Poll: Three-Quarters Have Windows 2000 on Network

Results show that three-quarters of respondents have at least one server running Win2K.

Windows 2000 has been out for a little more than two years now, and if an MCP Magazine online poll is any indication, most of you have at least some Win2K presence.
Windows 2000: Two Years Later

Results show that three-quarters of respondents have at least one server running Win2K. Of that total, 29 percent said they’ve upgraded at least one server from NT and nearly 46 percent said their company either is in the process of migrating or has completed the migration. Most of the rest (24 percent) said they’re still running NT 4.0 and have no immediate plans to migrate. A tiny percentage of poll-takers (just more than a percent) are still running NT 3.51 with no plans to migrate.

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Keith Ward is the editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine.

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Sun, May 5, 2002 Morad Syria

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Fri, May 3, 2002 Thomas Kisner Dallas

It's not that surprising. I used to work for state government and they used Y2K as an excuse to completly migrate from Netware to NT 4 (They would still be running Netware and Windows 3.1 if it wasn't for Y2K). As new servers are commissioned, they will be Windows 2000. When IT departements have the money, they will upgrade some boxes to Win 2K. If someone buys a new app that requires high horsepower on the desktops and servers you might see an enterprise wide migration. But I don't think we will see the mass migrations common place in the late 90's for several years. The cost/benefit doesn't add up (especially now when things are not good). However I am just beginning to see a trend toward Linux for file and print servers (since they are free).

Thu, May 2, 2002 Anonymous Anonymous

Not only versatilty but overall cost especially since Windows 2000 is already outdated in that XP is here. Will we see this same poll done in 2004?

Mon, Apr 29, 2002 Adnan Afzal Islamabad

Well it is for sure that Windows 2000 is an inhanced version for Windows NT Technology but on the other hand side the Administartors running the Windows NT setup prefer for going other operating system like Red Hat and Solaris to have verstility in their field.

Fri, Apr 26, 2002 Ken Flint Anonymous

Wow. I must be weird, because I know many people in my field (network engineer) and most of the people I know have either tried 2000, and went back to NT or Novell, or just didn't migrate because they heard of the difficulties suffered by the other people. In time, everyone eventually upgrades to a later version of everything, but this is the slowest migration I've seen.

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