MCSE on Win2K for MCT 2002 Deadline Extended

Microsoft has extended the Dec. 31, 2001 deadline for MCTs to achieve a premium certification to May 1, 2002, based on requests from MCTs and Microsoft CTECs.

When Microsoft backed off on its original plans to decertify thousands of MCSEs on the NT 4.0 track, Microsoft had to redefine one requirement for the MCT 2002 program -- to achieve the MCSE on Windows 2000 by Dec. 31, 2001. According to information published on the company's MCT Secure Web site, just recently Microsoft has extended that deadline to May 1, 2002, which the company says is "based on requests from MCTs and Microsoft CTECs who have asked for more time."

MCTs can get more information by visiting the MCT Secure Web site at; an MCP ID is required to gain access to that URL.

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Thu, Dec 13, 2001 Anonymous Anonymous

I really believe they should give us all an extension to take the exams. I can say that I personally have not been able to open a book and really concentrate with all the disasters that have happened lately. I think Microsoft should consider this.

Thu, Nov 29, 2001 MCSE CA

I want to see the MCSE 2K for MCSE extended as well. I am having difficulty studying Windows 2K for short period of time.

Thu, Nov 29, 2001 Lukman Dosunmu Nigeria

Hurray!! This is a very big relief for people like us, whose job is highly demanding. I haven't time to read after spending about 10 hrs working in the office most time. A big thanks to the initiators...

Mon, Nov 26, 2001 quocbao vietnam

i don't know about mcse take it for me .
Thanh alot

Sun, Nov 25, 2001 Abdul Razzaq Dubai

I am extemely happly with the extention in the Date for MCSE on Win2K for MCT 2002 upto may 2000. I am busy man it was difficult of save of record.

Sat, Nov 24, 2001 Jake Anonymous

It has been my experience that 70 % of the currewnt MCSE 4.0 are only paper certified and don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and I know their are some MCSE 2000 one out their also. I thought the whole reason to decertify the NT MCSE was to get rid of the paper ones. So by MS going back on its word it not only hurt us that busted our asses to get the 2000 MCSE but the ones that are not paper certified in NT 4.0. This is just another reason to go for Cisco Certs and forget about Microsoft Certs. And believe me employers are thinking that way also!!!!!

Fri, Nov 23, 2001 Anonymous Canada

Microsoft is going through the same issues that Novell did with 3.12 to 4.1. At first they required all CNE to write 4 or more exams to certify or else.

Why the heavy hand, they had a new and unproven product on the market and the only way to promote it was to force the issues with the CNE's.

The same is happening with Microsoft. Many companies have a stable working enviroment and do not want to disrupt production nor do they wish to face the high cost of purchasing new licensing.

As a result Microsoft tried to force trainers and MCSE to adopt the new platform or else rather than pitching it to us for its merits.

Also training is a large buisness for them, if they don't train on new products there is a large drop in thier revenue stream as a result.

Please keep in mind that the retraining of both MCT's and MCSE's constitutes a large volume of buisness for training centers and publishers of training material.

This is about buisness and money not about currency or compentancy.

Wed, Nov 21, 2001 Matt Anonymous

Pissed off, who, me? MS should concrete a REAL standard for MCT's training Win2k, first off, you should be required to be a full blown MCSE 2000, as in, pass at least 7 new Win2k exams, and, to teach a MOC class, it should be required that you MUST pass the exam for the class you want to teach, including all pre-req's, as listed in the MOC. I busted my hump to get fully MCSE 2000 and MCT 2000 certified, way early on, passing to date the 210, 215, 216, 217, 219, 220, 221, 222, 244, and even the 240, to fill my tech CCR's. (These are on top of all my prior 4.0 exams.) I did not NEED new Win2k electives, I had non-expiring electives that would have 'counted', but gimme a break, MCT's should walk the talk. RIGHT? Now all the 4.0 MCSE's that took a Train the Trainer just in time can now hunt for the same work... Can't wait to sit on one of those classes... oh boy... Imagine it, a 4.0 MCSE/MCT, with no Win2k exams or experience, being allowed to lead Win2k MOC classes at a CTEC. Or even worse, a 4.0 MCSE, with a few Win2k exams, like 210 and 215, being allowed to teach any or all of the rest of the Win2k track, no thanks. If you can't pass it, you can't teach it, sorry. It is time for the hard-core Win2k MCT/MCSE, fully versed and fully certified, and properly prepped on Win2k, to let MS and CTEC's know that it is a dis-service to everyone to drop the standards just because some 4.0 MCSE/MCT's can't keep the pace. This is a turning point, if taking a MOC class means that anyone can lead it, even if they do not know it and could not pass it, then why even take MOC? The tech-training buying public will not be fooled, at least not for long. Go ahead and keep your MCSE 4.0, hey, I still have mine, and I still use the skills, but to TRAIN a PAYING student, at a CTEC, at least have the nads be completely up to date and pass the exams, after all, practice what you preach, if you really think you know it, well enough to teach it, but you can not pass the exam, let me clue you in, you do not know it well enough to teach it. Stop whining and pass some exams, till then, stay out of my classroom...!!!

Tue, Nov 20, 2001 smnckl1 Anonymous

While not exactly sticking to the thread about the extension of the deadline, I would like to ask why MS does not allow non-premium MCPs to apply for and qualify as a trainer. Not holding a premium certification does not mean that the person is not qualified to train others. In this aspect, CompTIA is more understanding of the needs by allowing those who can their stuff certify as a CTT. Plus they do not charge $400 a year from their CTTs. At this rate, MS will lose a lot of trainers which will affect the CTECs and future recruitment to the profession.

Mon, Nov 19, 2001 Amos Lai Penang

Being an MCT and later getting decertified is bad. It discourages people from upgrading themselves. If this is the case, it is no use getting all these bloody papers with all our effort.

Mon, Nov 19, 2001 JZFUNK NYC

Vincent Boyer your an ass...

So are you Ron from Texas...

We pay alot of money for degrees and certs..

My B. A. is not defunct now because I recieved it 8 years ago. Why should my cert??? Microsoft, Cisco, Novell and any other cert that is managed and produced by the vendor, is just a scam anyway. All they are doing is making money hand over fist... Is Bill Gates Certified?? How about Larry Elfson? It is a shame that we all buy into the certifacation process.. And a bigger shame that a company won't hire you because you aren't.

Granted we should all stay Current..
But getting Certified doesn't mean you are.. Like Bill Gates Jr. says..

The battle goes on..

Sat, Nov 17, 2001 Anonymous Anonymous

I agree totally!! MCSE=JOKE. Spend your money on Cisco

Sat, Nov 17, 2001 Anonymous Anonymous

Extending the date to May 1 does not make any different to me. Currently I am MCSE, MCDBA, MCSD, MCT ON 2000 TRACK. I lost my job and I could even find another one. Mr. Bill Gate, what incentive are you given to your systems engineer. All this title makes me sick.

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 Peter T Cosford

I have been an instructor for 6 years and I could teach windows 2000 without having the quailification, so why MCT. So microsoft have seen a 15 min video and you look good? I have taught complex electronic systems and have a certificate of education which takes 3 years of study to obtain, how can an MCT be so much better in the delivery of microsoft product? it beats me

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 Joe NY

I have a question. I passed all 4 core Wn NT 4.0 Exams and need 2 more electives to get MCSE 4.0 - I can still take Proxy Server 2.0 and Exhange 5.5 And get MCSE 4.0 certified. When do these exams retire? Is it still Dec 31.2001? Or has it been moved. What do you guys think is my best bet to do. I dont wanna waste those 4 tests I passed. Thanks in advanced.

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 Ron Florida

Thank you MR. CANADA!

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 MCT Canada

How can you be an active MCT and NOT be certified on W2K already?!? MS scrapped the "must have passed the exam to teach" requirement and are now getting the results back from that. I have taught one proxy 2.0 course and one exchange 5.5 course since last spring. Everything else was Win2K. How could you be teaching this stuff and not be able to pass the exams?

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 Mcse 2000 ? Anonymous

I think that with work and family and studys, I myself have a difficult time studing for the Dec, deadline.
I work with the server 2000. but have not the dept in it yet. May 1 sounds Great to me. What about you Mr. Bill?

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 Anonymous Anonymous

Good for about extending the dead line for the mcse's.... to may 1....

Fri, Nov 16, 2001 Bill Gates Jnr Redmond


Thu, Nov 15, 2001 Ron Texas

I don't agree with Mr. Boyer's specific reason but I agree that Dec. 31, 2001 should have stayed the deadline. A PhD shouldn't have his/her degree pulled for not staying current UNLESS that PhD's job is to teach others. Even if you're an MCT teaching NT4 to people working with NT4, you can't do a good job without being able to put NT4's weaknesses in context of W2K and the Best Practices which have grown around W2K. For crying out loud, W2K was released in February 2000. Even if we ignore the long beta period, you've had close to 2 years to get caught up. Microsoft is preparing to release Windows.NET Server, and you'll be 2 full GENERATIONS behind. Remember when we used to beat up Microsoft for "vaporware" (meaning it took them too long to release software that they announced in response to industry demand)? Somehow, things have changed so that we WANT new products to stay vapor. We WANT to complain about the limitations of 6-year-old products and ignore the fact that Microsoft has addressed them. NT4 MCSEs can keep their MCSE, but MCTs must be held to a higher standard.

Thu, Nov 15, 2001 Mac Anonymous

I agree with Mr. Boyer.. and the anonymous responder should re-think his analogy... yes dramatic advances in the physics world would require continual upgrades.... STAY CURRENT

Thu, Nov 15, 2001 Anonymous Anonymous

For Mr. Boyer - and their rules were totally stupid. If I had a phD in physics granted me 3 years ago you don't pull my degree simply because there have been dramatic advances in the field since then. Just because Microsoft invented a new toy doesn't mean that there aren't still people using NT, there isn't a continuing need for NT MCSEs or that people who qualified as NT MCSEs will suddenly brain dump everything they know on Dec 31. Whining has nothing to do with it. Microsoft finally woke up to reality.

Thu, Nov 15, 2001 Microfibre Anonymous

Has the voucher been extended as well.

Thu, Nov 15, 2001 Vincent Boyer Florida

This move, along with the extension of the NT 4.0 MCSE only hurts those of us who went ahead and successfully passed the certification before the deadline. Rules are not made to be broken. Some of us played the game as the rules were presented...others whined and got their way...

Thu, Nov 15, 2001 Anonymous Anonymous

I'm glad, and relieved.

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