inet, it doesn't. This symptom may sound familiar to some posting bad experiences.

None of our other systems (Win98/2000/XP)with Panda, in house or at home, display the slightest

I strongly urge those with bad experiences to honestly determine for themselves whether they
can really prove that their OSes were not contributing to Pandas' seeming failure to them.

Also, regardless of whichever program is being used, if one does not take the time to understand how it should be used, then the only expectation is disappointment. But then the problem would not be the program. It would be the user.

I have to say that I have been a victim of this. Configuring Panda, even for a 15 year veteran (without the manual), can easily leave big holes where viruses can sneak in. After using it for so long, I just thought that I was an expert. WRONG. One day I DISCOVERED that.

Panda should re think it's configuration od for Platinum. It CAN be made easier for non-technical users to NOT leave holes when configuring.
(email me if anyone wants details).

In closing, Panda has proven itself to me and all our customers.

Bad reviewers: you guys are losing out on an excellent product that does not have to rely on Marketing dollars to prove its competence! Do more thorough troubleshooting and configurations!

Mon, Jan 20, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

Switched to Panda from CA Inoculate IT. Imediate Improvement. 700 Plus nodes, deployment across multiple domains, 90 Servers. Zero Problems.

Thu, Jan 9, 2003 jacq ks

Have to agree with the negative posts.
hack registry
no notification of failure on clients
reinstall outlook
reinstall/zorch laptop and start fresh
download latest
download 2 revs back
manual download of sig file
use user name and password
dont use user name and password
spend 2 days in a 1 man shop to fix
plus they are nice to talk with though
Solution for me
install panda platinum standalone and get a new server virus protection..
We are 6 pcs and 2 servers and we are just too small to run centralized with this much trouble..

Bide time while running subscritption out...

If panda reps read this they can find me
my name is unique in their system and definately unique in there system with the state provided. Want to call me please do.

Tue, Jan 7, 2003 Philippe Quebec city

Panda Titanium est un tres bon produit. Il n'est pas compliquer pour les gens car il fait sa mise a jours automatique et découvre les Virus avant même plusieurs autre Anti-Virus. J'utilise Panda Platinum depuis 2 ans et demi et meme présentement le Platinum 7.0 Beta, J'aime beaucoup comment il peut fonctionner versus les autres Anti-Virus et je n'ai pas le tracas de penser a faire mes mises a jours. Ma copine et moi avons chaqu'un un ordinateur un à coté de l'autre , elle Norton 2003 mise a jour quotidienne et moi Panda Platinum 7.0 Beta et il nous est arriver par 2 fois de recevoir un e-mail de la meme personne et que Panda découvre un Virus et Norton 2003 ne ne le découve que 1 semaine plus tard ( le mal était fait ). Je ne dit pas que Panda va toujours découvrir le Virus en premier, c'est impossible car aucun Anti-Virus n'est PARFAIT. Pour le prix et la Paix allez-y pour Panda.

Tue, Jan 7, 2003 Craig Philly, PA

Not only is Panda a spectacular product, but when issues do arise their service is the best in the industry! Panda Administrator makes controlling our entire environment a snap! Also, the Exchange agent works flawlessly with our Exchange server. Thanks Panda!

Mon, Jan 6, 2003 Ed Burlington, IA USA

Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite works for me. I manage a rather large campus network and Panda Admin has saved me much time installing Virus software clients, client updates, and virus dat updates. My Panda sales rep was very helpful and tech support is excellent! I'd rank Panda as a major player in AV products.

Mon, Jan 6, 2003 Paul DeSantis Philadelphia PA

We have had it for over a year with no virus problems. The auto updates and client installs needs work but overall it stops viruses better than any other app we tested.

Mon, Jan 6, 2003 Erin Hughes Macedon NY

I have to agree with the complaints about panda. At first it looks good, but after a little over a year of use we will probably not be renewing our subscription. Ever call to customer support is a uninstall reinstall. PC Side Clients do not always update correctly and there is no notification if updates fail.
On the sever side on 2 of my NT servers if you schedule the updates to happen automatically it crashes the server. 1 of them is my 24/7/365 DB server so imagine how well that went over. Oh ya the solution for that was uninstall and reinstall. It worked fine for a week.
On the plus side I think that the interface and virus definitions and there ability to keep up with new virus's has improved allot. I only have 12 servers to administer I defiantly would look elsewhere if it were a larger environment.

We have another year with Panda if they are able to make a significant improvement in there software we may stay. If not bye bye Panda.

Thu, Jan 2, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

hate it!

Thu, Jan 2, 2003 anonymous US

We switched to Panda from a mix of McAfee (on the desktop) and Trend Micro (on the server) products (Trebd boosted their support prices way up on us!!). So far, we've been quite pleased. Support has been much improved over what we were used to.

Thu, Jan 2, 2003 RBH Washington DC

For over 3 year, we have been using Panda Antivirus Enterprise suite across our own network and some other large networks belonging to our clients. We have also been using Norton Corporate version on some other sites.

So far Panda has given us 100% protection/satisfaction and Norton 98%. Funny enough as we were typing this today one of our clients with Norton Corporate version (12/24/2002 update) was infected with an old “Seeker” virus.

Thu, Jan 2, 2003 Anonymous Anonymous

I don't agree.
This product seems to be quite good in a little test environment... but with time reality comes up:
- The slowest administration utility I've never seen.
- The poorest client deployment capabilities (only using logon scripts).
- Inefective client installation: a lot of unneeded files are sent to workstations, as for example, help files in more than 10 several languages... ¿why?
- Daily virus signature upgrades sometimes does not change NOTHING; sometimes they take a long time to be effective against a REAL dangerous virus.
- Quite unstable when upgrading to new releases: technical services top ten solutions is just to uninstall and reistall the product when upgrades fails!!!
the conclusion is: not a good product for BIG environments. Panda antivirus is just more pretentious than effective.

Mon, Dec 30, 2002 Anonymous Anonymous

I have been running Panda for two years and it has never failed me. Updates to the Administrator have improved it greatly. The big guys better watch out...!!!!!

Fri, Dec 27, 2002 Ezzeddeen Lebanon

I come from two NAV product background, Norton and Trendmicro. But in a few months I was convinced about Panda and it has been 6 months now since we have it on our network. It is a master piece and works on all levels. SMTP Gateway, ISA server, Mail server, HTTP filters even .pst files... It is full of features.

Thu, Dec 26, 2002 Martin Los Angeles

Automatic and extremely effective. The peace of mind is worth the price several times over. Anyone knocking this product either never found out how to use it, or works for a competitor.

Thu, Dec 26, 2002 Anonymous Anonymous

We have used Panda for two years now and are NOT satisfied with it. I had to use Norton Antivirus to remove NYB, a simple boot sector virus, from a floppy disk. Panda wouldn't touch it. I have compatibility problems with Panda and Windows 98 on boot up. We are presently seriously considering dropping the Panda software.

Thu, Dec 26, 2002 L. Daly Anonymous

I wholeheartedly agree with Robert. We have used Panda for three years now, and we've never looked back!

Fri, Dec 20, 2002 David Baker Anonymous

We deployed Panda about a year ago and AV headaches are down. Great Product and support

Fri, Dec 20, 2002 Kitty McCoy Anonymous

These guys definitely use the KISS principle and it's paying off.

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