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Citrix Brings EMS-Cortex into the Fold

Citrix Systems has acquired EMS-Cortex, a company that provides cloud services provisioning and management software.

It was the first move made by the company's newly formed Cloud App Delivery Group, which is tasked with delivering products and programs for cloud services providers. Citrix said it has 800 cloud services providers certified to use the company's products to offer apps that are delivered from the cloud.

The acquisition of EMS-Cortex gives Citrix the company's Cortex Cloud Control Panel, which "makes it easy for service providers and their customers to set up, provision and maintain a wide variety of hosted services from a single, easy-to-use, self-service interface," wrote Bill Burley, VP and general manager of the new Citrix App Delivery Group, in a blog post this week.

"Using the Cortex Cloud Control Panel, your customers can log in to a Web site and with a few clicks, manage user accounts, assign desktops and add or change the applications or services they receive," he said. "Services are automatically provisioned, and moments later the user can log in and begin working. They can even check usage reports to be sure they are on track."

Service provider admins can instantly create new tenant accounts and delegate management rights to specific users, he continued, adding that leading app hosting providers around the world have already deployed Cortex Cloud Control Panel.

The cloud control panel can be used by service providers and customers "to manage the provisioning and delegation administration of hosted business applications in a cloud environment such as XenApp, Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and a number of other critical business applications," said Forrester Research analyst John Rakowski in a blog post. "In theory this means that customers and vendors will be able to 'spin up' core business services quickly in a multi-tenant environment."

Citrix will continue to offer the Cortex Cloud Control Panel as a standalone product on a subscription basis for the time being, according to Burley, with the same terms prior to the acquisition.

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 02/24/2011 at 1:14 PM

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Thu, Dec 8, 2011 MachSol

In February this year EMS-Cortex was purchased by Citrix for millions of dollars. Years in a row EMS-Cortex was gaining market share with the help of Microsoft. In terms of size and technology EMS-Cortex is nothing more than a mom and pop business buried in high debt. EMS-Cortex have been very lucky to sell a basic product like Parallels in a time nothing good or high-tech was available. Now that Office 365 is the new kid on the block Microsoft have no interest in promoting any company or partner who is in direct competition with them. Automation companies who make it possible for HSP’s to compete with Office 365 are being purchased or eliminated at all cause. I have received many rumors in the past months what Citrix was planning for EMS-Cortex. Just recently I became aware of it. EMS-Cortex is working on their exit by the end of this year (2011). Citrix will eliminate EMS-Cortex brand and its channel starting January 2012. Parts of the EMS-Cortex software are incorporated in other Citrix products not available directly in the channel. All sales and support will have to be delivered by Citrix distributors. Whatever is left of EMS-Cortex will not be maintained, supported or updated. Until the end of this year EMS-Cortex is trying to sell whatever they can based on unbelievable terms like no minimum monthly commitment and only pay for what you use. Yes Citrix will provide you the HSP with old technology automation software for a 100 dollars per month. Does it sounds too good to be true! It is simply impossible to make this move profitable due to the enormous cost of developing new releases, maintaining and supporting this product. Citrix have no intention of doing so what will lead to destruction of HSP’s business if they do not switch to an alternative automation software like MachPanel soon.

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